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Posts from September 2012

Detillier: Saints have ''lost their emotional heartbeat''
WWL NFL analyst Mike Detillier joined me this morning  to talk about the horrible start of the season by the Black and Gold.

Detillier says it's now apparent to him that the team is adrift without their coach.

"I think it's now as plain as can be that the Saints without Sean Payton is like the Colts without Peyton Manning last year," Detillier said.  "They've lost their emotional heartbeat on this football team.  Now, the players can't say it and the coaches can't say it, but it's obvious...this team is a step or two back from what it was a year ago because of that."

The Saints defense was run over by what Mike calls an "average" Kansas City offense.

"Defensively, I have no explanation.  It is as bad as I've ever seen out there.  The Chiefs are not a good football team, and the Saints got absolutely trashed by the Chiefs.  You had a middle of the road, at best, quarterback that picked you apart.  All we heard last week from the media, coaches, and players, was "get us away from the unconventional quarterbacks, and it will solve the problems." It didn't solve anything!  The problem is that you're playing lousy on the defensive side of the football!  You can't stop the run, your pass coverage part is poor, you're getting no pass rush...so I don't know where it's going to stop, to be honest."

Click HERE to listen to my full conversation with Detillier...

According to Detillier, things may go from bad to worse in the coming weeks if the Saints don't find a way to pull it together.

"I've always felt how you gauge your football team in your schedule is the caliber of QB you play.  Look at who you're going to play the next couple of weeks:  Aaron Rodgers, Phillip Rivers, Payton Manning, Michael Vick...you're going to go up against some pretty sizeable quarterbacks, much better than the Chiefs."

And Mike says he's not confident that the offense will be able to save the day, despite having Drew Brees under center.

"Offensively, this team is basically going to have to score 35 to 38 points each week to win a football game.  And I'm not sure they can do it.  Because of the fact...in down-and-distance situations, in which Peyton was the master in throwing you off track, this team is not hitting on all cylinders.  You've got nothing to hang your hat on, offensively or defensively.  Nothing.
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