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Steve: Payton's time served 281 days...sentence reduced for good behavior?

All I have to say...it's about time, Commissioner Goodell.  I still haven't seen a shred of evidence to suggest any "Bounty Program" was in place with this team and wonder if we'll ever get to see some.  The one question I have for Payton though...why didn't you fight the suspension like Vilma?  Hmmmm......

But, I am very happy for the franchise because Payton is now free to attend the Senior Bowl, hire assistants and resume the duties of being Head Coach.  One season was destroyed, no sense in letting its hazardous path interfere with another one.     

Now I'm curious to see if the Saints will try and persuade the league to reinstate the forfeited 2nd round pick in this year's draft. 

Welcome to New Orleans Commish, betcha I can tell ya where ya got dem shoes.  

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01/22/2013 12:44PM
Steve: Payton's time served 281 days...sentence reduced for good behavior?
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01/23/2013 1:14PM
Rod Guidry in Sacramento
Did Vilma win his lawsuit, no. Would Sean win his if he did, again no. That's your answer.
01/23/2013 1:17PM
Rod Guidry in Sacramento
We are happy to have our coach, Sean Payton back. We will be even happier to have our # 2 pick back for a better draft.
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