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Posted: Thursday, 13 March 2014 2:20AM

T-Bob: Rejoice! Rejoice! Citizens of the Who Dat Nation!

Rejoice denizens of the Who Dat Nation!  

Breesus himself hath found it within his generous heart to grant the one known as Loomis with the power to work miracles!  At the onset of this age, that henceforth shall be known as The Spring of Green, hope was in short supply for us and our kind.  It seemed that the coffers were empty and there would be no major reinforcements to bolster our mighty Saints.  

Shame upon the naysayers who doubted the wisdom of the one who bears the Sigil of 9! Certain heretics were spreading their falsehoods, saying that Breesus commanded too much of the Nation’s resources.  They doubted the Apostle Loomis and the power of belief.  

Through some sort of holy magic Loomis hath summoned one of the great warriors of our age to the Crescent City.  May the avian Knight Jairus of the House Byrd bless us with many turnovers in this year of our Lord 2014.  

You may yet hear naysayers speaking of a price to be paid down the road, but to them I shout, “Away with you! For now is the Golden Age!  The mystic totem titled Lombardi lays within our grasp!  Opportunity knocks on our door, who could possibly be fool enough to ignore it?”  

The Mad Alchemist Ryan now has a potent stable of ingredients from which to draw his mighty defensive power.  Let it be known throughout the lands, that a power grows in the South.  Any who attempt to enter the Cathedral of Mercedes-Benz (I’ve heard it named “Super Dome” among the common folk) shall be rebuked for their hubris.  The Warriors clad in Black & Gold now find themselves infinitely stronger in all forms of battle and have become masters at both the defensive and offensive aspects of The Clash.

So I leave with this my fellow citizens of Who Dat… Rejoice! Rejoice! And spread the word for this fall the Saints truly shall go marching in!
Chapter 5 Verses 5-9 of the Book Of Loomis
Transcribed by the Public Orator T-Bob Hebert in the year 2014
All Glory to the Sigil of 9

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