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T-Bob: Confessions of a Draft rookie

I absolutely cannot wait for Thursday’s NFL Draft.  This is easily the most excited I have ever been for a draft, because this is the closest I’ve ever followed the draft build up.  Full disclosure, before I worked for WWL & 3WL in sports talk radio, I never really paid any attention to the draft.  I would have it on as background noise or as a sleep aid.  I figured it didn’t really matter who was picked, because at the end of the day we would find out if they could play or not come Sundays during Fall football.  While there is still a kernel of truth to this statement, it no longer represents how I feel.  It took me investigating the past to appreciate the future.  

Throughout the last few weeks of “Double Coverage,” we have been covering past drafts through the years and it’s taught me anticipation is a big part of the excitement about Thursday’s draft…then results are part two.  It’s not unlike gambling in that you never really know how good or bad a player will be.  Will you end up with a Payton Manning or a Ryan Leaf?  Drafting players is not unlike opening a pack of cards in Blizzard Entertainments new TCG Hearthstone except that it takes a bit longer to find out if you got a common, rare, epic, or even the ever elusive LEGENDARY.  The best part about the NFL Draft is that since you never know if a player will ever meet their potential, you can celebrate the day with unrivaled enthusiasm. 

Which player will be the next Jahri Evans or Marques Colston?  Which player will become Drew Brees’ next big weapon?  Which player could possibly be the key to the Saints hoisting another Lombardi?  No one knows for sure, but I do know I can’t wait to find out.

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05/07/2014 9:08PM
T-Bob: Confessions of a Draft rookie
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