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What if Drew doesn't sign his franchise tender?

Kristian@wwl.com  - We've gotten a lot of questions about what would happen if Drew Brees doesn't sign his franchise tender.

In the unlikely event that should happen, Drew would pass on the $16 million that he'd be due as a franchise QB in the NFL.

However, he'd also be locked in for at least two more years with the Black and Gold.  The Saints would still be able to franchise him for the 2013 and 2014 seasons as well (although, with successively bigger and bigger paychecks, per league rules.)

It puts Drew in kind of a tough position, which is why I think that is part of the reason that he came on with Deke to talk about it on the air, to help speed up the negotiation process.

The Saints obviously want him to play in some capacity this fall, but they also have strong incentive to NOT have him under the "cloud" of the franchise tag.  A player under franchise might not be as motivated, and the $16 million price tag for a franchise QB also makes for a much larger hit on the salary cap than would a long-term contract.

So, both sides have quite a bit of incentive to see Drew NOT be forced to play under a franchise tag.  Drew does have some power here, but right now it looks like the Saints have a lot more of the leverage than he does.

Under the CBA, the Saints and Drew cannot continue negotiations on a long-term contract after July 16.  So, the clock is ticking. 

Do I think a deal will get done? Yes. I think in deals like this, you need deadlines, and there haven't been any real deadlines that they've missed...not yet, anyway.

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05/17/2012 1:31PM
What if Drew doesn't sign his franchise tender?
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05/17/2012 2:23PM
Open letter to Mickey Loomis and Tom Benson:
Open letter to Mickey Loomis and Tom Benson: Loyal Saints fans have filled the Dome since its inception. Sure, for some games, the last 300 tickets sold were usually last minute during the lean years, but the house was always packed no matter what. It did not matter who was in the uniforms, we cheered for them, anyway. Even when fans were protesting ownership and management by wearing bags, we, the Saints fans, still came. Mr. Benson, the concept, from days long gone by of you making money, and not caring what product you put on the field are a distant memory to all Saints fans. When it is time for Drew Brees to retire and the team has to transition into rebuilding, we, the Saints fans can accept that kind of transition. We, the Saints fans, want you to sign Drew Brews, now. And yes, Mr. Loomis, he is bigger than the team, the Saints organization, the owner, and of course, you, sir. Do not under estimate the level of the fans' patience. For a lot of the Saints' Nation, we follow Mr. Brees. If it is true, that you, did not inform the players and coaches about bounty warnings, then you, sir, should be grateful, you are still employed. Now, sign Drew, now. The pitch forks and torches are waiting in the wings to run you right out of town.
05/22/2012 3:19PM
Drew Didn't Deserve to Be Franchised Yet Again...
I guess the Saints weren't watching in San Diego when Drew Brees got the franchise tag, only to be "written off" by the Chargers after suffering his injury. Be that as it may, though, the Saints could have franchised Carl Nicks or someone else rather than just use this as a delay to get Drew signed to a long term contract. After all he's done, this is worse than a slap in the face to the quarterback that helped the Saints reach the Super Bowl. I'm believing for a great season, but we've got to get Drew a deal that lets him retire a Saint.
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