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Steve: LSU loss in rain-shortened game not quite fair

Coach Paul Mainieri’s baseball team dropped their first game of the season 4-1 Tuesday night to UL Lafayette, but it was not a complete nine inning contest.  The game was cut short due to inclement weather as the Tigers fell to 7-1 on the season.

“It’s a strange feeling to lose a game when you don’t get to play the full nine innings, but those are the rules of baseball,” said Mainieri. “I never expected us to go 56-0 this season, and there’s no shame in losing a rain-shortened game to a Top 10 team.”

LSU junior Cody Glenn was saddled with loss as he gave up 3 runs on 5 hits in 4 innings of work.  Things were going great until the top of the 3rd inning when he seemed to lose command.  Glenn walked the leadoff batter and gave up a triple followed by a sac fly for a 2 run inning. 

But the question I ask though; is it fair?  Why is it that in baseball you don’t have to play a full nine innings for the game to count?

Imagine if the Saints were in Tampa and the game got called in the 3rd quarter because of bad weather!  I understand the conditions did not allow for the teams’ to continue on, but why not resume play in the morning? 

This is not a frequent occurrence at least.  The last time LSU played in a game shortened due to weather was back in 1999.  That to was a loss at the hands of Northwestern State, 12-6 in 8 innings.

The Tigers will look to get back to their winning ways starting Friday with a three game series against Yale.  The Bulldogs have not played a game yet so they are opening their season in Alex Box Stadium.

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02/26/2014 9:44AM
Steve: LSU loss in rain-shortened game not quite fair
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02/26/2014 10:49AM
Quit Whining.
It happens in Major League Baseball.
02/26/2014 11:13AM
I agree..
Finish the game!
02/26/2014 11:43AM
Hey get over it!
I guess if LSU was ahead it would have been fair
02/26/2014 11:45AM
it happens in MLB
doesnt mean its right! college or pro they should finish the game
02/26/2014 11:57AM
Sure Dem Tigers won a rain shortened game before..stop crying because they got beat
02/26/2014 12:34PM
Lucky ULL
A lot can happen in the last few innings. Lucky ULL. Sure they outplayed us in the first half but we have been known to come back from behind and win. Oh well.
02/26/2014 1:34PM
Boo hoo! If the shoe was on the other foot, then it would be different. Don't cry because of baseball rules.
02/26/2014 2:36PM
02/26/2014 5:01PM
Actually it was very fair.
had the game continued, UL was about to blow that sucker wide open. Geeze, LSU partisans get over yourselves.
02/26/2014 5:13PM
Both teams knew all day the weather was supposed to get dicey. Since LSU was hosting, I would think they had the opportunity to move the game to an earlier start time to avoid the weather all together.
02/26/2014 5:16PM
Wanted to finish
Ul was willing and wanted to finish the game tonight but lsu officials didn't bc of lsu basketball game. Both coaches knew going in this could happen.
02/26/2014 5:25PM
Sad day
Really? Lsu-br loses in something and the question of fairness is brought up? Is it at all possible that UL might be better than the tigers in something other than softball (which is a constant)?
02/26/2014 6:00PM
Not Fair?
That game was on the verger of being blown wide open with 1st and 3rd and no out with 2 ball and no strike count... Whats not fair is if game goes on Louisiana wins 8-2 or 9-3
02/26/2014 6:14PM
We were about to blow the game wide open when the game was called. Why can't LSU fans quit whining and admit we had the better team last night?
02/26/2014 6:32PM
Had it been the other way around, you would have been all gung ho about the situation. Get a grip!
02/26/2014 6:52PM
Complete the Game in the AM?
Are you insane? You want college kids and 7,000 fans to come back to the Box in the morning to finish a non-conference game? Have you ever heard of work, college classes, life? The Tigers lost. Move on.
02/26/2014 6:55PM
Suck it, LSU...
So tired of LSU being the only school that gets coverage and money. The University of Louisiana is the second biggest university in the state, and I say it's about time that the Cajuns and Tigers form a "fairly" funded rivalry that is in the same breath as other in-state rivalries.
02/26/2014 7:46PM
UL was getting ready to blow that sucker wide open as the Cajuns were in control the entire night. The weather saved the Tigers from a blow-out. I truly wish the game could have finished as I wanted to see the freshman Bazar finish off the Tigers with a100 mph fastball! That will have to wait till Omaha (hopefully, for both teams). GEAUX CAJUNS! GO TIGERS, till we meet again!
02/26/2014 7:47PM
UL is in Kentucky
ULL is in Lafayette, Louisiana. Thanks.
02/26/2014 8:08PM
UL is Lafayette, LA. U of L aka Louisville, is in Kentucky. LSU a&am at BR, is in Baton Rouge, LA. Get over it!
02/26/2014 8:09PM
Why so worried??
Lsu needs to worry about winning and stop worrying about what other schools wanna be referred to. Why so stuck up!?
02/26/2014 8:12PM
UL is in Kentucky?
Get over yourself, fool.
02/26/2014 8:36PM
I love the LSU whiners!!!
If you were so good you would have had the lead by the 5th inning. OVER RATED!
02/26/2014 8:56PM
Dummy Post
on the game continuation--it would have been at night---Dummy!!!
02/26/2014 9:20PM
better team won
Quite obvious Cajuns have the talent.....#10 ranking well deserved
02/26/2014 9:29PM
Geller = Crybaby
It's just not fair!!! Mommy! Daddy! Please
02/26/2014 10:31PM
U of L is in Kentucky
University of Louisville or U of L is in Kentucky-they are not called UL. UL is located in Lafayette, Louisiana. get your facts straight
02/26/2014 11:07PM
the louisiana state fans, you gotta love em?
my suggestions for some rules which might please the mighty, mighty, tigers. let us forget extra innings. just keep playing as long as it takes for the red sticks to win. that way truth, honor and the American way are served. you all get the cream and the other non -flagship universities get the crumbs. still not satisfied? biggest fish in the pond not good enough? if you could figure it out you would see how this works against y'all. i don't speak for the University of Louisiana, however i suspect they would not be whining over the "fairness" of the contest. Sometimes that warm feeling of "ENTITLEMENT" can feel a bit hollow.
02/26/2014 11:36PM
inclement weather seems tobe catching on as a go too excuse for losing.
have you noticed there has been a tendency for some of our clubs to focus as much on the weather as they do the opponent? what if it snows? what if it rains? what if it is cold? as for baseball, a rain shortened game is a non issue, that is in most places. as you probably noticed, this ain't most places. why do i get the feeling if the game had gone against the tigers in nine, either there would have been minimal or no coverage or something else to moan about? Fairness? tigers must win, yeah right!
02/26/2014 11:40PM
Ahhh. It's nice seeing little brothers at USL pounding their chest. It's unfortunate though, that they don't realize they will always be little brother, and are meaningless in the grand scheme of things to LOUISIANA State University.
02/27/2014 12:39AM
B.U. TT. Hurt
Its only fair if it goes the tiguhs way. Sincerely, Steve Geller Cry me a river!
02/27/2014 6:51AM
Little Brother? HAHA!
You mean we all should bow down to the almighty flagship, designated that way by the state legislators so as not to have any competition. Insecure much, big brother? Yeah, LSU is definitely who I want leading the state. HAHAHA!
02/27/2014 9:54AM
suggestion: the folks at red stick seem to like the name U of Louisiana so much, perhaps we could just change names. what do ya think? took too long answer. Louisiana probably would not go for it. either way, time ran out.perhaps you could use some work on clock management? sorry that was too easy. we can still be friends, can't we? just remember rules are for everyone, even the so called flagship.
02/27/2014 10:18AM
pathetic how a once great radio station WWL has now fallen to the depths of being now just a mouthpiece proclaiming the greatness of LSU A&M BR just to satisfy the Wal Mart fans wandering the streets. Comments such as the one above are why WWL has lost so many of their loyal listeners in the past few years
02/27/2014 12:51PM
What a huge baby!
Its not fair!?! Only because the Tygahs got whipped in the Box by The University of Louisiana.
02/27/2014 3:46PM
you Honor,
may the official record show the University of Louisiana defeated the lads from Flagship U. End of story, thank you sir.
02/27/2014 6:49PM
UL is in Kentucky?
Louisville does not go by UL but lets assume they did so what? Answer this mo-ron where is UT, UA,UM, MSU,USC... I can name several schools that have the same initials but to lsu a&m br folks only one UL is possible. Just shows your ignorance.
02/28/2014 2:05PM
There is no univ. named "the Univ. of Louisiana".
In the 1990s, the LA legislature passed a law renaming a board of regents "the Univ. of LA Board of Regents". Any univ. under that board was allowed to change its name to ""University of Louisiana at (its geographic location)". Line 2(a) of Chap. 16 clearer states that. (http://legis.la.gov/lss/lss.asp?doc=103486) USL &NLU made the change to do so. Neither has a legal claim to the term "UL" or "Univ. of LA". Even UL-Lafayette's own website states (http://www.louisiana.edu/about-us/media/proper-use-universitys-name) that the univ. should NOT be referred to as "UL" since that term belongs to another university (meaning Univ. of LOUISVILLE!). From the UL Board of Regents website, (http://www.ulsystem.net/assets/docs/searchable/boards/M- (2)_name_change_policies.pdf), under Section III "University and System Name Guidelines", sub-sections C clearly states, "The use of the two-letter University of Louisiana abbreviation, 'UL,' and/or the phrase 'U of L' are prohibited by the university or any of its affiliated organizations" (meaning the athletic teams as well!). Under sub-section D, it states, "All uses of the name 'University of Louisiana' must be followed by the word 'at' and the institution’s geographic location." So ULL fans, there is the clear evidence that the Ragin' Cajuns are definitely NOT "the Univ. of Louisiana". If you can't understand all the legal documents, ask an LSU grad to read them to you then explain what they mean.
02/28/2014 5:11PM
get out of your Moms basement.
tl;dr, fool! The University of Louisiana thanks you for your interest!
03/01/2014 12:03AM
i must have been dreaming.
i was sure i heard Louisiana defeated Alabama in baseball today by the score of 2 to 0. i think they call that kind of score a shutout. but alas i learn from our good friends at Flagship U. it is not possible. Dang i thought it was too good to be true. thanks for everything.
03/01/2014 5:34PM
what, Another SHUT OUT?
perhaps ufo's have something to do with this. just heard Louisiana defeated Alabama by a score of 6 - 0 . i will just bet everyone, yes even the fans of Flagship U. will join me in a hearty,congratulations to Louisiana. these are our folks, our team, our friends and neighbors defeating Alabama. with a Louisiana victory like that, i would expect dancing in the streets from Shreveport to Grand Isle. Geaux Cajuns.
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