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T-Bob: Non-primetime NFL games you shouldn't miss

For today’s blog, I wanted to take a look at the best non-primetime games for each of the first 10 weeks of the upcoming season.  In general, the primetime games are the best each week; however, that is not to say that there aren’t a ton of great noon and three-o-clock matchups to be had.  I only chose to do 10 weeks because by the time we get to that point, the entire landscape of the NFL power rankings will have shifted.

So here's my pick for the best games each week outside of primetime!

Week 1- New Orleans @ Atlanta 12:00
What even needs to be said about this one?  If you are a fan of either franchise, you know how heated this rivalry is.  The oldest southern NFL rivalry will once again meet in the opening week of the season as the Falcons try to avenge last season’s week 1 loss to the Saints.

Week 2- Miami @ Buffalo 12:00 
This matchup is intriguing to me because I see a ton of parallels between these two sides.  In my eyes both of these teams possess young, talented rosters and always seem right on the edge of being good yet never quite get over the hump.  This early season matchup could set the tone for the rest of the year if one of them is finally going to take their game to the next level.

Week 3- Washington @ Philadelphia 12:00
Eagles vs Redskins is always a treat, but with the Desean Jackson move from Philly to Washington, this is one matchup in which I fully expect the entire country to be glued to their TV screens.  I for one cannot wait to see D-Jax torch Kelly and co. Sorry, Steve Geller.

Week 4- Green Bay @ Chicago 12:00
Bears vs Packers.  Cheeseheads vs Sausage Hounds. A-Rodg vs Kid Cutty.  This one writes itself.  Just a great matchup between two of the historic NFL franchises.

Week 5- Kansas City @ San Francisco 3:25 
Not gonna lie… this week was a little light on games in my opinion.  This game features a couple of good teams that don’t normally meet battling it out, and I feel that I should be more excited about Alex Smith returning to San Fran, but I just can’t get pumped without forcing it… what do you think? 

Week 6- Washington @ Arizona 3:25
I have a thing for the Cardinals defense.  I am probably biased, but I love watching them play, probably because their defense is filled with former LSU guys.  Pat P, Tyrann Mathieu, Kevin Minter, and Curtis Taylor are all holdin' it down out there for the Tigers.  RGIII and DJax vs Pat and Tyrann??? Yes Please.

Week 7- Cincinnati @ Indianapolis 12:00
Two defending division title winners squaring off in one of the best stadiums in the league.  On one hand you have Andrew Luck fighting to be considered among the best quarterbacks in the league and on the other you have Andy Dalton fighting for his job.  Can the Red Rocket finally solidify himself as the Bengals QB moving forward?

Week 8- Seattle @ Carolina 12:00
Do you like waking up early?  If you’re the Seattle Seahawks let’s hope you do because this kickoff will be kicking off at 10 AM according to their biological clocks.  This should be a matchup of a couple of great defenses, however I will be interested how Carolina intends to move the ball with their receiving corps against the Legion.  In truth, the Panthers receivers aren’t really that much of a downgrade compared to last years.

Week 9- Denver @ New England 3:25
I don’t know about you but I am a fan of watching two of the greatest of all-time go head to head.  While there is no doubt that we will grow weary of the media coverage leading up to this game, another Brady vs Manning Matchup is just too nice to pass up.  Especially when you factor in the Aqib Talib move and matchup vs Darrelle Revis.

Week 10- San Francisco @ New Orleans 12:00
A lot of Saints fans are upset to be travelling back to Chicago next season, well I imagine 49ers fans are none too pleased to be heading back to New Orleans.  One of the crazier games of last season, the Saints managed to fight back and steal a win from the Niners.  San Fran definitely feels the need for revenge and will have this one circled.  The nice part for Saints fans is that the Black & Gold will have 10 full days to prepare after they play Carolina on a Thursday.  

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04/25/2014 4:12PM
T-Bob: Non-primetime NFL games you shouldn't miss
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04/26/2014 11:40PM
Washington redskins?
this will be a very weak team while the Philadelphia Eagles will be a very good team.The eagles are much better than the saints this year saw well
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