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T-Bob: The Greenbrier epitomizes Southern grace and class

I awoke this morning with an extra spring in my step, as I knew Kristian and I would be heading over to the Greenbrier for our very first time. I thought I had an idea of what to expect but I was immediately blown away as we rounded a corner and were hit square in the face with the beauty of this establishment.

When you first pull up to the Greenbrier, the hotel itself immediately sets the tone for the rest of your day. The main building is an all-white sprawling mansion that brings you back to a time where hotels didn’t just try to see who could be the tallest; rather, it boasts an old southern architecture that has an air of friendliness and charm that is lost in many modern day establishments. If you read my daily blog yesterday you saw that I described the state of West Virginia as "lush" -  The Greenbrier takes this to the next level. The grounds are covered in immaculate gardens and beautiful foliage. Located in a valley and surrounded by mountains, you almost feel as if you have stumbled into some sort of secret fantasy hotel that no one knows about.

PHOTO GALLERY: On the scene at the Greenbrier resort

After I got over my initial shock at just how aesthetically pleasing this place is, I was reminded that the Greenbrier is a true luxury resort when I looked at the reserved parking spaces. Right next to ten tennis courts, the first sign I saw read “Reserved for Pete Sampras.”  No big deal - just the second greatest tennis player of all time. Right next to him in a spot that was occupied (I didn’t manage to put eyes on him though) the sign read “Reserved for Tom Watson.”  Anytime you are parking next to these two you know you are in a higher class.

With that in mind, I attempted to walk a bit more upright as we headed over to broadcast the show from Slammin Sammy’s (named after Sam Snead of course).  As I was desperately trying to project an air of sophistication and class, I soon realized that it was all for naught. I could never live up to the bar that the Greenbrier has set. Slammin Sammy’s screams of old southern wealth and class.  The rooms reek of mahogany and leather. I felt as if I needed a seersucker suit, and perhaps a nice walking cane just to fit in. I am 99% sure that during my three hours of doing the show there I learned how to tie a full Windsor knot without even trying.  

The views from the restaurant are absurd! The beautifully manicured golf course surrounded by dark green mountains is truly a sight to behold, and I am so excited to be spending the next few weeks there!  Stick around and I will continue to try and set the scene as the Saints are due to start practice in one of the nicest practice field set-ups I have ever seen.


PS I’ll give it to Kristian… he is actually pretty good at pool.


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07/24/2014 1:18PM
T-Bob: The Greenbrier epitomizes Southern grace and class
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