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T-Bob: Super pumped about Saints "Black & Gold Scrimmage"

Twas a dreary day featuring a dreary practice today at the Greenbrier. The sun was hidden behind a wall of gray the entire morning, giving the whole setting a bit more of a deadened feel. Today marked the first time where I wasn’t that excited to be able to watch practice, as it all just had a bit of a "Groundhog Day" of feel to it. That is not to say however that there weren’t some highlights!

Perhaps I am showing a bit of my offensive bias, because today was one of the better days for the defense, especially against the run. In fact, if you listen to "Sports Talk" I’m sure you’ll hear that the defense won about 75% of the snaps during inside run. This is a settling sign, as the Saints weren’t exactly a rushing powerhouse last year, and so far the defense has struggled to stop them.  
The half line drill saw more fights and more chippiness which I wish I could have seen in person, but being the slave to work that I am, I was finishing up the show down at Slammin Sammy’s. As far as ball security goes, there were a few issues on the offensive side of the ball. Tim Lelito and Drew Brees fumbled two quarterback-center exchanges, and while I am 130% sure that they were both the quarterback’s fault (as it is every time there is a fumbled snap,) there are those who would contend that it could have been either guy.  It is hard to know without the benefit of instant replay, or actually having Drew Brees’ hands touching your butt.  

Play of the day without a doubt goes to Pierre Warren AKA the Pink Panther AKA Wiz who continues to shine in this camp.  Joe Morgan caught a deep ball, and while he was running in the end zone, Warren hawked him down and managed to knock the ball out from behind on the ten yard line. Warren is putting together an impressive resume as he attempts to grab one of the coveted 53 spots available on this team.  

Other than that there was nothing too exciting, but I am super pumped for tomorrow’s "Black & Gold Scrimmage" which should have a bit more action than todays practice. So far the most exciting part of the last two days in my opinion was still the debut of "Sharknado 2: The Second One" on Syfy.  

Remember to tune in bright and early tomorrow, as we will be bringing you all of the scrimmaging action live on the Big Stick AKA the Flamethrower AKA “Can You Hear Me Now? Of course you can” because it’s the Big 870. 
PS. I went to Wal-Mart today - you know how they say to never go grocery shopping while you are hungry?  Well, I broke that golden rule and I have now consumed 6 Hot Pockets today.  I feel absolutely terrible and have already thrown away the rest. My friend also alerted me to the fact that a few months back Hot Pocket may or may not have gotten busted for knowingly using diseased meat in their boiling, portable sandwiches.  My question to him is, if they are using diseased meat why does it taste so good?

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08/01/2014 6:09PM
T-Bob: Super pumped about Saints "Black & Gold Scrimmage"
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