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Posts from April 2014

Tommy: How should we be fueling up our bodies in the morning?
How do you get “fueled up” to face the day?  Big breakfast?  Fancy coffee?  At home or on the road?  Does it depend on how the night before ended?   

Me, I generally have some oatmeal in the morning during the week. But we wanted to talk to an expert about this. What’s the best way to eat healthy and start your day on the right foot? We spoke to Dawn Jackson Blatner, a registered dietitian, nutrition expert, and author of "The Flexitarian Diet", about how we should do that.

The verdict on my oatmeal (even though I spice it up by combining to different flavors)? “You’ve had too much monotony in your life with that combination.”

Well… not off to a good start for me! I asked Dawn to elaborate a little more.

“If you start with oatmeal, that’s one piece of the puzzle. The other pieces would be something with high water like berries or an apple. And something with fat and protein like a handful of almonds.”

A balanced breakfast? Makes sense to me. What do YOU eat for breakfast? Listen to the podcast for the full interview.

FULL AUDIO: Tommy talks to Dawn Jackson Blatner about balanced breakfasts
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Tommy: Pope John Paul II - a Saint too soon?
Pope John Paul II is being canonized as a saint this weekend, along with Pope John XXIII.  John Paul II is considered to have been fast tracked on the canonization path since his death nine years ago.  

Is it too soon for him to be canonized? If the process was politicized, then I’m a little wary. 

READ MORE: Sunday's canonization is special in the hearts of New Orleans Catholics

One priest that we spoke with, Father Jim Weiss, an Associate Professor of Theology at Boston College, raised several issues with the speed of the process. 

“I think when process is pushed in place of prudence, there’s trouble.  In this case, the Pope, who never allows other people to break the rules, is breaking the rules in both cases.”

Father Weiss also raised concerns over a whitewash over the child abuse scandals that rocked the Church.

“Until we know what he [Pope John Paul II] knew and how he knew it and what he decided about it, this canonization is simply a slap in the face to the victims of clergy abuse.”

Do you agree?  Or are you excited to see Saint John Paul II? Listen to the full interview with Father Weiss below.

FULL AUDIO: Tommy talks to Father Jim Weiss about canonizing popes

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Tommy: How long is too long to wait after calling 911?
You call 911 because you see some dangerous activity going on, and it rings… and rings…and rings… and rings. Maybe it was a bad connection, so you hang up and call again.  And it rings… and rings… and rings.  So you hang up and try AGAIN.  And it rings… and rings… and still more rings before someone finally picks up.
That’s exactly what happened to Ken Barnhart on Easter Sunday while he was practicing with his flag football team in Audubon Park. 
“There were some off-road vehicles riding through the grass at the Park in close proximity to kids and families.”
So he called 911 and had difficulty getting through to an operator.  On Barnhart’s third call, “they answered the call and said they were busy, which was the reason for the lack of response, but not much more than that. And they said they would dispatch a police unit, took my phone number and name; and I asked them to give me a call when they got on scene.”
How long did it take the police to get there? 
“I didn’t see anyone by the time we left the park, 20 to 30 minutes after the incident.”

Hear the rest of that story and others by clicking the podcast link below:
FULL AUDIO: Tommy talks to WWL listeners about slow 911 responses

Do you have confidence in the 911 system in New Orleans? Have YOU ever had any problems when calling 911? Tell us your story in the comments below.
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Tommy: A changing of the guard

A big day on "WWL First News" as we solemnly say goodbye to our longtime friend Amber O'Leary, who has run master control on this show for years and years. She's been promoted to Associate Producer for the whole station, and we are excited to see her creative, technical and people skills put to good use. But first, the ceremonial Changing of the Guard, as she gives up the Chair to another longtime WWL employee, Sheldon Williams.

Congratulations to you both, we are all very proud of you! Especially proud of Amber after she hit me out of nowhere with some surprise news! See it all happen in the video below.

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Tommy: Should we know what our coworkers' salaries are?
New research shows workers are more productive when they know the salary of every other worker.  Would “pay transparency” with everybody knowing what everybody else makes be a good thing, or a total disaster?

Monday morning, we had dueling guests, one on each side of the issue.  Ed Lawler, a Distinguished Professor of Business and Management and Organization at the University of Southern California, has studied the topic for over 40 years.  He says that pay secrecy helps employers cover up their own bad decision making.

FULL AUDIO: Tommy talks to Ed Lawler about salary transparency

On the opposite side is Roy Cohen, a New York-based career coach and author of The Wall Street Professional’s Survival Guide: Success Secrets of a Career Coach.  Cohen warns of the potential pitfalls (jealousy, rage, etc.) of pay transparency.  

FULL AUDIO: Tommy talsk to Roy Cohen about salary transparency

So now you know how the professional feels, how do YOU feel?  And what’s the policy at your workplace?
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Tommy: Are we spending too much on our kids?
A new report says prom spending is down this year, but it’s still averaging almost $1,000 for the big occasion.  Almost a grand.  Seeing that number for one dance made me think: are we parents spending too much on our kids?  If the sky’s the limit…how will they ever come down to earth and learn to earn?
To answer that question, I spoke with Dr. Jim Taylor, a renowned psychologist and author of books on parenting such as Positive Pushing: How to Raise a Successful and Happy Child and Raising Generation Tech:  Prepare Your Children for a Media-fueled World.  He spoke of moderation and balance.
“These days, with some of these birthday parties you hear about on TV that are so excessive, they teach kids a pretty unrealistic view of the world.  Sure, if you have tons of money and want to spend it that way, that’s your choice, but a lot of people don’t. So they give their kids experiences at the expense of, well, expense…So parents need to balance out, yes we want to give our kids these experiences because you only have childhood once. But another important part of childhood is preparing for the real world; and in the adult world, kids can’t have everything they want. Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

FULL AUDIO: Tommy talks to Dr. Jim Taylor about not spoiling your kids
That’s what the expert thinks…but what do YOU think?
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Tommy: Is kissing cheating?
We continued talking about the Vance McAllister scandal today.. the Congressman was caught kissing an aide by a security camera, and the footage was then released to a newspaper.

Both the Congressman the aide are married.  So it made me think, “Is kissing cheating?”  Well, is it?  Would you break up or divorce your partner if you found out they made out with somebody else (let’s assume it only happened once)?  

Well, we got some interesting takes on the matter; but one stood out in particular to me.  A caller named Kelton believes that Congressman McAllister should not resign; and he said that when it comes to cheating, “I always have to place blame on the woman… men walk around all day thinking about women, that’s the way God made us. I think it’s up to the women to make sure that they don’t allow us men to do what we want to do.”

Not me, folks. It takes two to tango.  But what do YOU think?  Do you agree with Kelton, or is that crazy?  Sound off in the comments below!
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Tommy: Be open to new experiences!
If you want to catch more of me, Tommy Tucker, check out "Live from the Office." In today’s episode, I explain why you should be open to new experiences… with a little help from an unlikely item. Take a look at his video and let us know what YOU think!

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Tommy: Who is responsible when a pit bull attacks?
When I saw the latest on that tragic pit bull attack in Houma, I was shocked.  It's not a horror movie, but "pit bulls on steroids" are becoming part of the investigation into the fatal incident.  Does owning a dangerous pet come with the same responsibility as owning a gun?  How do you determine what makes a pet "dangerous?”  

Another question I wanted to find an answer to was “Who’s at fault here?”  When a dog attacks someone, is the person watching the dog the one responsible; or is the owner responsible as well?  

I asked our guest, Loyola Law Professor Dane Ciolino; and he told me, ““If the mother was negligent in letting the child go near the dog, or not watching the child in the presence of the dog, then both the mother and the dog's owner could be charged with negligent homicide possibly, or cruelty to juveniles." He continued, "It’s the mother’s duty to watch this 4 year old child. And if she breaches that duty, she can be – just like the owner of the dog – criminally responsible.”

So that’s what the expert thinks, but what do YOU think? Listen to the whole interview and let us know in the comments.

FULL AUDIO: Tommy talks to Loyola Law Professor Dane Ciolino about pit bull attack

Photo via Tanozzo, Flickr
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