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Steve: "No Fun League" says no to dunking

Dean Blandino, the NFL's head of officiating, dropped by the Dan Patrick show today and said that players who slam the ball over the goal post after scoring a touchdown will be now be penalized:
I guess you can call the latest league prohibition "the Jimmy Graham rule." 

But the NFL will argue that this is not a new rule, just a new interpretation of an existing regulation that prohibits using the ball as a prop.  

Former Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez was also known for showing off his basketball skills after scoring a touchdown and had this to say after learning the news:
I can understand a penalty if the goal post was thrown off-kilter like Graham did last year in Atlanta, but to ban dunking all together just seems like the "No Fun League" is trying to remove emotion from the game.

Rumor has it that next year the NFL will try to outlaw high-fives.  Kidding... maybe.

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03/25/2014 1:21PM
Steve: "No Fun League" says no to dunking
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03/25/2014 4:38PM
No Fun League
And this might save a life of a football player, right ?
03/25/2014 6:56PM
Take the penalty off!
Really?First the bounty scandal,now No Dunking?Another example why Goodell and the NFL are screwing New Orleans.
03/26/2014 4:12AM
Fix this Section
It's set to delete peoples comments if it disagrees with the majority. If you aren't blatantly biased towards the Saints WWL deletes your comments. So biased it reminds me of the Times Picayune Sports Writers.
04/02/2014 2:53AM
goal dunking
This is Graham's only real skill very juvenille
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