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Tommy: What's next for Merritt Landry and Marshall Coulter?

A teenager shot in the head by a homeowner who feared for his life recovers, leaves the hospital, and then gets arrested for burglary.  When confronted, he surrendered peacefully.  Does this make you more or less likely to believe last summer’s Marigny shooting was justified?

This was Marshall Coulter’s third known incident.  We spoke with Loyola Law Professor Dane Ciolino to try and sort this situation out.

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Do Coulter’s prior acts matter when it comes to a grand jury or trial if that should happen?

“As a technical matter, they don’t; and they shouldn’t. But in reality they do.”

We also addressed the possibility of Merritt Landry facing another grand jury in the future and what his fate may be.

“Things look good for Mr. Landry so far. But you’re right; he’ll never get peace, at least until the statute of limitations runs out.”

I feel for Merritt Landry.  Do you?

FULL AUDIO: Tommy talks to Professor Ciolino about Marshall Coulter and Merritt Landry

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05/06/2014 1:45PM
Tommy: What's next for Merritt Landry and Marshall Coulter?
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05/06/2014 7:08PM
Merritt Landry
Is innocent
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