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Posted: Wednesday, 04 December 2013 2:14PM

Will Vitter sex scandal become a campaign issue?

U.S. Senator David Vitter is now openly expressing his interest in becoming the next Governor of Louisiana.  Will the sex scandal become an issue for Vitter?

Several political experts are  curious about whether the other candidates will go after the prostitution incident from 2007 or just leave it alone.  Political analyst Robert Hogan wonders if other candidates will use that kind of attack but either way its bound to come up.

''It's one that comes up very often in the national media we are reminded about it every time there's a sex scandal involving another politician,'' he said.

Listen to Robert Hogan:

Hogan says Vitter could continue to side step the issue and after his strong reelection victory.  Professor Pearson Cross  he doubts many voters want to revisit the issue

''Frankly it looks like this issue isn't going to matter to most Louisianans,'' said Cross.

Vitter has never specifically talked about the scandal involving the "DC Madam," but said he had committed a "very serious sin," and that his family had forgiven him for it.

Vitter says he is praying with his family and will make a formal announcement about the 2015 race in January.

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