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Posted: Tuesday, 10 January 2017 1:15PM

The race for Mayor of New Orleans could be very crowded

The race for the next mayor of New Orleans maybe closer than meets the eye. Qualifying comes around in July, with the open primary in October.

There are no official announcements just yet, but it won't be long now.

Political analyst Clancy DuBos says with Mitch Landrieu term limited out, it's going to be a wide open, if not crowded, field of candidates.

''Many of our state legislators, city council members and local businessmen are potential candidates,'' said DuBos.

DuBos expects maybe ten to twelve candidates for the primary and fundraising, will as usual be critical.

''It will take well over a million dollars, possibly two to three million dollars, for a successful race for mayor,'' said DuBos.

He says it's not too early for voters to start thinking about who they want to take over the reigns of the city.

''There's plenty of time for things to shake out but it's not to early for candidates or potential candidates to start jockeying for position.''

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