Parishes and state issue advisories in preperation for heavy rain

June 19, 2017 - 5:27 pm

Authorities are urging residents to prepare for the possibility of flooding rains across the Gulf Coast.

Here is the information as released by local and state leaders.




JEFFERSON, LA – This is to inform the public the Jefferson Parish Emergency Management is closely monitoring the developing tropical system in the Gulf. The National Weather Service has stated this system has an 80% chance of development in the next 48 hours, 90% chance of development in the next 5 days. This system is expected to produce heavy rain will which will be a primary threat to Southeast Louisiana and Southern Mississippi, regardless of the track. The current forecast predicts 3 – 6” with potentials for 10-15+” of rain with the heaviest rain currently expected Wednesday and Thursday. Tides could rise 2-4 ft. above normal, depending on actual track of the system.


Citizens are asked to help reduce the chance of street flooding by clearing debris from their streets and drains around their property when it is safe to do so; such debris impedes water flow into the drainage system. If there are issues and you need assistance please contact the Drainage Department at 504-736-6751.


As a reminder for Jefferson Parish drainage pump stations are fully staffed and Public Works crews will be out to troubleshoot any problem areas should the need arise. Jefferson Parish will work with Entergy in the event there are any power outages to report.


Parish Ordinance Section 36-188 prohibits motorists from traveling on flooded streets, which may increase the possibility of structural flooding due to wake action caused by moving vehicles.


To receive weather and emergency bulletins from JPAlert, visit to register.


The National Weather Service (NWS) has recognized Jefferson Parish as a “Storm Ready” community stating the Parish Administration, Fire Department, various law enforcement agencies, and Emergency Management passed every aspect of the compliance process. Storm Ready communities receive recognition after passing a series of protocols that will allow first responders and citizens to be adequately prepared in the event of a natural disaster.


New Orleans

At this time, the City is monitoring a tropical disturbance that could potentially impact coast, including New Orleans, this week. The City is committed to ensuring the safety of all residents, and the public is encouraged to help spread the word and make the entire community better prepared.

Additionally, officials will advise the public on steps they can take to prepare themselves as hurricane season continues.


St. Tammany

                                                                               St. Tammany Parish Implements Storm in the Gulf Protocols


Invest 93L is now located in the Gulf of Mexico. There still exists some uncertainty as far as the path of this system. The St. Tammany Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness is receiving continual updates from the National Weather Service and is monitoring the track of this system. St. Tammany Parish has implemented its "Storm in the Gulf" protocols. 


Based upon the forecast track, we will announce any emergency preparedness plans to the public as they happen through the local media, through social media on Facebook and Twitter, and, if necessary, through ALERT St. Tammany. Residents can also call 985-809-2300 for recorded updates. Sign up to receive automatic email updates from the Parish on our website,

We are asking all residents to prepare for the possibility of a localized rain event, assure that all family members are accounted for and have a safe place to shelter from any potential foul weather. We ask that you clear storm drains, follow your family plan for a storm event, and pay close attention to weather forecasts and Parish officials as the storm moves into the Gulf of Mexico. For more storm preparation tips visit


St. Tammany Parish is poised to activate our Emergency Preparedness plans if necessary.


St. Charles


St. Bernard

We are in the third week of hurricane season and are monitoring a potential tropical cyclone development with Invest 93L, a tropical disturbance that could potentially impact the southern Gulf of Mexico.  Although this system is currently disorganized, it may present a threat to St. Bernard, so we will continue to watch very closely. 


We are urging all residents and businesses to get prepared and stay informed.  Parish President Guy McInnis has activated his in-house Crisis Action Team (CAT) to ensure that all necessary steps are taken.


·        Lake Borgne Basin Levee District will send out text notifications 48 hours in advance of lock closures.  For more information on lock closures visit


·        Sandbags are in stock and more being filled.


·        CAT is on standby and will continue to monitor eastern end tide ranges throughout the event until the threat has passed.


Special Needs Registration

Please encourage anyone who requires special assistance during emergencies to enroll in the Parish’s Critical Transportation Needs Program.

The Special Needs Registry includes all individuals, regardless of age, with a chronic condition, disability, special healthcare need, or who may require additional assistance during an emergency. These include those who:

  •       Use life support systems such as oxygen, respirator, ventilator, dialysis, pacemaker, or are insulin dependent;
  •       Have mobility disabilities and use a wheelchair, scooter, walker, cane, or other mobility device;
  •      Are visually impaired, blind, hard of hearing, or deaf;
  •      Have speech, cognitive, developmental or mental health disabilities; and,
  •       Use assistive animals or a prosthesis.

A family member, caregiver, or authorized representative can enroll an individual on their behalf. Residents may enroll in the Special Needs Registry by calling 504-278-4268 or by visiting and go the Homeland Security Page.  Download the application and mail to:  OHSEP, 8201 W. Judge Perez Dr., Chalmette, LA  70043. 


In order for our Parish to be ready to respond, our community must also be ready to respond.  Please make sure to get your plan together.

Personal/Business Readiness Plans


·            Designate an out-of-town contact that household members can call if separated during an emergency. Ensure all family members memorize it.


·            Choose a predetermined place to reunite if separated during an emergency. Have one near home and one outside your neighborhood. Your predetermined contact will help you decide and communicate which is best.


·            Stock Up. Disasters can strike at any time and in many forms which may not require residents to evacuate, but would require them to shelter in place without power, running water or access to groceries. Gather supplies for what you'll need to weather events from chemical spills to Category 1 or 2 hurricanes.


·            Practice alternate routes out.  In a disaster roads may be blocked, or streets impassable. Each family member should know all possible exit routes from you home and your neighborhood.


·            Know how you will evacuate in the case of a man-made or natural disaster, whether it be through contraflow in your own car, or locating the nearest Satellite Pick-up Point to where you can get transportation assistance out of town.


·            Get your business ready to return. If you or someone you know is a business owner, apply for a re-entry placard in case of a mandatory evacuation. Make sure that the business has a business continuity plan, including where employees go in case of a mandatory evacuation.


Stay Informed     

St. Bernard Parish Government offers multiple ways to stay up-to-date on information.  By visiting and going to the Homeland Security Page, residents can sign up for alert notifications, which will send notifications about emergency situations including, but not limited to, evacuation information; chemical spills; shelter-in-place alerts; weather advisories; and, infrastructure issues. Residents can tailor the alerts to specific locations, types of alerts and on which devices they will be notified.  Residents may also get accurate, up-to-date information and safety tips by following St. Bernard Parish Government on Facebook at       


Plaquemines Parish

PPG Emergency Management Staff Makes Preparations For Tropical Disturbance In The Gulf

The Plaquemines Parish Emergency Operations Center is monitoring closely the track of Invest 93L and is prepared to take necessary actions should the forecast put the parish at risk.

The National Weather Service in New Orleans has issued a
* Flash Flood Watch for Plaquemines Parish beginning Tuesday morning at 7 a.m. through Thursday evening at 7 pm.

* Multiple rounds of heavy rain to impact the region possibly as
early overnight tonight as Potential Tropical Cyclone Three
moves through the central Gulf.

* Widespread rainfall amounts of 4 to 8 inches with isolated areas of greater than 10 inches will be possible through Thursday. In addition to the flash flooding potential we can expect to see rises on area rivers as well however, river crests will depend greatly on where the heaviest rain falls.

A Flash Flood Watch means that conditions may develop that lead to flash flooding. Flash flooding is a very dangerous situation.
You should monitor later forecasts and be prepared to take action should Flash Flood Warnings be issued.

As of this evening, there are no calls for evacuations and high winds are not expected. The areas of greatest risk are the east and southeast facing shores, especially in Plaquemines Parish.

Any questions may be directed to the Plaquemines Parish Emergency Operations Center at (504) 297-2477, (504) 297-5600, or 24 hours a day. Parish social media sites will be updated continuously at and Please call 1-800-ENTERGY for information on power outages.

To sign up for emergency text messages and e-mails, visit or

The mission of Plaquemines Parish government is to provide high quality, efficient services to sustain and enhance the quality of life for all residents of Plaquemines Parish.



State Officials Monitoring Tropical Development in the Gulf of Mexico
Governor Encourages Citizens to Get A Game Plan

BATON ROUGE  Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards took part in briefings with the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP) and the National Weather Service (NWS) as they closely monitor the area of low pressure, Invest 93L, in the Gulf of Mexico. Participating in the call were state agencies, parish officials and first responders.  

“Statewide coordination with our local and federal partners is underway. Now is the time to prepare for heavy rain and potentially severe weather across South Louisiana,” said Gov. Edwards. “We learned from last year’s floods that even unnamed storms can be devastating, so it is critically important for everyone in South Louisiana to get a game plan before this storm system arrives. My office, along with GOHSEP, will provide regular updates as we receive them."

Daily GOHSEP briefings are underway with all state agencies and parishes concerning the potential tropical weather. GOHSEP has also developed a tool kit to help all citizens prepare for an emergency weather event. Citizens should visit and download the new Get A Game Plan app on their smartphones.

 "GOHSEP along with the National Weather Service encourage everyone to avoid focusing on the size of this storm as it moves across the gulf,” said GOHSEP Director Jim Waskom. “This system may not be large, but heavy rainfall and coastal flooding are almost a certainty. Flash flooding could be a problem with the National Weather Service indicating 10"-15" inches of rain possible in some areas. Use this time to prepare. Listen to information from your local leaders. Monitor your local media. Go to for critical information to protect you, your family and your business. Finalize your emergency plans and check emergency supply kits now."

Here’s how you can “Get A Game Plan”:


Flood Protection Authority

Ready for the weather conditions forecast for later this week

The Flood Protection Authority is closely monitoring the weather in the Gulf of Mexico that is expected to impact the greater New Orleans area mid-week. Currently, the National Weather Service is forecasting the potential for heavy rainfall, strong winds and higher than normal tides, but Hurricane/Tropical Storm conditions are not presently forecast for our area.

The Authority has begun operations to close the bypass barge gate at the Lake Borgne Surge Barrier on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW) due to the projected tides, wind and rain.  The trigger for closing the bypass gate is 96 hours prior to a potential storm. Navigation through the GIWW East Closure Sector Gate is unrestricted at this time, but mariners are advised to use caution in the vicinity of the Sector Gate structure due to the potential for higher than normal current velocity combined with strong cross winds.

All levee lift work on the Lake Pontchartrain lakefront in Jefferson Parish will be sealed up by Close of Business Monday, 19 June.

Although normal field operations are continuing at this time the Authority is reviewing its emergency action plans, checking emergency supplies, and increasing its inspections of the levee system.

The Authority wants to remind everyone to please monitor the weather, review their own emergency procedures, and listen to their local authorities.


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