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1-20 WWL NFL Podcast with T-Bob and Seth

On this week's edition of the WWL NFL Podcast we break down the AFC and NFC Conference Championship games as Seth is still giddy with excitement over his Seahawks pulling off one of the most improbable comebacks in playoff history.

Perhaps the most "spirited" (yelling) debate takes place, however, when discussing the AFC Championship game and whether or not Andrew Luck deserves a pass. After I calm down a bit, Seth and I unite in discussing the impact of "deflate-gate" and why it matters. Perhaps Don Shula hit the nail on the head with his "Belicheat" comments?

Go ahead and grab a drink, lean back in your chair, and enjoy the WWL NFL Podcast!

FULL AUDIO: 1-20 WWL NFL Podcast with T-Bob and Seth

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T-Bob: The "Big 3" at LSU have me excited!

What an odd morning it has been. The LSU Tigers announced yesterday that they had hired Alabama linebackers coach Kevin Steele to be their new defensive coordinator. The news was met with an outpouring of vitriol from the LSU faithful, as many felt this hire was underwhelming at best and a complete misstep at worst.

Steele's resume as a defensive coordinator isn't exactly stellar. In fact, his last game as a DC saw West Virginia hang 70 on his Clemson Tigers, a game that LSU fans were only too ready to reference when complaining about the hiring. I myself preached patience, saying that while the hire might not have been the sexiest, to automatically condemn someone before they have even coached a game is absurdly shortsighted. I'm not willing to say that Steele will be great, but I am also not willing to say that he will be a certain failure.

While some felt the same as I did, there were many who continued to bring up his past stats and say that he would never work out. However, some more recent news broke during this AM's Double Coverage that has been the catalyst for a complete tonal shift as suddenly many Tiger fans are fully behind Kevin Steele as LSU's D Coordinator. The Tigers have reportedly agreed to bring Coach Ed Orgeron onto their staff.

Coach O is one of the more legendary recruiters in college football. From Cutoff, Louisiana, Coach O cut his teeth at schools like Northwestern and McNeese before working his way up the food chain to powerhouses like Arkansas, Miami, and eventually USC. Coach O was given an opportunity to be the head coach at Ole Miss and it didn't go quite as planned. However, later in his career he would become the interim head coach during his second stint USC and lead them to an impressive 6-2 finish in a turmoil filled season.

While many would disagree on the effectiveness of Coach O as a head coach there is one thing that everybody can agree on and that is Ed Orgeron is a master recruiter. In fact, Orgeron's recruiting prowess has been covered in all different mediums as he was featured in the movie "The Blind Side" after winning an intense battle for OT Michael Oher. Author Bruce Feldman also wrote a NY Times Best Selling book about the recruiting process titled "Meat Market: Inside the Smash-Mouth World of College Football Recruiting" which mainly featured Coach Orgeron and his recruiting efforts at Ole Miss.

I myself can attest to the aforementioned recruiting prowess, as Coach O recruited me coming out of high school and although there was never any chance of me going to Oxford, I continually kept them in my top 3 and to this day I would still say that no one did a better job of selling me on their school than Coach O and his staff. Basically, no one does it quite like Coach O and college football fans (including LSU's) know this.

This is why the reports saying that he will be announced as a member of the LSU coaching staff later today have been met with such unbridled optimism. Kevin Steele's main feather in his cap was that he is a great recruiter (in fact in 2005 he was the Rivals.com National Recruiter of the Year). Many, however, felt that this wasn't enough to justify hiring him as the defensive coordinator. However, the combination of Steele and Orgeron suddenly has LSU fans salivating at the new Big 3 that will be operating out of Baton Rouge. Kevin Steele, Ed Orgeron, and Frank Wilson are all former National Recruiters of the Year and will now be telling kids across the country that Purple and Gold are the colors that they have always wanted to wear.

I too am guilty in that my ambivalence towards the Steele hiring has turned on a heel and suddenly I am excited about the moves that Les Miles and the LSU administration have made. The "Big 3" will have a chance to put their money where their mouth is immediately as LSU is currently ranked 17th in the country according to Rivals.com. This is a far cry from what Tiger fans are used to and I daresay that I am intrigued to see what this newly assembled squad can do when the recruiting period comes to an end tomorrow. Perhaps this newfound optimism is too reactionary and a more conservative outlook is still the correct approach however I have always been a positive person so I am allowing myself to give into the hype. Plus I love Coach O.

Now it is time to see if these 2015 recruits and the LSU fanbase agrees with me!
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1-13 WWL NFL Podcast with T-Bob and Seth

After a week off due to Seth basically dying from a combination of 3 different sicknesses, the boyz are back in town and ready to rock your world. Was it a catch? Or not a catch? THAT is the question. And of course we disagree on the answer.

Also, we take a look back at this past weekend's divisional round games while looking forward to the upcoming conference championship games.

So kick back, relax, grab a drink, and listen to the WWL NFL Podcast!

FULL AUDIO: 1-13-15 WWL NFL Podcast with T-Bob and Seth
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WWL NFL Podcast with T-Bob and Seth - Wildcard Weekend

Happy 2015 my friends!

Sorry for the delayed episode of the podcast but the holidays were insane and the logistics got a bit screwy. On this week's edition of the show, we preview the NFL Playoffs as Wild Card weekend gets ready to get underway.

We also go head to head as to who should be the NFL MVP... Aaron Rodgers or JJ Watt?

So grab a drink, kick back, relax, and prepare your ears for sexy NFL podcasting. Click the link below:

FULL AUDIO: WWL NFL Podcast with T-Bob and Seth - Wildcard Weekend

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T-Bob: Tigers got stomped in the trenches and robbed of a TD

Welp, sorry folks, but South Louisiana football just wrapped up a disappointing 2014 campaign.  If you were looking for the Tigers to ease your pain you came to the wrong place.  Both experts and fans alike all had LSU pegged to win this game.  There was but one dissenting voice. “YOU SHOOD HAFF LITHENED TO ME-th,” yelled Lou Holtz following the game winning kick that saw the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to defeat the LSU Fighting Tigers 31-28.  

So where did it all go so wrong? Be careful… what you are about to read are some scorching HOT TAKES ™ fresh out of the oven… don’t burn yourself.

LSU’s Defense Could Not Get Off the Field on 3rd Down
I have always heard certain sects of LSU fans gripe about “3rd Down and Chavis.”  In the past I brushed off these dissidents as unappreciative and over-reactive.  However, if there was ever a situation in which these fans can yell about being right, it is now.  Notre Dame finished 11/17 on third down.  That is an absolutely horrendous (form LSU’s perspective) 64% conversion rate.  Bottom line, that is a losing statistic.  The interesting development to keep an eye on now is whether or not Coach Chavis will leave for Texas A&M.  If in fact Chavis does end up bolting, it would be a darkly humorous exit as such a great coach would be leaving on the heels of such an uninspired performance.

Notre Dame controlled the Line of Scrimmage
In an Shyamalan-esque twist, it was Notre Dame and not LSU who won the battle in the trenches.  In the end Notre Dame ran over twenty more plays than LSU did.  This includes a punishing fifty one carries at an average of five yards per rush.  In the battle of possession this equated to a fourteen minute time disparity in Notre Dame’s favor.  Chew on that for a second.  FOURTEEN MINUTES.  Notre Dame had the ball for almost an entire additional quarter of football.  This is at the bottom of the list of things I would have guessed about this game.  Hell, I would have guessed that Brad Kragthorpe would have scored a TD before the aforementioned TOP stat.  Speaking of Kragthorpe…

It was definitely a touchdown.
Brad Kragthorpe definitely scored.  There is no two ways about it.  The fact that the refs watched the video and decided that there wasn’t conclusive evidence to call it a touchdown was absurd.  I am fine with the fake call because it was indeed a TD.  Now, that said, it is not the reason that LSU lost.  The Tigers got dominated in the trenches.  Read my two previous HOT TAKES ™ (they should have cooled by now) and THAT is the reason why the Tigers lost.  

Now I think I am going to drink until it is 2015 so I can completely forget that 2014 ever happened.

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WWL NFL Podcast with T-Bob and Seth

This week Seth Dunlap returns and it's T-Bob's turn to take a holiday vacation. . .at least that's what he says.  We really think he can't handle talking about HIS Arizona Cardinals and their continuing meltdown.  That's OK, as Tim Zimmer fills in again and the boys break down all of the Week 16 action as the playoff picture is mostly set.
We finally dig into our mailbag and find something inside! (A coincidence that it happens the week T-Bob is off?  We think not!)
Plus, there are a lot of really interesting Vegas lines for Week 17 that we go over.

It's all in the regular season finale of the WWL NFL Podcast.  Sit back and enjoy over your egg nog and chestnuts.

FULL AUDIO: WWL NFL Podcast with T-Bob and Seth
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WWL NFL Podcast with T-Bob and Seth, week 16

On this week's edition of the WWL NFL Podcast, Big Time Timmy Jim AKA TimZim AKA Tim "Dont call me Tim Zimmer" Zimmer fills in for Seth Dunlap as the Seth is back in his homeland visiting relatives.

The boys discuss quarterbacks. Why do teams overpay for them?  Whose fault is it that Jay Cutler got paid?  What would you do if you were a GM?  

Also, TnT (Tim & T-Bob) attempt to make sense of the AFC and NFC Playoff pictures as we prepare for the MADNESS that is the final two weeks of the NFL season.  

So kick back, relax, grab a drink, and turn on the WWL NFL Podcast!

FULL AUDIO: WWL NFL Podcast with T-Bob and Seth, week 16

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T-Bob: Should pro athletes take a stand on social matters?

On yesterday’s edition of Double Coverage I was fully prepared to talk college football for an entire three hours. The Selection Committee had just released their final Playoff rankings and the inherent drama was a prime conversation piece with Baylor and TCU getting left on the outside looking in.  

If you listen to the show, you know that one of our Double Coverage mainstays is the “Take it or Leave it” segment we do in the first hour every day.  I like to have a couple topics chosen that I believe will encourage quick debate, and one of Tuesday’s topics was whether or not professional athletes should get involved in social issues.  I assumed that me and Timmy would throw it back and forth for a couple minutes (he thinks they shouldn’t while I think they should) and then that would be that.  Little did I know that the next hour would be filled with some of the most passionate and intelligent calls I have received since starting Double Coverage 14 months ago.  

After talking to everyone yesterday and hearing a ton of great perspective from multiple different viewpoints I believe that there is no “right” answer to this question and that is OK.  You are allowed to have your own personal thoughts on a subject and if someone disagrees with you it doesn’t necessarily mean one of you has to be correct while the other is in the wrong.  It just means y’all are approaching a topic from different perspectives.

Personally, I think athletes have been given a stage, and if they want to use that stage to make a statement for something they believe in, I am OK with that.  I don’t think it is negative for athletes be proactive and stand up for their beliefs.  I should also say that I believe it has been done in a responsible and unobtrusive manner thus far.  This is not to say that I am only in support of the athletes with whom I agree.  I would have no issue with a player taking a stand in support of the police because that too is their CHOICE to make.  

As far as whether or not these players should get in trouble for speaking out that is a CHOICE for their bosses to make… whether it be the NBA, NFL, or any other organization whose employees are making a statement.  Let me point out as well, that if the NBA was to get involved and fine these players (which they said they wouldn’t) that would be well within the Association’s rights. “But what about freedom of speech?” Well you must keep in mind that freedom of speech applies to the government and getting in legal trouble.

The US isn’t censoring these players.  They aren’t threatening to send them to jail.  THAT would be a violation of free speech.  As an employee you have to be mindful of what you say and how you act because fair or not, you represent the organization. I could get fired from WWL not for doing anything illegal but for just saying the wrong thing and none of my rights would have been violated.

Earlier I talked about the stage that these athletes have due to their popularity.  Many of the callers yesterday believed that athletes have a social responsibility to get involved because of their visibility. Now, I want to make it clear that, personally, I do not agree that athletes have a responsibility to do anything if they don’t wish to.  Once again it goes back to the common denominator of choice.  If a player wants to keep their view points to themselves that is their CHOICE.  

Another sentiment brought up by many in the listening audience was that plenty of fans like to use sports as an escape.  A chance to ignore the real world and all of its ugliness.  A chance to turn off your brain and enjoy some high quality entertainment.  There is legitimacy to this argument and I understand where they are coming from.  Hell, I play video games all the time as a way to relax and take my mind of the rigors of the real world.  In my opinion, however, the statements that the players are making (think of the t-shirts/holding their hands up) have not affected the on court/field product.  If you disagree, then I have got great news for you.  You can CHOOSE not to watch.

It now seems clear to me that we all have a choice to make.  Players choose whether or not to get involved, Bosses choose whether or not to take action, and as fans we must choose whether or not to watch.  Through our choices we can make ourselves heard and if you disagree with someone’s choice there is nothing wrong with that.  In fact, I would argue that disagreement is a positive because it encourages discourse.  

And how do we learn?  By looking at things under a different light and hearing perspectives that we ourselves would not have thought of.  If nothing else these athletes have us engaged in active debate and discussion and I think that is great because it is how our society will continue to grow and evolve.  But who knows… perhaps you disagree, which is fine by me.    
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WWL NFL Podcast with T-Bob and Seth, week 15

This week on the WWL NFL Podcast, we try to predict how the end of the season will pan out all the way up until the Super Bowl (very unprofessionally, I might add).  I struggle with my Arizona Cardinal problem.  It seems as if the redbirds are a drug that I just can't kick.  

As I ponder what I am doing with my Bruce Arians love, Seth attempts to dispel the myth of the dominant Packers.  So kick back, relax, grab a drink, and listen to the WWL NFL Podcast. Click the link below.

FULL AUDIO: WWL NFL Podcast with T-Bob and Seth, week 15
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T-Bob: Where will LSU go bowling?

The LSU Tigers are preparing to go bowling and everybody wants to know, where will they end up?  Gone are the days when it was easy to predict where a school will go.  In fact, gone are the days where the school gets to choose where to go.  Instead, now the SEC puts six schools into a pick six pool where there are six bowls to choose from.  

They include the Taxslayer Bowl in Jacksonville, Fla., the Advocare V100 Texas Bowl in Houston, the Belk Bowl in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Autozone Liberty Bowl in Memphis, the Outback Bowl in Tampa, and Music City Bowl in Nashville.  The schools will now rank their preferences 1-6 and turn in their ballot into the Conference homebase in Birmingham (o_O). The Conference will then inform the school of where they will be going.  Allow me to share my opinions on the games!

Off the bat, I am going to throw out the Music City Bowl because I haven’t read anything online with anyone reporting a potential LSU appearance in Nashville.  So, sorry all you country music lovers.  

Next to receive the headsman’s axe will be the Outback Bowl in Tampa. LSU went there last year and the fanbase proved themselves to be disinterested. The tickets didn’t sell especially well, neither did the fans travel in great numbers (realistically, as ValleyShook pointed out there are only two spots LSU fans will drive to on this list).  

Speaking of travel, who wants to go to the Belk Bowl in Charlotte?  What, you don’t? Well don’t worry, the Belk Bowl is going to be down near the bottom of Joe Alleva’s preference list as he already has said that proximity is an important point of consideration, and North Carolina isn’t exactly close.  So goodbye to you as well, land of basketball.  That leaves but three candidates from which to choose and I will tell you what I think each has to offer.

Lets talk Memphis Bowl in Tennessee.  The scuttlebutt is that if the Tigers end up heading to the land of dry rub and blues, they would square off against the West Virginia Mountaineers.  The reason why this one personally appeals to me is that I married into a family of Mountaineers and although the ‘shine has slowed their minds somewhat (:D) they are a kind folk that I enjoy sharing drinks and football with.  Also I love BBQ and wouldn’t mind hitting up Beale street for some spirits and ales.  Memphis also scores high in the proximity department.  

Finally, WVU’s fanbase is not unlike LSU’s own.  Both sides are renowned for their partying and hospitality.  Add in the fact that a mixture of the Mountain culture and Swamp culture could fortuitous to both sides and I think you have a solid potential candidate.  Plus I want to talk trash to my father-in-law.

Speaking of drivable bowls.  The next one I want to talk about is probably the sexiest mathcup, but it is also the most ridiculously named.  The AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl in Houston is one that holds a ton of appeal for LSU fans.  The Wisconsin game to kick off the year proved that Tiger fans don’t mind making the trip to NRG Stadium.  This is mainly due to the HUGE LSU alumni and fan base living in H-Town.  So I don’t expect ticket sales to be an issue here. Proximity is a plus as I know plenty of people who make this drive semi-regularly.  

Also, there is a strong recruiting benefit to playing games in Texas as it helps get the Tiger logo in front of the highly sought-after recruits of Texas high school football (Louisiana HS football is better per capita though).  Finally, the potential sparring partner for LSU in the Texas Bowl would be none other than Texas themselves.  That’s right! Put on your boots because the Tigers might be going steer wrastling.  These are two big names going through a down year.  However, they would still be a decent draw on TV because of their respective reputations.  

It certainly would not be hard to get a hype train started for this fight.  I believe the Texas Bowl to be the majority favorite right now amongst LSU fans.  Plus, who doesn’t want revenge for what Roy Williams did to LSU in 2003?  BUT there is a final challenger yet… one that I believe has the strongest case…. And of course I’m talking about…

THE TAXSLAYER BOWL IN JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA.  Boom.  Read that again and let in soak in.  I know you are saying to yourself  “But T-Bob, it isn’t close at all!” “But I don’t want to play an ACC team, BORING!” To that I respond with but one word, “Cabana.”  That’s right, Jacksonville has cabana pools that you can kick it in and watch the game while you sip on deliciously fruity drinks with an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt.  

After re-reading this last sentence a couple times it has now become crystal clear to me that there is no way I want LSU to go anywhere else.  The Mad Playboy Shahid Khan knew what he was doing when he first uttered the phrase “built in stadium cabanas.”  Thank you Mr. Khan. Cabana… Cabana… Cabana.

PS. Cabana ;)

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