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Tommy's Show after the Show: N-word controversy

On today's show, we talked about the controversy surrounding Paula Deen after it came out that she used the n-word. Not everyone got to join in the conversation, so check out my video and leave your comment below!

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06/21/2013 9:57AM
Tommy's Show after the Show: N-word controversy
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06/21/2013 12:27PM
Use of N word
What about rappers and their so called "music" and use of the word in their lyrics???
06/21/2013 4:47PM
What about the A-word for you
A-*-*-H-*-*-*-e fill in the blanks.
06/21/2013 9:58PM
forget about it we all used it one time or another if we say we diden't we are liers
06/22/2013 12:27AM
What's interesting is that sometimes black people amongst themselves in joking conversation call each other the n word. Also another commonly used expression to describe some segment of the white population is "white trash". Lots of words today describe lots of things for instance like "hoe" and that doesn't mean the garden type either. Those aren't flattering words to use but people always seem to know what you are referring to when they are said.
06/22/2013 1:30PM
That word is nasty
The use of racial slurs is uncalled for. It is funny when a White person says that racial word he or she gets fired if it is a Black person saying the word of Whites they are called comedians.
06/22/2013 7:22PM
Thank You
Thank you for being honest with the people of New Orleans who come together on Saints Sundays and later separate. Do we need hurricanes or destruction for people to come together? Iam sick of this racism bullshit! God created all of us and I wonder what he thinks of this? Big Shirley
06/23/2013 10:12PM
Food Network is RIDICULOUS
I don't watch Paula Dean, I don't like her mannerisms or her over-played accent, but I did watch the Food Network's cooking shows every Saturday morning, some of their other programs, and the Diners and Dives shows over and over and over again. Not any more. I've programmed my remote to skip that channel and won't ever watch that channel again. Their stupid actions in this manner is ridiculous. Food Network no longer exists as far as I'm concerned.
06/26/2013 11:36PM
sacrificial lamb
Is Paula Deen being overly crucified for her comments or is she suffering the consequences of her actions? I guess we will find out as this saga unfolds.
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