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Posted: Monday, 13 January 2014 2:52PM

TOPS students should stay in Louisiana, lawmaker says

Should accepting TOPS scholarship money oblige you to live in Louisiana for a certain period of time?  One state representative says you bet it does, and is proposing making that the law.

Representative Marcus Hunter (D-Monroe) says his idea is simple enough -- for every year a student receives a TOPS grant, that student must spend a year living and, hopefully, working in Louisiana after he or she graduates. 

"I think the issue for us now is to try and invest in Louisiana," Hunter said.

Hunter plans to introduce his proposal later this year.  It also includes requiring an individual to pay the state back if they move out-of-state before their obligation is up.

"If you want to go out of state and want to pursue a better job, than of course you are going to have some type of means to pay back the money that the state has given to you in advance," he reasoned.


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