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Posted: Saturday, 10 May 2014 5:14PM

WWL pros bullish on Saints draft class

The New Orleans Saints selected six players in the 2014 NFL Draft, 4 of which came to play on the defensive squad. Two of those players come from the SEC. Vinnie Sunseri is a safety out of Alabama and Roland Powell is a linebacker from Florida.

The Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert said "When you look at the safeties, Sunseri was always gonna be in the right place... I was kinda comparing him to Jim Leonard."


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Deke Bellavia liked the Sunseri pick too. "I think we all get excited by guys we're more familiar with... people in this area know more about Vinnie Sunseri. A young man that loved football, an overachiever, but a big time playmaker. When you think about all the big time players from Alabama that have been on the defensive side that have been drafted, this kid has been as good of a leader and a captain as they've had."


Earlier in the day, the Saints tabbed OLB Khairi Fortt out of California. Saints Color Analyst Hokie Gajan said "Every pick that they've made makes sense. When you've got a guy like Rob Ryan, he wants to go for the throat, so that's where they're leaning to right now. You gotta feel comfortable with the decisions they made."


Mike Detillier had more to say, pointing out "Khairi has been a bit of a one-year wonder... really good moving up the field, but he's only had on really productive season at the college level. He needs a bit of work getting in reverse. Where he's gonna help the Saints immediately is special teams. He's very aggressive and real sharp.

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Did we see Khairi coming? Mike said "It's a bit of a surprise pick, I thought he'd be a little bit later. But again, you fall in love with who you fall in love with at that point in time!"

Overall, the "emphasis is on defense. This football team's gotta match up, We gotta get out of division and you know what's waiting for you. San Francisco, Seattle... we're trying to match up, bottom line. You know what we got on offense, now you're trying to get better defensively."

What's left in free agency? Since the Saints did not draft a center, "Jonathan Goodwin is a guy they got on speed dial to bring in if they need to! It's an area of concern, it always is."


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