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T-Bob: Missing Saints practice is really pretty heartbreaking

Today was a sad day. I woke up excited to start our "Double Coverage" broadcast and discuss everything we had witnessed over the weekend, and even more excited to watch another great Saints practice.  

The first day in pads was more entertaining than every single OTA we witnessed put together. As an O-lineman I had a particularly good time watching inside run and one-on-one pass rush as mentioned in my previous blog post. However, I soon found out that I would be denied the chance to watch these modern day titans scrap, as we ran into a bit of a logistical nightmare.  
"Double Coverage" runs from 6am-9am central time, however  - and hold onto your seats big curveball comin here - since we are in West Virginia the show is on 7am-10am.  That should be great news right?  An extra hour of sleep!!! How could my job possibly get any better? Honestly, it couldn’t. Still, I had overlooked one critical detail.  Practice starts a little after 8am, which means that because of my extreme dedication to "Double Coverage," I have to miss parts of practice - worse, I was unsure as to exactly what parts.  

As soon as the show wrapped I packed my bag and hustled to catch multiple shuttles to make it to the practice field.  I was grinning from ear to ear, as I thought I had made it just in time to watch the day’s one-on-one pass rush. Much to my dismay, I was a few minutes too late.  Imagine my added disappointment when I learned that one of the most exciting inside run drills had also already wrapped up!  

I fought back tears as the realization set in that I would be denied my daily dose of physical line play. Sure, there were team periods left where we still learned a lot, but I am a man who wants to see full belly-to-belly contact in a more intimate setting. Cry for me not, loyal readers, for where there is a will there is a way. In this age of technology I shall find a way to watch these drills each and every day, so I can give you the subpar insight that you have come to know and love. Until tomorrow!
P.S. Listen to "Double Coverage" tomorrow morning 6am-9am (central!) when we announce the winners of the slightly-coveted 6 available spots in the 12 man "Double Coverage" Fantasy League! We have so many great entries, and honestly, it hurts my heart that we can’t put everyone in. But just like Saints camp, cuts must be made! If you are reading this and you don’t get in tomorrow, just know that I love you and I will go to bed in a pool full of tears as I mourn what could have been…

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07/28/2014 6:51PM
T-Bob: Missing Saints practice is really pretty heartbreaking
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