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Steve: Sproles' wife is MAD!

When a loved one decides they need to stick up for you in the workplace, the results are NEVER good.  Amid the talks Darren Sproles would be released by the Saints and then reports turned to that the running back was getting traded, Sproles wife Michel took to social media to express her frustration:
WOW! Maybe Michel Sproles gets herself a reality show out of this.

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As for the latest on what is going on with the running back, he has been shipped off to the Philadelphia Eagles.  Kind of a surprising move by the Black & Gold since Philly is in the NFC and a legitimate playoff contender.  I guess at least the Saints don’t play the Eagles in the regular season this year.

In return, the Saints get a 5th round draft pick. It was originally owned by the New England Patriots and is the 157th overall selection.  The Saints now currently own 7 draft picks in 2014.   

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03/13/2014 1:10PM
Steve: Sproles' wife is MAD!
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03/13/2014 1:35PM
Wonder about people?
I understand she loves her husband and the fans loves Sproles. And he has contributed a lot to the team and to the city. And I am sure the home office appreciates him too. Anyway, it is a brutal business but I think she is a little off the mark here. I don’t think the Saints had any intentions to just let him go, and they have their reasons for trading. I think the Saints wanted a good trade and they got it. Apparently, it was for something better for our team. We all wish him the best. On the bright side, he will be with Malcolm Jenkins.
03/13/2014 2:02PM
To Michel
Many in Who DAT Nation not happy either - you should learn how to spell!!!
03/13/2014 2:57PM
For the Mannings
I can not imagine Olivia Manning saying these kind of things , and her poor husband coming home week after week beaten to a pulp. She certainly stood by her husband with all the respect due her.
03/13/2014 3:32PM
I didn't realize how involved 'her God' was in retribution for NFL teams putting players on the trade block. It must be up higher on the list of commandments than I realized. Nice language by the way, guess 'her God' approves - don't think mine does.
03/13/2014 4:21PM
Does it matter where you go when you make that kinda of money. I will miss #43, but that was a very poor vent. Many of us will not see that kind of money. Maybe a lil spoiled.
03/13/2014 6:19PM
Real Class
Love Sproles! Will miss you in the Black and Gold. As for his Wife, no class.
03/13/2014 6:32PM
Stay classy
We love Sproles, we love our SAINTS! I understand Michel's upset... I agree that he should not have learned about it on twitter, but this is a business and change is inevitable....Darren Sproles did a lot for the city and the Who Dat Nation... The WDN prides itself on being and staying classy... Michel and the Saints Front office should take note!
03/14/2014 6:52AM
Well the thug came right out! No class
03/14/2014 11:41PM
Compton hood rat
What an embarasemt.
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