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Tommy: Online gambling less popular than legal marijuana

Pot or online gambling?  While 75% of Americans think marijuana will be legalized one day; on-line gambling is not as sure a bet.  Only 27% would make it legal.  If you had to pick weed or speed, where gambling is one click away — what’s your choice?
The new poll on marijuana vs. gambling online was conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. We spoke to Krista Jenkins, the Director of Fairleigh Dickinson’s Survey Research Institute and a Professor of Political Science, about the results.
“We found that more people are in favor of allowing legalization of marijuana than legalization of online gambling…What was interesting was that online gambling attitudes have not changed much at all over the years that we’ve been asking this question.”
FULL AUDIO: Tommy talks to Krista Jenkins about marijuana & gambling policies 
What do you think? Personally, I would never use it; but I think marijuana should be decriminalized. Prohibition didn’t work for alcohol; I don’t think it’s working for marijuana.

But that’s me. What do YOU think?

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05/12/2014 10:06AM
Tommy: Online gambling less popular than legal marijuana
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05/12/2014 9:56PM
Budweiser will not allow it.
Tommy, I really enjoy your shows, and I think you do a great job. I think the debate regarding the legalization of marijuana is moot. Until the federal government decides to legalize it, no matter what the states choose, it is still a crime. The alcohol and tobacco companies are huge political contributors with who employ hundreds of lobbyist in DC. The do NOT want to see a new competitor enter the market. Also, drugs are always more profitable when they are illegal, and the drugs cartels, who much like the tobacco and alcohol companies are billion dollar organizations do not want to compete with the legal, and freely produced marijuana. The war on drugs is over...and we lost.
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