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T-Bob: Greenbrier hotel is like something out of James Bond

Just call me double-o-T-Bob because I am a stealth master. At least, that is how I felt as I walked through the Greenbrier hotel today trying to find a way to get from the restaurant to the Saints practice facility.  

Kristian has to leave "Double Coverage" an hour early every morning in order not to miss any of practice, which means that he had to take the car, which left me stranded with only the shoes on my feet and my overly large (yet not overly effective) brain to figure out a way to get to the practice fields. I left the restaurant (but not before overcoming the temptation to take all the nice scotch lining the bar that I was in completely alone in) and asked one of the employees what would be the best way to get to the practice fields.  

I was told to take a shuttle to the north entrance of the hotel, walk through the back of it, and then the field would be right there. This ended up being incorrect, but it did end up gaining access to the hotel, and the majesty of all the different rooms blew my mind. The Greenbrier is more spectacular than I could have imagined.  At a certain point I decided to document my adventures with my handy dandy iPhone and if you watch the videos below you can see that I was constantly having to pick my jaw up off of the floor. I eventually made it to Saints practice only to find out that I had missed all of it, however I definitely had some good times along the way (plus now I know how to get to the fields quicker… double shuttle FTW!) Perhaps I shall get “lost” again sometime soon so that I can more fully map and explore the hall of mysteries known as the Greenbrier.  

P.S. Somewhere along the line here I conceded that I wasn’t really sneaking anywhere and I wasn’t doing anything wrong, but that ruined the fun. So I chose to keep up the façade that I was truly a fatter Danny Ocean. 


07/25/2014 1:37PM
T-Bob: Greenbrier hotel is like something out of James Bond
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