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Tommy Tucker

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Video: Tommy arm-wrestles Mark Ingram

We were honored to have Saints running back Mark Ingram this morning.  

In addition to being a proud member of the Black and Gold, Ingram is also a Crimson Tide alumni who had a somewhat standout career at Alabama. 

With the way things have gone for LSU in the last couple of Tiger-Tide meetings, I thought I would take advantage of our meeting to try to put this rivalry to rest, once and for all.  After all, I was a kicker on an 0-10 high school football team, and so I'm certainly up to the challenge. 

Check out the video of our showdown below.  I think I did better than expected. 


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12/04/2012 11:03AM
Video: Tommy arm-wrestles Mark Ingram
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12/04/2012 3:07PM
You guys are really going to let him get away with saying that junk on here??? AHH!!!!
12/05/2012 9:38AM
Who else is sooooo fricken tired of this Tammy Tucker character?? PLEASE get him off the mic.
12/05/2012 1:38PM
Still Perfect
Well, you went from an o and 10 football record to an o and 1 arm wrestling record. That means you still have a perfect record.
12/05/2012 1:51PM
Mr. Bob
Where's Mr. Bob? This guy Tucker is awful! I can't bear to listen to him.
12/05/2012 2:16PM
Your ABSOLUTELY right Mr.Bob. VERY hard to listen to. He constanly rambles about nothing.
12/07/2012 7:50PM
tommy tucker sux
The only thing that keeps him from being the world's worst radio voice is something called "garland".
02/01/2013 5:04PM
He's awful,awful,awful,awful,etc,etc.
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