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What's the end game? Foreclosure, instant info & dogma, oh my!

With the advent of our new instant information world, how do we ever believe that government wants to help us?  I hear radio, television, newspaper, and social media political ads saying join my party…believe in my cause…we’ll make things better, but my array of instant messaging devices often give me proof that the ads lie.

I am currently writing this blog, after doing a live radio show, emailing my art agent, texting my wife, planning tomorrow’s show, writing teases, sending visuals of my latest art, listening to voice mail messages, skimming over a hundred emails, recording audio, talking with sales and then…I halfway glance at the research I did last stops me in my tracks. “WHAT!?!”

The research says:  our government/politicians are about to begin the largest transfer of wealth ever from the public to private sector.  Countless foreclosed homes are going to be offered to what is called “vulture funds.”  Those homes, which are now the property of the U.S. government, the U.S. taxpayer and U.S. citizens collectively, are going to be sold to private-equity, hedge-funds and financial corporations of the world (i.e. Goldman Sachs).  I forgot, this also includes foreign wealth funds. 

CLICK HERE to view the article I'm talking about...

The government issued a request for information (RFI).  In reality, the information requested is for members of Congress to find out if they can get away with bulk-selling foreclosed homes to private companies without incurring the wrath of their constituents, taxpayers and former owners of the properties.

U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, who had their homes foreclosed while fighting for us, will not be allowed to participate, nor will you or I.  The investors will instantaneously become the largest real estate moguls and landlords in the world.

My point?  None…except…I’m just confused.  Yes, I’m ticked off that we, the American people, could be duped, deceived, swindled again.  But, more than anything…I’m puzzled, bewildered, perplexed.  If I can be yanked from my personal whirlwind of  information to read an obscure email from a financial institute and immediately be angered, what chance do I have to ever believe in what I’m hearing from politicians and government?  My ever present question is “what’s the end game?”   Where do we go from here?  I’m treading water on the communication ocean and every answer I think I have, as to which way is land…is immediately countermanded by a new piece of information.  How scary or dangerous a combination is dysfunctional government and the information age?  How do we trust when bad news about government abuse, neglect and bad behavior reaches us instantaneously?  Is the combination of very complicated problems and instant messaging GOOD or BAD?  Is this what’s leading to the popularity of simple dogma?  Should protests fueled by new technologies worry or excite us?

I can now find out almost anything, anytime, anywhere immediately through the click of a mouse, the touch of a phone or tap on an iPad.  When it comes to belief in our government the benefit of all this technology is…..?

09/01/2011 11:32AM
What's the end game? Foreclosure, instant info & dogma, oh my!
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11/10/2011 11:27AM
What's the end of the game all about? Just TWO things matter!
Garland R. Jobs may have been a genius, but as a father he knew he was a failure. As everyone knows Jobs was a very low key person, when it came to talking about his personal life. Near the end of his life here on this earth, he revealed something that made me shiver. He was asked why he was talking out about his entire life, when he never did before now. His answer was “I want my children to know who I was”. Garland, at the end it only matters what we accomplished with our GOD and FAMILY. Jobs knew he was a FAILUE with FAMILY. His relationship with GOD, no one needs to know that, but Jobs.
02/10/2012 2:33PM
Wake up call
Dear Garland: I remember, many years ago, watching a series of investigative reports that you did on a Mississippi man who had invented a perpetual motion machine (free energy). I don’t know how this investigation was ever reconciled, however, I believe you may have had some firsthand experience with big money and the lengths they will go to protect their “interests”. Whether they be energy corporations, drug corporations, or manufacturers of weapons of destruction, they are all controlled by international bankers, and this is not a diatribe against the wealthy, or religious, and not a judgment against anyone or anything, simply a statement of what appears to be so, as seen from the perspective of a seeker of truth, profit is more important than anything, including life, so long as that life is viewed as unworthy of life. When it comes to truth, perspective, and belief is everything. Because we do not know the truth, we simply have no choice but to rely on our beliefs about truth. The problem is that we are taught from birth that being “right” is more important than truth. Believing in the “right” “God” will lead you to heaven and believing in the “wrong” “God” or wrong “book” will lead you to hell. So which God and which book is the “right” book? The answer to that question totally depends on who you ask. We need to learn to ask ourselves better questions, and not take the answers of others as truth, but as their version of truth. Everyone has an agenda, and for the most part it is impossible to know the agenda of others, however, when it comes to big money, those who hold the purse strings have showed us, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that their agenda is to gather and hoard power and wealth, and use that power and wealth to control and manipulate (enslave) others that they believe to be inferior. The lesson that we should have learned from Hitler was the depth of depravity to which humanity is capable of sinking when one part views itself as superior to another part. Instead, what our secret government, the cloak and dagger secret agencies learned was that propaganda works very effectively to control and manipulate the masses, even if your agenda is mass genocide. These agencies have become very efficient in the clever use of propaganda to marginalize, through ridicule, conspiracy theorists in order to make them powerless and assign them to a lunatic fringe. They also use covert agents to infiltrate groups and organizations, who seek to inform the citizens of what is really happening, and disseminate large amounts of disinformation that is meant to ridicule and confuse those who seek information from these sources. Our World Wide Web or internet is itself a poignant example of the mixture of truth and propaganda disseminated to the masses. Anytime you take another person’s version of truth as your own, and close your mind to the possibility that your dogmatic beliefs may be in error, you give away your power to those who supply you with their version of truth, and like a puzzle, if you focus only on one piece of the puzzle from one perspective, without stepping back and changing your perspective to see how this piece of the puzzle might give you a greater view of the greater picture of our reality, you will never discover where you fit into the puzzle. The father of our country, George Washington himself, warned us to the dangers of our present day two party system in his farewell address. Our constitution is a social agreement based on the beliefs of a group of visionaries who sought to create a country of people, for people, an experiment in freedom that had never existed in any known historical time period, in which Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness was guaranteed to all equally. Unfortunately, these visionaries did not foresee the dangers of the hypocrisy of allowing slavery to continue due to the social and economic pressures of the times. This provided an opportunity for the opportunists (which Washington warned us about) to drive a wedge into our union to divide us and eventually cause us to go to war with ourselves. In this way our once great social agreement we call our constitution has been slowly and deceptively transformed into a myriad of social disagreements, which have transformed human issues into arenas, like the old coliseums of Rome, in which the American people have become gladiators fighting for one side or the other. In an arena, winning is the only thing that matters, and so being “right” is more important than truth. Searching for truth from those engaged within these arenas simply makes us spectators who have no ability to change what is happening within the arena. Accepting another person’s truth as your own will never lead you to your own truth. As Shakespeare said; “to thine own self be true…” and your truth is the only truth that really matters to you, because, if you aren’t aware that another truth exists, it may as well not exist as far as you are concerned. Have you ever googled the name Royal Rife? What you will find may astound you even more than Williams’s cancer treatment problem. Ask yourself this question: Without multi-billion dollar diseases like cancer, where would the organizations like the American Cancer Society receive funding? If all diseases were cured would doctors sit around an emergency room waiting for a car accident, or a broken leg? Where is the profit in that? Follow the money trail, Garland, and you will find those who teach us separation through dogmatic beliefs, either religious or scientific, for science has become the new religion, and those who hold the purse strings and own all of the media don’t want us to see humanity as a unity of unique and worthy, equal individuals whose focus is on the greater picture for the greater good of all. We have been taught from birth to believe that we are free, but have we ever taken the time to ask ourselves; “What is freedom?” What does freedom mean to you? What does freedom mean to the masses? What are we really free to be, do, or have? Whatever the “government” says it is okay to be, do, and have? Our constitution has been under constant attack since its inception, and everyone who has ever taken a vow to protect it from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, has committed treason by turning a blind eye away from its attack simply because they have been taught to believe that slavery is freedom. Sincerely, Russ Hamilton
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