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Tommy: Tight end or not tight end? That is the question

An arbitrator is deciding whether Jimmy Graham should get the franchise tag for a tight end or for a wide receiver. The difference?  About $5 million (and the spelling).

Graham wants wide receiver bucks; the Saints say he’s a tight end.   Which is it?

We spoke with WWL’s NFL analyst Mike Detillier, who believe Graham should get paid wide receiver money.

“In his first 4 seasons in the NFL, he’s caught more passes than any other tight end in the history of the National Football League. This is a guy that played a grand total of one year of college football, and last year played with a foot injury that he didn’t miss a lot of time out on the field.”

Mike went on to point out that Graham has more receptions than Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice did in his four years.

That does make a pretty compelling argument.

But what if there were a compromise?  Barry Wilner, an NFL writer for the Associated Press, offered up a possibility.

“What the league and the teams might need to find a way to do is restructure these definitions on positions so that you do have a tight end/wide receiver like a Jimmy Graham.”  Part of the problem is that the tight end might be the most hybrid position in the NFL…Jimmy Graham is as good as almost every wide receiver in the league, even though I do believe he is a tight end.”

Could the debate force a change for the whole NFL?   Well, we’ll see.

FULL AUDIO: Tommy talks to Mike Detillier about Jimmy Graham

FULL AUDIO: Tommy talks to Barry Wilner about Jimmy Graham

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06/18/2014 12:38PM
Tommy: Tight end or not tight end? That is the question
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06/18/2014 1:54PM
I love the saints
Real martyred Christians. I hate the nola saints and what they stand for. I actually had a dream in which I was arguing with this guy about his position. Te
06/18/2014 3:10PM
Its Obvious Graham Tight End isnt so tight anymore.
Instead of being greatful for all the Saints have done for him, he has allowed the thug like mentality of nfl players to destroy the good man that he was and could still be, if he really wanted to. Instead of continuing to be greatful, or even realize he"s nothing without the Saints, Jimmy has listened to people like Drew and has joined the phonies. Like Drew, the Saints created Jimmy and instead of Being true to himself, the Saints, or to Fans, Jimmy now shows he is no better or different than the guys we all know don't deserve what they have and destroy the wonderful beliefs and respect we could have in a favorite atlete. Frankly, I saw Graham as one man who could show the world that his ability to be so very appreciative for all he has been blessed with as an example and hope to help strengthen the many people who want and desire to always stay good. Instead he has just become self righteous and no better than the dime a dozen type athletes seeking the greed that others indoctrinated into him.
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