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Tommy: Do we want LSU to have cupcakes or challenges?
LSU has lots of unsold home game tickets.  Is it all about the experience at Tiger Stadium as the sun finds its home in the western sky on a Saturday night, or is it more important who the opposition is?  Would you rather play traditionally good teams like USC or Notre Dame or Texas, or take on a smaller team and get a guaranteed win?

We decided to talk to LSU football radio analyst Doug Moreau and get his take on the issue.

“Whoever the opponent is, my job is to try and describe a picture so they can visualize what’s going on on the field. It doesn’t make a difference to me who the opponent is, frankly.  There’s excitement, of course, when you play the Alabamas, the Ole Misses, and you play the SEC-caliber teams…but when you play the Sam Houston States, the demand isn’t going to be as great.”

Listeners weighed in as well, with some saying LSU should schedule the big-name opponents while others said the SEC slate is tough enough on its own.

A win is a win, and it’ll feel better on Sunday morning than a loss to a powerhouse.  But can LSU’s diet consist of cupcakes alone?

FULL AUDIO: Tommy talks to Doug Moreau, LSU football radio analyst, about LSU football games
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