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T-Bob: A primer on the new college playoff system

The College Football Playoff Selection committee released their first team rankings yesterday and while the reaction hasn’t been wholly positive I believe that the majority of fans are pleased with the committee’s initial findings.  In case you don’t know I will give you a very general, very brief overview as to how the new College Playoff system works.  

There used to be four major BCS bowls and it was the goal of every school to play in said games.  There are now six major bowls.  Two of these will be semi-final games that lead to an eventual title match.  The six major bowls are now the Rose, Sugar, Orange, Fiesta, Peach, and Cotton. The selection committee is in charge of ranking the top teams and will decide who deserves to play in each game.  This means that the most coveted spots of the rankings are the first four.  

Tuesday night the committee released their first list and the SEC West claimed three of the top four spots with Mississippi State at number one, Florida State at two, Auburn is three, and Ole Miss is four.  Ole Miss? But didn’t they just lose?  This is one of the main reasons why I am such a fan of this new system.  

Now that human discourse reigns supreme in college football rankings we are able to throw out some of the more dated issues that have traditionally plagued the polls.  One of the old adages was always “its better to lose early than late.”  I would make the argument that while this certainly can be true (it helps your case if you have improved later in the season, the new system rewards this as well) it is not always the case.  Losses should be looked at on an individual basis and judged on their quality.  

In the past, Alabama would have jumped Ole Miss in all the polls following the loss to LSU, however under the new system, the committee recognized that Ole Miss’ loss was in an extremely tough environment against a good team and at the end of the day they had still beaten Bama head to head (also lets not kid ourselves the Rebs only gave up 10 points in the LSU game… that defense is still great).  Another reason I love this new system is it doesn’t reward teams who don’t have a quality schedule.  

Notre Dame is coming in at number ten and there are plenty of Irish fans who are upset however if you are being purely objective you would struggle to make a convincing argument that has them placed higher.  The Irish haven’t beaten any good teams in fact they lost to the best team (Oregon) they faced.  No longer will we have championships decided by happenstance and circumstance.  Now, it will be the teams that are objectively better at the game of football that make it regardless of conference.  

As enthusiastic as I am about this new system I would like to point a few things out.  The first of which is that I readily admit that some of my excitement could stem from the novelty of it all.  I feel a bit like a kid with a brand new shiny bike that I can’t wait to head out and ride.  Maybe once I hit the road I will find that it doesn’t support my weight, or won’t turn well… you get the point.  Also there is the issue of human bias.  The committee is made up of people after all and no matter how hard we try I believe that it is impossible to remain completely objective.

I do think, however, that this issue is minimized by the fact that the committee is made up of diverse members from schools all around the country.  The last thing I will say on this new system is that in reality the rankings are frivolous until the final week.  If a team wins all the games on their schedule they will end up where they want.  

This new weekly ranking makes a ton of sense from a business perspective.  It plays great to a television audience.  Because the choosing of the teams is somewhat subjective there is no way to predict which teams will be ranked where making it must watch TV for anybody with a team in the hunt.  Also, it allows fans to theorize and play with different scenarios as they try to create a storyline that finds their favorite school playing in the Final Four (good luck LSU fans have fun!).  

I recognize that no system is perfect but initially I find myself as a big fan of these new rankings.  There is one key ingredient in this new mixture that truly separates it from the BCS is common sense.  
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WWL NFL Podcast with T-Bob and Seth, episode 6

On this Weeks edition of the WWL NFL Podcast:

The Arizona Cardinals are soaring at an NFC best 6-1, but have they reached their BEAK? (see what I did there?)

Also we take a look back at the biggest games of this last week as we try to figure out who is real and who is a big fat phony.  Seth refuses to admit that he was wrong with his sucker line of the week and I spend an inordinate amount of time talking about Kyle Orton.  

As always we preview the biggest matchups of next week including: Saints @ Panthers, Cardinals @ Cowboys, Broncos @ Patriots, and Eagles @ Texans.  

So grab a drink, sit back, and kick it with ya boys as we talk all things NFL for the next hour and a half. As always, you can email us at WWLNFLPodcast@gmail.com

FULL AUDIO: WWL NFL Podcast with T-Bob and Seth, episode 6

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Hot Takes with T-Bob: LSU wins with electric crowd, stout defense

Wow, what a game! Sorry yall tonight’s Hot Takes™ w/ T-Bob will not be as in-depth as normal as I am about to head over to Bayou Burger for the post game show!
The LSU Defense is Going to be Good for a Long Time
Tonight the Tigers defense played like the great defenses that LSU fans are used to seeing in Death Valley.  Time and time again the defense stepped up to the plate and rose to the occasion no matter how bad of a hand they were dealt.  The best part is that the players who were continuously having their names called are YOUNG.  Jamal Adams, Davon Godchaux, Kendell Beckwith, Tre White, Rashard Robinson, ect these are all guys who can’t leave next season!  As in like, legally not allowed to!  Yay for the NCAA!
Turnovers are the key to the game (or not)
Throughout the week all the experts and analysts (myself included though I am neither) were saying that if LSU was going to rise to the occasion and beat Ole Miss turnovers would be the key! Well, I wrote not long ago that football has a funny way of making us question what we really know and that was once again on display tonight as LSU lost the turnover battle to Ole Miss 4-1….. 4-1!

That is absurd especially considering that Ole Miss only gave the ball away on the final play of the game.  It is a credit to this team’s mental toughness that they were able to overcome all the early miscues and still win the game!
Death Valley is Where I Want My Ashes Scattered
My God I fell in love all over again with college football today.  The campus was electric and it was impossible not to be in a good mood while walking around in this beautiful weather.  Unfortunately I was not able to go to the game (see above about the post game show) but even through the television I could feel the magic of Tiger Stadium.  The rising and falling cacophony emanating from the stadium made it almost impossible for Ole Miss to communicate all night.  

Also, there is no doubt in my mind that these players played better because of the crowd.  I myself have experienced that feeling.  It doesn’t matter how tired your body is there is a tangible energy that exudes from the stands and players can tap into it in order to play harder, faster, and stronger.  What a game… Death Valley truly is the place where opponents dreams come to die. 
 (PS don’t rush the field against Ole Miss)
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T-Bob: Anything can happen when LSU takes on Ole Miss

The very essence of what makes college football so great will be on display this Saturday when the Ole Miss Rebels take on the LSU Tigers in Tiger Stadium.  Saturday Night in Death Valley is a magical setting that produces timeless football games from which tales are told for generations.  During LSU’s storied history there have been many games in which it was thought the Tigers were not going to win, but the power of Tiger Stadium proved to be too much for the opposing team to handle.  

Even through the TV it is possible to feel the pulsating energy emanating from the concrete cathedral of football.  A steady hum of nervous excitement will slowly build throughout the day, the pressure continuing to mount before it peaks in a beautiful crescendo when the ball is kicked off.  It is at this moment when the stadium truly comes alive.  Death Valley takes on the form of an ancient, vengeful spirit.  A dark, swirling mass angry at those who would dare step foot into it’s domain with ill intentions for the Tigers.  The spirit seems to imbue LSU players with extra abilities.  Young men run faster, jump higher, and hit harder as Death Valley wills them to soar to greater heights.  

LSU will once again look to call upon their old friend to meet the Ole Miss Rebels head on in a battle for pride.  A battle for revenge.  A battle that will decide who owns the modern era of this series.  Let us once more unite with our base instincts and call upon the power of the swamp in order to repel the Rebel invaders.   
Keys to the Game
Crowd Noise!
As if it wasn’t obvious enough from the intro, crowd noise will be critical to slowing down this Ole Miss attack.  Bo Wallace has been excellent this season and has played virtually flawless football in SEC matchups.  However, Saturday night Tiger Stadium will play host to more people than have ever watched a game in Baton Rouge.  The new off season additions will be called upon to add every single decibel of noise they can.  If Tiger Stadium was already legendary let us find out what it can be with 100,000+ going all out for four quarters.  I don’t care how composed Wallace and the Rebels may seem, they have a ton of pressure on their shoulders and pressure cracks pipes.  

The home crowd can intensify this pressure by making it impossible for Ole Miss to communicate.  In football there are two things that are absolute drive killers, sacks and pre-snap penalties.  The crowd can have a huge impact on making both of these happen.  While the average bystander won’t be able to rush the passer he/she can yell their lungs out in order to stop the Rebels from being able to communicate their protections.  Also, as an offensive lineman it is extremely tough to hold your water and not jump offsides when you are struggling to hear yourself think.  I will be keeping a sack and pre snap penalty counter going Saturday Night in order to attempt to quantify what kind of impact the crowd has had.  Ole Miss may be the better team, but a raccous environment can even the scales. 
Les Miles & Staff Must Outcoach Hugh Freeze and staff
It has been said that the culprit for the LSU Tigers’ struggles this season is the fact that LSU had 18 players combined leave early for the draft the last two seasons.  This means that two years ago this was a much more talented, much more experienced LSU team.  If you look at where Ole Miss was two years ago it wasn’t even close.  Hugh Freeze had just arrived and was attempting to piece together a program left in shambles by Houston Nutt.  Yet despite all this Ole Miss took LSU down to the wire and if it were not for an Odell Beckham Jr punt return for a TD LSU may not have won 41-35.

Fast forward to last season and the talent gap had been closed somewhat but Ole Miss was still extremely young and was missing 6 defensive starters going into the game against LSU in Oxford.  Despite all this, the Rebels managed to win the game 27-24 and hand the Tigers one of their most disappointing losses of the entire season.  One can make a clear argument that in these two games Hugh Freeze and his staff outcoached Les Miles and his staff.  Fast forward once again to 2014 and suddenly the shoe is on the other foot.  

Two years of LSU talent leaving early combined with a couple stellar Ole Miss recruiting classes and the Rebels are the more talented team entering this match up.  Some may be discouraged by this realization; if the Tigers already struggled when they were better how could they possibly win now?  I believe, however, that instead of treating this as a negative the coaching staff should view this as a golden opportunity.  It is the perfect chance to get one back on Freeze and show that two can make wine out of water. 
Needless to say I am excited for this game.  Earlier this week I had the pleasure of sitting down and interviewing the LSU legend Billy Cannon.  As I was talking to Mr. Cannon about his feelings on Ole Miss I realized the more things change the more they stay the same.  On the surface college football looks wholly different than it did back in 1959 when Cannon returned a punt on Halloween night in order to beat the hated Rebels.  Multi million dollar corporations and TV deals now dominate the Saturday landscape.  Conferences have been realigned and old rivalries have become defunct.  

Despite all this change the ESSENCE of what makes college football so great remains the same.  Cannon spoke of the students and how eager they were to get a chance to beat the rebels.  He spoke of the excitement pouring out of the stands and breathing new life into the players.  He spoke of competition, prowess, and giving it everything you have got in order to help your team, school, and community go home proud!  

THIS is what college football is all about and THIS is what will once again be on display Saturday night.  Anything can happen.  60 minutes of madness full of peaks and valleys await us, here’s to hoping the Tigers come out on top on the other side! GEAUX TIGERS!
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T-Bob: Here's how we shut down Ole Miss

The quarterback position has been a hot button issue for LSU in 2014 as Anthony Jennings and Brandon Harris have been unsuccessful in their bid to secure the starting job and make Tiger fans sleep a bit easier at night knowing their program is in good hands.  Ole Miss, on the other hand, has had no such issues as Senior Quarterback Bo Wallace is preparing to start his 34th game under center for the Rebels.  

I don’t believe it to be a coincidence that both Mississippi State and Ole Miss have senior quarterbacks and find themselves ranked in the top 5.  Bottom line, QB is the single most important position on the field which makes this Saturday’s matchup all the more worrying for LSU fans.  If you have watched the last couple LSU vs Ole Miss games than you already know just how good Wallace can be.  

Two years ago Wallace threw for 310 yards and 2 TDs along with rushing the ball 11 times for 54 yards and 2 touchdowns.  On that day, however, Wallace also threw 3 INTs and the Rebels would fall to LSU 41-35.  Last year, with revenge on the mind, Wallace had an incredibly efficient game that saw him go 30/39 for 346 yards with zero turnovers.  This performance was good enough to lead Ole Miss to a 27-24 win in Oxford.  As you can see, Wallace has been something of a Tiger hunter and the scary part for LSU fans is that he is playing far better than he ever has before.

Currently Wallace is on pace to break pretty much every single season quarterback record at Ole Miss.  This includes total offense, passing yards, touchdowns, completion percentage, etc. (you get the point).  

Remember now, this is a school that has had a few famous quarterbacks in its history.  In fact, Wallace is currently tied with Eli Manning for the most 300-yard games in school history with ten of them.  I would have never guessed how good Wallace would be this season after watching the first half of the Reb’s opening game against Boise St.  It was a half in which he threw three interceptions and looked as if he hadn’t improved and maybe he shouldn’t be the Rebels quarterback moving forward.  

I don’t exactly know what clicked in the locker room at halftime but Wallace came out firing on all cylinders in the 2nd half and hasn’t looked back since.  In the 13 halves of football since his initial struggles Wallace has thrown 16 touchdowns to just three interceptions.  This includes not having thrown an interception in his last 94 pass attempts and he has yet to turn it over in SEC play.  It is not as if Wallace hasn’t been taking risks either has he is currently second in the SEC and tenth in the country with 82 passing plays of ten yards or more.  

So whats the key to stopping Wallace?  Perhaps if you jump on him early he will fold up right?  Wrong, as far as the stats read, Wallace seems to get better as the game goes on.  In the 2nd half of games this season Wallace is completing 71% of his passes for 10 touchdowns and no interceptions.  This completion percentage bumps up another 3 points if you start looking at the fourth quarter alone.  What this tells me is that LSU will have a four quarter dog fight on their hands even if they make a couple big plays to jump out to an early lead, and God help the Tigers if Wallace and the Rebels start fast I’m not sure how LSU would keep up.  

I believe the key to stopping Wallace is two-fold.  The Tigers must make him uncomfortable in the pocket while not allowing him to use his considerable running ability to make plays.  I know much easier said than done, especially when you look at this Ole Miss Offensive Line. Danielle Hunter has been great lately and he must continue to be great for the Tigers to have a shot.  Hunter will have his work cut out for him when he goes up against the big Ole Miss LT Laremy Tunsil.  The sophomore left tackle was one of Hugh Freeze’s prize recruits a couple years ago and it is easy to see why.  Tunsil was a freshman all-american last season and has already been named to the ESPN mid season all-sec and all–american teams.  If you are a fan of watching top tier battles in the trenches the matchup between these two is sure to please.  But forgive me, I digress… back to Wallace.  

As you can see the Ole Miss signal caller is in the zone right now.  He is a well-seasoned quarterback at this point and it seems obvious that the game has slowed down for him.  When you combine his level of play with that of Ole Miss’ defense the picture as to how the Tigers win this games gets muddier and muddier however perhaps there will be a bit of Halloween Magic in the air.  Tiger Stadium will be electric Saturday night and this LSU team has no pressure on its shoulders.  They can play with reckless abandon because they are already supposed to lose.  

If they win GREAT! AMAZING! WONDERFUL! But if they lose its ok because its according to the expert’s predictions.  Many have argued that Coach Hugh Freeze out coached Les Miles the past couple years and Saturday’s game presents the perfect opportunity for Miles to flip the script.  If LSU manages to win this game with their sub par quarterback play and freshman laden roster it will truly be a statement game for Miles.  The best way to accomplish this will be to shut down Bo Wallace.  
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WWL NFL Podcast with T-Bob and Seth, episode 5

On this week's edition of the WWL NFL Podcast, we talk midseason NFL QB rankings as we attempt to break up the 43 quarterbacks who have started into one of six different tiers.  

- Tier 1: Elite
- Tier 2: Not Elite yet/anymore
- Tier 3: The Trent Dilfers (solid, can win some playoff games, but needs major help)
- Tier 4: Placeholders and Young Gungs
- Tier 5: Replacement Level (should be backups)
- Tier 6: CFL/AFL Stars

We also break down the last week's games while looking forward to this next week's, and we introduce a couple new segments with Lock of the Week and Sucker Line.  Hit us up on twitter @TBob53 or @SethDunlap or you can email the show at WWLNFLPodcast@gmail.com!  

Take it easy homeys and enjoy!

FULL AUDIO: WW NFL Podcast with T-Bob and Seth, Episode 5 (10-21)
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Hot Takes with T-Bob: LSU dictates Kentucky game start to finish

The LSU Tigers surprised me once again with a dominating 41-3 win over the Kentucky Wildcats.  I predicted that the game would come down to the last minute and once again I was WAY OFF.  I crunched the numbers, compared the stats, and all of my “research” pointed towards these two sides being much more evenly matched than the 9+ point spread that was assigned to this game.  Well once again Vegas has proven that they know much more than I do as LSU dictated the outcome of this game from start to finish. 
LSU’s special teams units were outstanding tonight.  The success that the Tigers had in this phase of the game was made all the sweeter by the fact that it was these same special teams units that almost lost LSU the game last week against Florida.

Terrence Magee set the tone early with a 49 yard return that set up an easy drive (albeit one nudged along by UK penalties) that ended with freshman phenom Leonard fournette diving into the end zone to give the Tigers an early 7-0 lead.  Tre White would pile on in the 1st quarter by adding a 67-yard punt return for a touchdown to put the Purple and Gold up 17-0, but the Tigers weren’t done yet.  

Just before halftime LSU busted out an interesting kinda-onsides/kinda-not kickoff that gave the Tigers the ball right back and led to them entering halftime with a 27-3 lead.  Kicker Colby Delahoussaye continued to be automatic as he was 2/2 on the night (by the way he definitely called bank) and punter Jamie Keehn had a nice night as well punting four times for an average of 44.5 yards.  

So many times when covering football we get caught up in the offensive and defensive aspects of the game and we forget that there is a third phase.  Well tonight, that third phase was on display as the Special Teams units for the Tigers set the tone and let Kentucky know early on that it just wasn’t their night.
Terrence Magee did the number eighteen proud tonight.  The SR running back has often been overshadowed by Leonard Fournette this season, yet tonight Magee reminded everyone why he was chosen to bear the most important of LSU numbers.  We already mentioned TMG’s excellent kick return to start the game, however that was not all that he would contribute on the night.  Magee was unstoppable in the running game despite not having a ton of touches.  #18 carried the ball 9 times for 127 yards (14.1 avg!!!) and found the end zone twice on a night in which it seemed he could do no wrong.  

Overall Magee finished with a career high 220 all-purpose yards and in my mind was the MVP of this game.  Terrence’s success once again proves that LSU truly is a running back by committee school that values the hot hand. Rather than trying to pick and choose which running back will have the big game each week we should just accept that there is enough talent to go around back there and any single one of those running backs could be the key to victory. 
I loved the way that LSU’s defensive front seven played tonight.  I knew coming into the game that LSU would be able to run the ball against Kentucky, but I was unsure about the ability of LSU’s defense to stop the Wildcat offense.  How unbelievably wrong I was.    LSU allowed Big Blue just 217 total yards and the Wildcats converted on just 5 of their 17 3rd down attempts.  Stellar performances by the LSU defensive line pleased me more than anything else.  LSU fans should watch out for FR DT Davon Godchaux.  I believe he has the potential to carry on the LSU tradition of producing excellent Dlinemen. 
Bottom Line:
I loved the way LSU showed up for this game.  I had this one pegged as a dogfight yet the Tigers had other ideas.  Perhaps we judged this team too harshly following losses to two of the best teams in the entire country… then again perhaps not.  The only thing I have learned from this football season is that I don’t know a thing.  At least we can put the “bowl eligible” conversation to bed.  This LSU Tiger team is improving rapidly and will look to continue their success next week against Ole Miss.   
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T-Bob: Tigers need O-line to carry the day

The LSU Tigers are gearing up to face the Kentucky Wildcats in a match that looks wholly different then it did at the beginning of the year.  Surely playing Kentucky in Death Valley was the least of Tiger fans worries, but football is a funny game and has a way of proving that we don’t always know what we think we know.  

In Kentucky’s second year under Head Coach Mark Stoops the Wildcats have made a drastic turnaround fueled by creative and aggressive recruiting.  In fact, Stoops' two recruiting classes are the highest rated in school history.  The classes are comprised of a mixture of young talent, juco transfers, and players taken from states as far as Ohio.  

The results have been impressive and immediate.  73% of UK’s rushing output this season and 67% of its overall scoring has come at the hands of those who did not play for the Wildcats in 2013.   Currently Kentucky finds themselves sitting tied atop the SEC East with a 5-1 record.  This record includes an upset win over the favored South Carolina Gamecocks and a triple overtime loss in the Swamp to the Florida Gators.  The further you dive into the statistics the more even the playing field becomes.  The Wildcats proved in Florida that they aren’t scared of the big stage and will be hungry to make a statement and strengthen their lead in the East.  LSU will have their work cut out for them but I believe that the Tigers are still the better team.  

Keys to the Game

As I mentioned earlier these two sides are incredibly similar statistically.  They are averaging within two points per game of each other.  They both average 21 first downs per game.  LSU is good for 20 yards more on the ground than the Wildcats but UK is out-throwing the Tigers by 60.  LSU converts on 36% of their 3rd downs compared to Kentucky’s 40% conversion rate.  Kentucky allows ten more yards on defense and both teams give up 19 points per game.  

When you look at common opponents, LSU beat ULM 31-0 while Kentucky defeated the Warhawks 48-14.  LSU edged out UF in the swamp 30-27 while UK fell in triple OT 36-30.  The key statistic (as it is almost every game) remains turnovers.  Both Kentucky and LSU have been excellent in this department as the two schools are tied for 2nd in the SEC with +8 turnover ratios.  Going into last weekend’s bout with Florida, the Gators were number one in the SEC with that same +8 ratio.  The Tigers won the battle 3-0 on the night and it is no coincidence that they won the game.  I still think this Tiger secondary will give the Wildcat receiving corps a lot of trouble, but at the end of the day the pass defense will start with the front seven’s ability to stop the run.

Kwon Alexander has really come into his own lately. The dominant level of play he has been displaying must continue this Saturday if the Tigers are to win.  Perhaps the most pleasant surprise of the season has been freshman DT Davon Godchaux.  The young defensive tackle plays with strength beyond his years and packs a powerful punch or, as the scouts would say, “dude’s got heavy hands.”  

Kentucky currently averages about 180 yards on the ground with running backs averaging 6.2 yards per carry.  The most impressive of the backs is sophomore Jojo Kemp who has 297 yards on 56 carries and is the key piece in Mark Stoops’ “Wild-Kemp” formation where they line Jojo up at quarterback and let him make plays.  Against South Carolina Kemp had 17 carries for 131 yards and 3 TDs.  

The interesting part about Kentucky’s running game is that although it doesn’t look too dominant on its own, it compliments what has become an extremely efficient passing attack led by quarterback Patrick Towles.  The sophomore quarterback is completing 62% of his passes for 1541 yards and 10 touchdowns while throwing only 4 interceptions.  UK runs a balanced offensive attack and the best way for LSU to have success will be to manipulate the Wildcats into becoming one-dimensional.  

I believe that perhaps the biggest talent discrepancy between the two teams comes from UK’s receivers against LSU’s DBs.  If LSU can jump on UK early and show the ability to stop the run while simultaneously scoring points to force Kentucky into throwing situations I believe that the DBU moniker LSU has earned in recent years will once again come to the forefront as they come up with a couple big interceptions.  

It has become clear that this passing game is not going to scare any opponents.  Earlier in the season I wrote that LSU needs to try and take some pressure off of the box by making teams respect the pass.  However, after watching the Florida game, I now believe that the offensive line needs to step up and carry this team.  I don’t care how many people Kentucky wants to put in the box, the Tigers should be good enough to average at least four yards per carry.  

The big men up front were supposed to be the backbone of this team and I feel that last week was the first time in which they lived up to that billing.  It was no coincidence that one of LSU’s best rushing performances came in the same game that RG Vadal Alexander won SEC Lineman of the Week.  If LSU can manage to run the ball effectively against a loaded box it will force Kentucky to focus more and more on the ground game thus providing Jennings/Harris with the perfect opportunity to strike out of nowhere (think of the big pass plays Jennings hit at the end of last game).  

Bottom line, LSU needs to use the ground game to open up the passing game.   No excuses, the O-line must carry the day and I believe they are much more suited to doing so after such a positive outing last week.  
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WWL NFL Podcast with T-Bob and Seth, episode 4

On this week's edition of the WWL NFL Podcast we debate whether or not the Dallas Cowboys are for real. We'll also take a look at the week in review as we discuss the best games of week six and then we will look forward to week 7!  

The further into the season we get the more apparent it becomes that parity rules the day and any team, can beat anyone else, on any given Sunday... see what I did there?  

So sit back, relax, grab a drink, and enjoy the WWL NFL Podcast!

FULL AUDIO: WWL NFL Podcast with T-Bob and Seth, episode 4
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Hot Takes with T-Bob: LSU victory was a true team effort

MMMMMmmmmm….. *munch munch*…. Mmmmm… I swear, this must be the best tasting crow I’ve ever had.  I said multiple times leading up to this game that I just did not see how LSU would win the game.  It seemed as if the deck was stacked against the Tigers.  I said it would take someone stepping up in a way we had yet to see if the Tigers were going to win.  Well it wasn’t just one person who stepped up in the end, rather, it was the whole team.  Last night’s win over Florida belongs to every single player on that LSU sideline and although the game may not have held national relevance it was absolutely critical to a fanbase whose confidence was in the gutter.  The conversation of whether or not LSU will be bowl eligible now seems silly and hyperbolic. 
LSU has been excellent in the turnover battle all season, and it finally paid off
One of the most discouraging statistics I was rattling off coming into this game was the fact that LSU had won the turnover battle against both Miss St and Auburn and yet they lost those games badly.  Coming into this game Florida was leading the SEC with a +8 turnover ratio.  Florida was 22-4 when winning the turnover battle under Will Muschamp and 3-13 when losing it.  The Tigers finished the night +3 on turnovers including the excellent pick by Rickey Jefferson to set up the game winning kick by Colby Delahoussaye. 
Colby Delahoussaye has ice water flowing through his veins
Colby Delahoussaye had only missed one FG attempt in his entire career coming into this game.  That is why it seemed so ominous when he missed an extra point early in the game.  Throughout the rest of the night the missed extra point was gnawing at the back of my mind.  As the game went on it was becoming clear that the missed extra point would be the difference in the game.  I know that Delahoussaye must have been hoping and praying that he would get a chance to redeem himself and those prayers were answered in the form of a Rickey Jefferson interception that set up a 50 yard FG attempt to win the game.  While Delahoussaye had trouble hitting from the two yard line, he had no such issue kicking from the 33 as he sent it straight throught the uprights and helped LSU avoid their fist 0-3 start in the SEC since 1999.
Leonard Fournette had a big time game
Buga Nation rejoice!  The chosen one showed everybody why he was the number one running back in the entire nation last year.  LSU gave Fournette the ball early and often and once #7 got going the coaches knew that he was their best option to have success on offense.  Fournette finished with 27 carries for 140 yards and two touchdowns.  That is a 5.2 yards per carry average against what was the fourth ranked rush defense in the SEC (UF was only allowing 2.7 ypc coming into this game).  Fans and media members alike have been critical of Fournette’s play this year and It was great to see him silence the critics.  Also, I’d be lying if I don’t start to salivate at the thought of just how good he can be after the performance I saw last night.
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