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Posted: Thursday, 13 June 2013 9:02AM

Tiger fans start hitting the road for trip to Omaha

Tiger fans are starting to hit the road for Omaha! Plenty will begin their journey today.

Alex Box Stadium regular Joy Hammatt is among the Bayou Bengal boosters who will turn Omaha into "Baton Rouge North" for the next couple of weeks. She can be seen at just about every LSU home game, in her seats atop the Tiger dugout at the Box. She's thrilled to be striking out for Omaha today.

"Very excited! This is, I think, my fourteenth trip. I've been twice without the team," she told WWL First News. "It's a lot more fun with the team."

Hammatt will spend the next several days in TD Ameritrade Park. This is the Tiger's first game in that venue, new since 2011. Hammatt has already been, and says Tiger fans making their first Omaha trip since 2009 will love the new stadium.

"It's beautiful," she said. "It was like moving from the old Alex Box to the new Alex Box. You can walk around the whole thing. There's better parking. There's more room for tailgating."

Chris Guillot sits in the same section of Alex Box as Hammatt, where he often starts up the "Geaux Tigers" chant. He's certain they'll be part of a huge contingent.

"LSU fans will be all over," he says. "Seventy percent of the crowd in that stadium. It'll be awesome."

The Fighting Tigers begin the quest for the seventh national title Sunday at 7:00 p.m. against UCLA. Click here for more on the Tigers' CWS schedule.

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