More workers "job-hopping"

Low unemployment has the employed seeking greener pastures

Chris Miller
May 19, 2017 - 7:53 am

An unemployment rate around 4.4 percent has more workers thinking about how greener the grass could be on the other side.


According to payroll processor ADP, job-hopping is on the rise. Twenty-seven percent of workers went from one job to another in a one-year period between the end of first quarter of 2016 and the end of the first quarter of 2017. 


The hospitality and leisure segment is one area pointed out as a hotbed: ADP found nearly half of the workforce in that sector changed jobs.


UNO College of Business Dean John Williams says New Orleans fits that mold.


"With all the new hotels coming on line, and all the new restaurants...the industry is certainly looking to hire a lot more," said Williams, and he said experience is always a plus when employers are looking for help.


"All those new properties, will all different levels of positions," Williams explained. "Service positions to all the departments within those hotels that include accounting and finance and human resources and marketing."


Williams says it's advantage: worker: "I'd say it's definitely with the workers with the demands we have in the greater New Orleans area."


Sixty-three percent of more than 2,000 workers surveyed said they consider leaving their current employer. 


ADP found job-switchers on average get a 5.2 percent increase in pay, compared to 4.3 percent for full-time workers who stay with their current jobs.

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