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Tommy Tucker

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Tommy Tucker: Toddlers tragedy?how I?ve changed

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night after hearing of the tragedy here in the Crescent City…of a 23 year old mother who snuffed out the lives of her two children…shooting her 3 year old son and drowning her 4 year old daughter.  I couldn’t get those final moments of terror for those two toddlers out of my mind, but I did take comfort in my faith and knowing that God had two new angels. 

There was a time in my life, fifteen or so years ago, where, when I heard of something like this, sheer bloodlust would have taken over and I would have immediately thought of punishment and retribution…insisting that justice be meted out in a swift, harsh and sever manner.  But something’s changed.  I don’t know if I’m smarter, softer or have just been going to church more.  Maybe it’s because I’m a parent.  But the main thing I feel now is compassion for all involved.

Sure, we have a safe haven law.  But while that makes perfect sense to you and me and people who are in their right minds (and please don’t think I mean criminally insane), I don’t think that means anything to somebody who would actually execute their children.  Make no mistake about it.  That mother has to answer for the murders of those two innocent gifts from God.  I just think the approach has to come from a more intelligent place than “string her up” or “torture her until she screams.”  Because ANYTHING that we can learn to prevent ANY precious child from suffering again would, to my way of thinking, offset ANY good feeling an act of revenge would afford us.

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10/18/2012 12:46PM
Tommy Tucker: Toddlers tragedy…how I’ve changed
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11/05/2012 1:25PM
mr john rogan
tommy tucker is a great guy. i traveled throughout the south as a big rig driver and called tommy at wwl several times as the oil spill bp crisis evolved. between that event and katrina, i wonder how the fine people of new orleans can believe anything bobby gindell tells them.
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