Box Spot container restaurants open in New Orleans

Jim Hanzo
June 08, 2017 - 9:32 am

There is a new concept in New Orleans.  Recycled shipping containers, turned into restaurants.    

There are two new eateries on North Claiborne AvenueOn Claiborne Avenue, just off Elysian Fields.  The development is known as the Box Spot.  

WWL food expert Tom Fitzmorris says they tend to attract the millennial generation.  

"Particularly the younger clientele going to eat in restaurants often times will respond in a viral way where everybody will be talking about the restaurant," Fitzmorris said.  "Two of which are in my family.  They just love finding places like this.  You know, it's something to talk about, frankly, and one of these days I'm going to go into one of them." 

And that's what they're hoping.  One restaurant serves wings and loaded fries, and for the more health conscience, the other serves salads and wraps.

The container restaurants have air conditioning with windows and doors, and tables on the outside between the restaurants, in addition to those tables indoors.  

"God bless 'em that they even want to get into the business and we have to welcome them some kind of way.  You've got this urge to be your own boss," Fitzmorris added.  
Fitzmorris says a lot of times these casual shipping container eateries pop up because it's not as expensive to open, sort of like food trucks. 

"It's basically about people who want to get into the restaurant business but have nowhere near enough money to actually do it," said Fitzmorris.  

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