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Steve: Red flags piling up for Zach Mettenberger

The NFL Network is reporting this morning that LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger has been red-flagged by several teams due to a back condition.

He has spondylolysis, which is a stress fracture in one of his vertebrae that make up the spinal column. If the condition eventually weakens the bone too much, surgery may become necessary. While it’s not an immediate issue, it is just another of many concerns that are piling up for the QB. 

Mettenberger is already coming off a torn ACL, and it was recently revleaed that he produced a diluted urine sample for his drug test at the NFL Combine. His physical therapist claims it was the result of his attempts to stave off dehydration as he rehabbed from his surgery. 

Per the therapist, Mettenberger was drinking over a gallon of water per day after "experiencing frequent muscle cramping." True or not, a diluted urine sample is a failed test in the eyes of the NFL.

With the draft kicking off tomorrow night, the latest knock on the signal caller certainly has his status as a Day 2 selection looking very shaky!

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05/07/2014 10:17AM
Steve: Red flags piling up for Zach Mettenberger
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05/07/2014 1:48PM
Draft stock manipulation in full effect
This is an attempt to lower this kid's draft stock. Not everyone can go high in the draft. Clubs save millions of dollars when this stuff happens. Why not retest immediately when you have a diluted urine sample. It happened to me because of blood pressure medicine. I retested a day later and got the job. Best wishes and just retest the kid with blood and hair samples for better results.
05/07/2014 2:52PM
No way
Can a person consume 16 cups of water or more and have cramping issues... Unless he was that out of shape!
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