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Tommy: How should we be fueling up our bodies in the morning?

How do you get “fueled up” to face the day?  Big breakfast?  Fancy coffee?  At home or on the road?  Does it depend on how the night before ended?   

Me, I generally have some oatmeal in the morning during the week. But we wanted to talk to an expert about this. What’s the best way to eat healthy and start your day on the right foot? We spoke to Dawn Jackson Blatner, a registered dietitian, nutrition expert, and author of "The Flexitarian Diet", about how we should do that.

The verdict on my oatmeal (even though I spice it up by combining to different flavors)? “You’ve had too much monotony in your life with that combination.”

Well… not off to a good start for me! I asked Dawn to elaborate a little more.

“If you start with oatmeal, that’s one piece of the puzzle. The other pieces would be something with high water like berries or an apple. And something with fat and protein like a handful of almonds.”

A balanced breakfast? Makes sense to me. What do YOU eat for breakfast? Listen to the podcast for the full interview.

FULL AUDIO: Tommy talks to Dawn Jackson Blatner about balanced breakfasts

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04/29/2014 11:19AM
Tommy: How should we be fueling up our bodies in the morning?
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05/02/2014 7:24PM
A large pepperoni pizza and six pack of beer
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