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Posts from May 2014

Tommy: Improving our odds in fight against juvenile crime
Everybody knows there’s a crime problem in New Orleans, and of course, that means juvenile crime too.

Records indicate that Marshall Coulter, the teen shot in the head by Marigny homeowner Merritt Landry, has a criminal record that began when he was only ten years old. What could have been done differently then that would have kept him on a better path?

READ MORE: Teen suspect in new burglary after he was shot in the head

If more resources are to be devoted to juvenile crime (as many think they should), should those efforts focus on rehabilitating these kids, or simply punishing them? Should we offer kinder, gentler rehabilitation or harsher, tougher punishments?

We spoke with Robert Jenkins, a criminal defense attorney and former State Public Defender; and he had some interesting things to say.  

“I’ve done this long enough to know that a lot of times, this so-called 'fear of rehabilitation;' what we’re allegedly doing in jail just doesn’t work. It’s not working… I believe we just have to get tougher.”

Another of his big points was about parenting.

“We can have a second line and have more parents come out than we have to a school board meeting, or something for their child.  The problem is that what we’ve been doing isn’t working.  And we have laws on the books that can help, but we don’t use them.”

Take a listen to the podcast and tell me... what do you think?

FULL AUDIO: Tommy talks to Robert Jenkins about juvenile crime
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Tommy: Online gambling less popular than legal marijuana
Pot or online gambling?  While 75% of Americans think marijuana will be legalized one day; on-line gambling is not as sure a bet.  Only 27% would make it legal.  If you had to pick weed or speed, where gambling is one click away — what’s your choice?
The new poll on marijuana vs. gambling online was conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. We spoke to Krista Jenkins, the Director of Fairleigh Dickinson’s Survey Research Institute and a Professor of Political Science, about the results.
“We found that more people are in favor of allowing legalization of marijuana than legalization of online gambling…What was interesting was that online gambling attitudes have not changed much at all over the years that we’ve been asking this question.”
FULL AUDIO: Tommy talks to Krista Jenkins about marijuana & gambling policies 
What do you think? Personally, I would never use it; but I think marijuana should be decriminalized. Prohibition didn’t work for alcohol; I don’t think it’s working for marijuana.

But that’s me. What do YOU think?
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Tommy: What's next for Merritt Landry and Marshall Coulter?
A teenager shot in the head by a homeowner who feared for his life recovers, leaves the hospital, and then gets arrested for burglary.  When confronted, he surrendered peacefully.  Does this make you more or less likely to believe last summer’s Marigny shooting was justified?

This was Marshall Coulter’s third known incident.  We spoke with Loyola Law Professor Dane Ciolino to try and sort this situation out.

READ MORE: Teen suspect in new burglary after he was shot in the head

Do Coulter’s prior acts matter when it comes to a grand jury or trial if that should happen?

“As a technical matter, they don’t; and they shouldn’t. But in reality they do.”

We also addressed the possibility of Merritt Landry facing another grand jury in the future and what his fate may be.

“Things look good for Mr. Landry so far. But you’re right; he’ll never get peace, at least until the statute of limitations runs out.”

I feel for Merritt Landry.  Do you?

FULL AUDIO: Tommy talks to Professor Ciolino about Marshall Coulter and Merritt Landry

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