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Tommy's Show after the Show: NFL hypocrisy

We had a good discussion this morning about the NFL's player safety policies.  Dashon Goldson's suspension for hitting Darren Sproles was overturned, and the NFL didn't take ANY action against Ahmad Black for his vicious hit against Jimmy Graham.  How serious is the NFL about player safety? Check out my video and let me know what YOU think!

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09/18/2013 10:10AM
Tommy's Show after the Show: NFL hypocrisy
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09/18/2013 11:55AM
If they can hit us with bountygate the can fine or suspend these players as well
09/18/2013 12:01PM
Bounty Gate
This is the NFLs pay back for Bounty Gate!
09/18/2013 12:02PM
No hypocrisy
Dashon Goldson's hit on sproles was treated as if this was a first offense. He was fined. His hit the week before was probably overturned just like the one last year.
09/18/2013 12:07PM
NFL Fines
Goldson should have been fined and been suspended for the hit on Sproles as this was a repeat of his behavior the week before. Has the NFL forgotten about Bounty Gate so quickly? The Saints were hung out to dry last year because of these kind of supposed hits. I agree that a DVD should be shown in every locker room with a warning that says "if you pull this stunt, you are out for the remainder of the game and the next one" at least! Come on, we are talking about disabling injuries and possibly ruining someone's opportunity to earn a living!
09/18/2013 12:13PM
Game checks
When the NFL starts implementing game checks for fines, the players will start to respect the system.
09/18/2013 12:30PM
Ahmad Black
Tommy,I agree with you, the Black hit is far worst than the Golston hit on Sproles!!!
09/18/2013 12:44PM
NFL fines for Black
Its My understanding that he will get FINED but the official list of who and how much will not be out till Friday of this week.
09/18/2013 1:34PM
NFL Fines
I agree that Black should be fined and suspended as well. That hit on Jimmy Graham was awful! The NFL, I believe, is addressing these issues. I also believe the NFL needs to send a video around of what a proper tackle looks like.
09/18/2013 2:22PM
jimmy graham hit
Hey Tommy!...this is your fellow Shaw '75 classmate Eddie Cadres!...great show man I listen to you all the time here in Atlanta...you are right on point, that hit to Jimmy Graham was awfull and Ahmad Black should have been ejected as well as suspended...keep up the good work my friend!
09/18/2013 2:22PM
Black & Golsten's hits
they played football like a bunch of thugs and no fine--pure D ridiculous
09/18/2013 2:29PM
Great idea re: Video
But unless the NFL takes the first step by fining Black's hit on Jimmy Graham, they will do no such thing with a video. I think, TOMMY, that WWL ought to take it upon themselves to create just such a video - with some commentary regarding the hypocrisy of the NFL in choosing which players and teams to fine. Heck, his hit seemed to be WAY MORE grievous than Goldson's hit!!
09/18/2013 2:39PM
Show after the show
You have never been more correct. I was so pissed when the refe let that player stay in the game after a hit like that on Gheam. You can say what you want but Gheam was out for a second are two . The hit on Bree's although I don't thinkbitcwas meant to be head to head had a great deal in the way Drew played the remainder of the game.
09/18/2013 2:43PM
Tampa Bay coach
The TB coach was complicit, running around the sideline screaming like a maniac. He was out of control as were his players. He even said he wanted his players to intimidate the opponents.
09/18/2013 4:05PM
NFL Hypocrites
NFL lets sucabucks & their coach by with playing dirty game after game. If it was the Saints we know what would happen!!!
09/18/2013 5:07PM
So says the guy who was just a kicker
What the heck do you know about real hits in football? You were a kicker correct?
09/18/2013 10:50PM
No more hypocrisy
The same people who were complaining about Goodell making the NFL soft, now is wanting the physicality to stop. Bounty-Gate was something that the coaches facilitated by sometimes starting cash pots. Their is a difference between a few guys getting revenge through instant gratification or BIG ILLEGAL HITS. While the no saints actually tried to turn ankles or improperly tackle like horse collaring or even dives at players knees. So don't complain about last season.
09/19/2013 8:05AM
NFL Hypocrisy
You LITERALLY took the words out of my mouth and now I have credibility with my husband. Thank You!
09/19/2013 9:13AM
Black was fined 21 thousand for the hit
S Bucs Ahmad Black fined $21k for hit on Saints TE Jimmy Graham
09/20/2013 6:56AM
21k not enough
look at the penalty for so-called bounty-gate. While i agree wrongs should be punished, who was hurt so bad they had to retire. Nobody!!!even the old-timer (lol I'm older than him) Brett Farve came back.
09/20/2013 9:02AM
Tommy your right and it needs more.
That hit shook my living room, it was that hard. My hat off to Jimmy for getting back up and playing. Black should have the book thrown at him. I thought the fines and punishment last year set the ground for this kind of hits. I guess it only appliesto our team! JP - having your back behind you across the street
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