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Steve: Another Saint bites the dust?

I think Malcolm Jenkins just dropped a bomb on Twitter:
It appears from that tweet that Pierre Thomas is the 3rd player released by the Saints in the last 2 days.  The list of players let go by the Black & Gold is really starting to hit a nerve with fans.  Roman Harper, Will Smith, Jabari Greer, Lance Moore, Darren Sproles and now PT!

Even the man the team is trying to re-sign to a big multi-year deal has chimed in.  Jimmy Graham tweets:
  Stay tuned, as the Saints carnage may not be over quite yet. 

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03/08/2014 10:58AM
Steve: Another Saint bites the dust?
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03/08/2014 11:23AM
Pierre will be our most significant loss
I'd rather see Moore, Sproles and Graham go with the addition of 2 first round picks - and keep Pierre than any other scenario. He will laugh in our faces when he joins the Falcons and whips our butts.
03/08/2014 11:30AM
Steve geller
And they want to raise ticket prucrs??!!
03/08/2014 11:32AM
Offence line
Stop getting rid of players you will not any games
03/08/2014 11:32AM
Hard To Keep Faith
It's hard to keep the faith when the better players are being released. We have replacements for Moore and Sproles on the roster, but where is the other Pierre Thomas?
03/08/2014 11:33AM
Hate to see anyone go!
I hate to see any of the current roster of the Saints leave! I do, however, have faith in our GM and Head Coach and know they are making the right choices. Sproles,Moore & Thomas will be a loss for sure but I look forward to new players to spark our offense!!
03/08/2014 11:37AM
Amber Alert
Someone has kidnapped "the GM and Head Coach" of the Who Dat's!
03/08/2014 11:38AM
Making the tough decisions
I hate to see PT go! Was hoping with the release of Sproles that he would be staying. Saints are making the tough decisions that they think need to be made. Really hope this isnt all about signing Graham, because he is really not worth it!
03/08/2014 11:38AM
Who is next
Every day that passes and Graham doesn't sign another one of his friends get the axe.
03/08/2014 11:38AM
03/08/2014 11:38AM
It's rebuilding time
Whether you like it or not Payton and Loomis know we will not win any championships with our current roster! Or we can resign all these guys and keep getting whipped in the playoffs.
03/08/2014 11:48AM
Ok im not understanding. Saints worked so hard togl get where they are and yet they cut our best players. This has go to be the stupidest decision sean has made. We lost big games this past season because of his f?????? poor play calling, now i count at least 6 our best players cut. Now i see why real good players dont want to sign with the team. All of them whoever signs them will whipped our ??????? ??? No thank sean you a?? H???
03/08/2014 11:52AM
This is all about Brees' Contract
If he doesn't renegotiate his contract, he'll shorten his own career. We can't pay the top notch linemen to protect him. Our other weapons are disappearing and we "can't afford" the best tight end in the league? Come on Brees - its a team sport and your last few years will be miserable on a mediocre team. Or hey, you can just keep smiling all the way to the bank, because it won't be to any more Superbowls.
03/08/2014 11:53AM
Graham vs pierre
It's apparent that there is a known way how to make ineffective as both NE and seatle showed - I too would rather have 2 , 1st rounders and PT!
03/08/2014 11:59AM
I cannot understand what is going on. The Saints seem to be destroying the team, player by player. They are cutting the best and the most loved players. Why should fans be loyal to a team that can't be loyal to its strongest base of players? It's hard to care about players we don't even know. I think I'll follow the road to the other teams who get these amazing guys. I'll miss MY Saints, but I don't think they exist anymore.
03/08/2014 12:01PM
OK, Brady reconstructs his contract and NE still does extremely well. i know that we need Brees to even consider a championship run. But, is it worth releasing the entire structure of the Saints offense and leave everything to Brees just to keep a really good TE? Brees made Graham, he can make another TE look just as good. Lets revert back to the 2012 season with the offense switching sides with the defense. We are heading in that direction. I am old enough to have followed the Saints since the beginning of their time, and here we go again. Always a loyal fan but not always agree with the antics.
03/08/2014 12:04PM
This is what happens when you spend 20 mill a yr on a QB
03/08/2014 12:05PM
Retarded Moves
Payton is going to stick with Ingram over Pierre & Sporles big mistake.
03/08/2014 12:07PM
Time to ride kurey robinson
Time to get Defense strong and put load on kurey robinson to compete with Seattle those pretty boys too soft PT gets knocked out when playoffs rolls around
03/08/2014 12:07PM
everything is good
We have Stills to replace Moore, we will draft to replace Sproles,and Ingram for Thomas. We have to get rid of older vets to get young and cheap. When you have a roster as good as ours getting rid of anyone hurts, down to second and third string. It's painful to see them go, but needs to be done to keep Graham and get young in free agency and draft.
03/08/2014 12:12PM
The better players are not being released. We need speed to keep up with the NFL. All of these guys are still good players but past their prime. We need young strong fast athletes. Thanks for the great years guys. Fans Have Faith
03/08/2014 12:13PM
I trust Mickey and Sean will do what's right for the team, I just hope they don't let Brees and Graham contracts cripple the team
03/08/2014 12:15PM
They WERE the structure of the offense. Fact is they were just not getting it done anymore.
03/08/2014 12:20PM
What the heck are the Saints trying to do
Are the Saints trying to totally ruin the team? Don't they have any loyality to the team? Are the Saints even going to be able to field a team that are loyal to each other after this? I am so disappointed in the whole process.
03/08/2014 12:37PM
He just updated..
I misspoke about @Pierre_Thomas earlier. I am not at all sure of what his situation is. Sorry for the panic attack Who Dat Nation! #mybad
03/08/2014 1:09PM
Being a Saints Fan for over 30 years I have to agree with some of these moves we need younger faster stronger players not prone to injury All of these moves I had to be made despite how all of these players are fan favorites and have been for a long longtime move Dem Chains to move on !!!!
03/08/2014 1:11PM
20 million quartebacks are to blame
There's no money left to sign any quality players. It's the NFL landscape. Don't blame the GM's and head coaches.
03/08/2014 1:16PM
When Seattle pays Russell Wilson his 20 million, their team , like the rest, will get blown apart
You will only see high paid quarterbacks and below average talent in the NFL.
03/08/2014 1:30PM
Brees and graham not worth it
Brees did not earn his money this year, take a cue from Brady and restructure your contract now. Throwing for over 5,000 yards isn ' twinning us any super bowls only more accolades for you. Graham is too soft, Seattle knew it, NE knew it. He can bebullied and teams now know he can be stopped at the line. Both of them can't win a Super Bowl alone. We need a stronger defense if we are to reach the big game again not an over price offense
03/08/2014 1:31PM
Pierre and Sprowles are both great players, but they have a lot of mileage on them. I think we'll b fine w/Ingram and Khiry Robinson. K rob is gonna b a REAL special player in the nfl. He reminds me of a Curtis Martin. I don't think any of the recent moves at rb have much to do w Graham, but more so with the confidence that they have in k rob. Only time will tell, but I trust our coach and gm. Also, look at their track record in evaluating young talent in the drafts over the years!! We need to get younger in order to compete. This is just another way of trying to keep our window w Bree's from closing
03/08/2014 1:37PM
I rather see Ingram traded/released
03/08/2014 1:48PM
Jimmy Graham
You are shocked and saddened by these players getting cut. Your fault. No contract, so free up money to pay YOU. GREED by all in the NFL.
03/08/2014 2:16PM
Thanks for the memories
All of these gentlemen were and are quality NEW players, and their contribution will not be forgotten, butthis team needs to add speed at the skill positions and these guys had to be replaced. It's a sad day but you can't get better as an organization by playing a pat hand.
03/08/2014 2:39PM
Is Graham Worth It?
He is very good at what he does as far as getting open and catching the football, but on the other hand he is horrible at blocking. His attitude towards blocking is deplorable. Early in the season everyone got on M. Ingram's case about his lack of production, but at least 80% of the problem was Grahams lack of blocking. The other 20% was the OTs lack of sustaining blocks.
03/08/2014 2:50PM
Is Graham Worth It (cont.)
Ben Watson began to replace Graham on running plays later in the season and T. Armstead replaced Brown at the LT position and the running game blossomed. The lack of heart displayed against Seattle twice and Patriots along with the lack of blocking i sayno especially if we can get 2 first round draft picks. Don't settle in a trade with some GM giving him up for just 1 first.
03/08/2014 3:28PM
Stop Crying!!!!
Payton & Loomis is who structuresd the team that won us the 1st Super Bowl in Saints History!!! If you are a true Saints fan, you will believe in them and not just the team.... Just saying.....
03/08/2014 3:42PM
I think all have lost their minds. I know it's business but also they are the core and good citizens of our city
03/08/2014 3:43PM
dumb f****
Quote from Mora. You think you know but you don't and never will. You can't make decisions with your heart dumb f***s
03/08/2014 3:54PM
Life In The NFL
The Saint can be the Atlanta Falcons of last year,we were one game from the super bowl let's keep what we got and not get better. The Saints need the money to sign the incoming rookie class and also address needs through free agency.I love those guys,but we must address other areas of need to win the NFC south.
03/08/2014 4:04PM
sad but true
I hate we have to make these cuts but agree with them.
03/08/2014 4:10PM
To draft Benjamin ( WR ) from Florida State with the 1st , The (CB) from Utah in the 2nd rd. A RT in the 3rd round, a TE that can block and catch in the 4th. An OLB in the 5th and a big bodied NO in the 6th round to give Jenkins a break.
03/08/2014 4:30PM
Home sick
Who are the Saints trying to sign Michael Jordan.
03/08/2014 5:23PM
Jimmy Graham Shocked??!?!?
It's simple math Jimmy, you want a boat load of money, well the saints need to be under the cap first
03/08/2014 6:30PM
Time waits for no one!
All descending players. But guys thanks for the great memories. I will wear my #23 proudly for years to come. Pierre Thomas welcome to the Saints Hall of Fame!
03/08/2014 6:39PM
He'll Hath Thawed
I want to believe the staff knows what their doing but cutting Sproles and Thomas and keeping Ingram makes zero sense to me. Hope whatever they are doing gets us back to the Super Bowl but I have to say I. Just. Do. Not. Get this.
03/08/2014 9:18PM
Come on people
I ma sure many of you were complaining when the Saints cut Joe Horn. I am certain you would rather have seen the Saints cut this unknown Colston guy they picked up ion the 7th round. The saints are over the league imposed salary cap and they have to get under it. They can either cut the well known but declining players we all love, and will miss until the next rising star takes their place. or they can keep the up and comers, and cut the vets. You should all realize by now, the Sainst are in good hands.
03/08/2014 9:38PM
PT? Does someone need to visit LSU Medical Center for some help?
03/08/2014 9:41PM
Forget the Super Bowl!
Too many people are trying to get paid for us to build a team. Brees is loosing his weapons. Hope the big money was worth it! In any case, thanks for winning us a Super Bowl!
03/08/2014 9:49PM
Go For The Gold
Just Do It! WHO DAT Say there gonna stop KR WHO DAT! WHO DAT!
03/08/2014 10:21PM
Face the facts!
The running game was stagnant this past season! The younger guys were the ones carrying most of the load and in the big games JG was the biggest target of the opposing defenses. We need to add players that can take that pressure off of Drew and Jimmy. Ifit were a true rebuilding time would the Saints have locked Brees up for a long term deal? I think not!!!
03/08/2014 10:59PM
I posted and as always edited, your afraid of being negative,as i stated Turf Toe Ingram should have been the first one to GO.Gram wasn't as good this year as he has been,he droped a lot of passes as well as fumbling every game.
03/09/2014 12:28AM
The Saints need not stop there. They need to cut over paid Drew Brees' $20M salary and get rid of him as well.
03/09/2014 3:15AM
Fans paying more Saints paying less
Who are the fans goin to pay more $$$ to go see at the Dome? ALL of the star players will be gone come kick off in Sept.
03/09/2014 4:41AM
Marshmallow graham
Let this wanna be pre Madonna be traded to Cleveland and then he will get a reality check
03/09/2014 4:11PM
Don't know if it is true.
In my opinion, PT, is still the best all around running back. He blocks, runs and catches well.
03/09/2014 11:21PM
Super Bowl?
Saints won SB mostly bc everyone felt sorry for them Katrina - and we did get some good pixks from the lost season. Prbly not going to happen again. Sorry...
03/10/2014 8:28AM
Build a team to beat seahawks
they are building this new team to match up and beat the seahawks.
03/11/2014 7:27AM
Hopefully they will build a better defense. We have sucked the last 3 seasons. Thats how the Seahawks won, they totally shut down denver. I do hope they get LSU's number one receiver. That would be awsome. as far as Running backs I hate to seeem leave but we were rich in that area. Lance Moore man hate to see him geaux
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