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Steve: Kromer says yelling not needed

What was the missing ingredient in the Saints 40-32 loss Sunday to the Washington Redskins?  Could it have been the absence of fiery suspended Head Coach Sean Payton?

WWL's Bobby Hebert asked interim head coach Aaron Kromer on The Coaches Show if his low key personality is suited to "get on" a player or coach that has made a mistake.
"You know everybody has got to be themselves, and I'm going to be myself on the sideline," Kromer replied. "Just as much can be accomplished by a different personality, of a word, a talk, a disappointed look.  Those kind of things can solve the problem just as much as a guy screaming and yelling, because that's his personality."

Listen to Bobby and Kromer:

Kromer and the Saints look to rebound this week, but it will be no easy task as they are on the road to face the upstart Panthers.  Carolina also lost their opening game of the year to division foe Tampa Bay.
Photo by Chris Bennett

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09/11/2012 7:22AM
Steve: Kromer says yelling not needed
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09/11/2012 8:24AM
Zero emotion
looked like a deer in headlights most of the game... too bad
09/11/2012 9:43AM
Play calling
What happened to pitch-outs to RB's and miss direction plays to stop the pass rush?
09/11/2012 11:16AM
Be Yourself or Be what is needed?
I have a laid back personality & a soft voice in life. But as an Air Traffic Controller once I am on the frequency, it is no joking around, no I'll be patient, no I'll get to it when I can attitude. It is a clearance hear a clearance there & be attentive to the read-backs & what is going on. No thank you & good day on the land-lines (no time for politness mostly). It is strickly business.... until I am on break again.
09/11/2012 12:41PM
Does it work?
Not sure his approach works in a game where men need motivation to overcome disappointment and difficulties. There seems to be a need for some level of emotional leadership from the head coach. I don't think a stoic demeanor will propel this team in tough gameday situations. This kind of transition in leadership style is the big impact of the suspensions.
09/11/2012 2:55PM
oh no...
Fail...epic fail. Oh well, you guys think we can get in the top 10 in the draft next year?
09/11/2012 11:38PM
Same old NO DEFENSE,
How long to do you keep Roman Harper, its hard to motivate millionaires to go out and hit someone. They get paid no matter what. There is no incentive. Kromer is a SNOOZER.
09/12/2012 6:28AM
Looked Completely Lost on the Sideline
Agree with the zero emotion comment. Kromer looked confused and without passion. The Saints played like a team without a coach against the Redskins. If the players do not want this issue to blow up, they had better play much better, and win this Sunday against Carolina.
09/12/2012 3:43PM
No Teamwork!
Chase Daniels had more emotion than Kromer! Chase was sitting beside Drew looking through the plays and "coaching" him to bring the Saints to a win. We need a firey, spitting coach (like Cower) that can fire the guys up and bring them together as a team.
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