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Steve: Hornets have to decide on Gordon

The ball is now back in the Hornets' court (hah!) regarding restricted free agent Eric Gordon.  The shooting guard has signed a 4 year, 58 million dollar offer sheet with the Suns.  Just last week Gordon proclaimed his heart was in Phoenix after they apparently put forth an impressive recruiting effort. 

So will the Hornets match, keeping Gordon in New Orleans? Head coach Monty Willaims has proclaimed, and rightly so, that he only wants players who want to be here. 

During a recent mini-camp workout with some of the team's young players are getting ready for the NBA's Summer League in Las Vegas, Williams stated that he is waiting to hear more from Gordon himself before rushing to a decision.  

 "I think Eric is just in a weird situation right now", Coach Williams said.  "I've told you guys from day one with him, he's always talked about being here.  And then all this stuff has come out of the blue.  It's not a contradiction. I just think when you're going through free agency, and you're talking about that kind of money, certain things are said and felt, but I think when the dust settles we'll hear more of the truth of where he wants to be.  At the same time I'm not going to back off that stance, I want people that want to be here."

The Hornets have until Saturday to make a decision.  They could decide not to match the Suns offer and just let Gordon walk, but all indications are that the Hornets will keep Gordon in New Orleans.


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07/12/2012 10:39AM
Steve: Hornets have to decide on Gordon
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07/12/2012 3:19PM
Let him go!
Paying a guy $58 million when he sat on the bench for most of last season. Benson wouldn't tolerate that.
07/12/2012 5:28PM
See you later Gordon. It was nice to pay you to warm the bench. We don't need anyone whose heart is somewhere else. We need positive players who love the city they are in and want to remain in the greatest city on earth.
07/12/2012 10:23PM
NO will sign Gordon..
Gordon is well worth the 58 mil for NBA market. Not many guards out there that can score like him.. Now whether they try and trade him is another story..
07/13/2012 11:41PM
Can Phoenix come back and offer Eric more if the Honest match their current offer?
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