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Sometimes It's Funny How Life Works Out

I wonder if Bob set the clock today?  Believe it or not, that was my first thought, when MY clock went off at 3:15 Monday morning.  After 34 years of getting up early, I wondered if Bob DelGiorno set his alarm for the usual time so he could turn it off, roll over and get some well deserved rest?

Sometimes it’s funny how life works out.  I was in high school at Archbishop Shaw, planning to major in accounting, when I heard this “Bob Ruby” guy on WWL in the morning.  I thought he was amazing and really wanted to meet him to ask him about a career in radio. After hearing him, it seemed like something I would like to pursue.  As luck or destiny would have it, one afternoon when I was working after school at the Firestone store in Gretna, who should drive in...Bob Ruby in his white Sedan de Ville, needing a headlight.

As I replaced the rectangular low beam, I summoned up the courage to tell him what a fan I was and asked about earning a living in radio.  “Don’t do it kid,” Ruby said.  “They’re too many people trying to get too few jobs.  Stick to accounting.  It’s safer.”  I thanked my radio idol, finished the job and continued to listen. 

Bob Ruby left WWL and somebody else took his place.  Bob DelGiorno.  I liked listening to him, too, and even called his office one day to ask about his “when radio was radio” feature.  While we were speaking I also took the chance to ask him about job opportunities.  “It’s real hard,” Bob said.  “I’d do something else if I were just starting out.” 

So, as my bio on WWL.com says, I did.  I started as an accounting major at UNO.  That didn’t work out so well...I’m more right brained than left...and I bounced around from job to job.  Along the way I won a radio call-in contest to see the Saints play the Falcons in Atlanta.  My host for the trip?  A popular radio personality known as “Scoot!”  He was a great host and very gracious.  While on the trip, I thought I’d asked him about a career in broadcasting.  His response?  Let’s just say, if we were playing Family Feud, it would have matched those of the two Bobs.

But I was persistent, followed my heart, went back to school for a degree in communication, worked hard and here we are.

I hear Bob Ruby is alive and well somewhere in America pursuing the wanderlust that made him uniquely him.  Scoot returns to the home he loves and becomes the permanent host on WWL’s almost nationwide nighttime show.  Bob DelGiorno begins his retirement, after working so very hard to entertain so very many people for so many years.  He’s told me he’s taken up golf (a game I love), so I’ll keep him in my prayers.  And that kid who was changing Bob Ruby’s headlight back in 1975?   He gets the chance of a lifetime hosting the morning show on WWL.  Sometimes it’s funny how life works out.

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01/08/2012 9:58PM
Sometimes It’s Funny How Life Works Out
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01/09/2012 2:36PM
Looking very forward to hearing you Tommy Tucker on the radio- been a fan for several years! We seem to have similar philosphies and I like your analyses of current affairs. So happy for you!
01/09/2012 3:01PM
I am a Bean-Counter!
I majored in Accounting @ Loyola, became a CPA & make a very good living. However, I work so hard I listen to you (formerly Bob) in the morning & Scoot (formerly you) in the evening from my office at work. Good for you for following your heart!
01/09/2012 3:56PM
You'll shoot your eye out
Don't do it, Tommy, you'll shoot your eye out. Did you ever think those guys were telling you not to do it so you wouldn't be trying to take their jobs?
01/09/2012 9:47PM
Congratulations To Tommy Tucker
The morning show on WWL is the creme de la creme of radio gigs in New Orleans, and I'm thrilled for Tommy Tucker that he nailed it. May he stay there as long as he want to. On the other hand, he's still a reprehensible pipsqueak. Tastefully yours, Tom Fitzmorris
01/09/2012 11:45PM
Bob Mitchell?
What happened to Bob Mitchell?
01/10/2012 2:16PM
Congratulations to WWL and Tommy Tucker
Congratulations to Tommy and to WWL for giving him the morning show. I always looked forward to Tommy filling in for someone, and now I can tune in on my way to work in the morning and laugh at his humor.
01/10/2012 4:47PM
Congratulations on filling a life long dream!
Thanks for sharing that story! Proves that one should never give up their dream!!
01/10/2012 4:48PM
Love WWL
I live just outside of Baton Rouge. The only radio station I listen to is WWL on my iPhone, thanks to all of the quality talk show hosts. Congrats Tommy & Scoot!
01/11/2012 9:15AM
Elizabeth Sabathe
Congratulations Tommy, I listen every morning Bob drove me crazzy but I listened any way. I was so happy to hear your voice Monday morning, pleasant and funny. Go Saints!!!!!!
01/11/2012 9:20AM
Bob and Tommy
Great job Tommy and I wonder what your Mt Carmel connection is, I have a niece there who is a junior, great school. I listen each morning but must have missed Bob's last show. Was this a sudden retirement? Will he come around for shows at times like Frank Davis said he will do on tv? Good luck to you and I do enjoy your show and grew up with Scoot in the 70s!
01/11/2012 10:11AM
Great Show Tommy
My favorite talk show host was Bob DelGiorno. You are the rigt replacmentfor him. I love your show as well as Spud, Deke, Hokie, Bobby, Christian, Don D. and Scoot. You will notice one person I left out, it was intentional! When his show comes in I switch stations until his show is over. Best of luck Tommy!
01/12/2012 9:22PM
Congratulations, Tommy!
Listened to you as you subbed for almost everybody at one time or another at wwl and loved hearing you do it. Living and working now in Alexandria (La), I won't be able to hear you, but I am so happy for you! Good luck! You will do wonderfully and you deserve this job!
01/20/2012 6:59AM
Way to go Tommy.
All your fill in work has paid off for you. Great work. I am also happy for Bob. I have listened to WWL since I was 13 yrs.old.I am am now old. I'll be listening... Griff
01/25/2012 10:09AM
Sorry, you and Scoot are not upgrades
This retirement was handled very strangely and unlike WWL. When Bob hit his 50 years in broadcasting, they carried on for a week and when he retired, not one word was made of it. I'm not quite sure what direction WWL is taking. Was it money? After Bob hit his 50 years, he took more time off than Johnny Carson, it but was like a Russian Coup. One day there are there and one day they are not. Bob was way too right wing for me and it got on my nerves a lot, but his other talents made up for it. You are a little more to the middle, but are lacking in talents that Bob had. I can't imagine you doing the Drew Brees press conferences on Monday mornings. Scoot is also not up to Bobert Mitchell's par either, which makes me think it's money, but maybe he's burned out too. You brought up Bob Ruby, who was brilliant, and there hasn't been anything of the likes of him here since. He was a comedian as well as a good broadcaster. He was also here during a time when there were many disasters and tragedies. The Rault Center fire, the Jimini Bar fire, the Sniper incident, the grain silo explosion, the Luling ferry disaster, etc. He was perfect during a crisis. Bob DelGiorno had a rough time here at first. He was such a chauvinist, he alienated all the women. He left, went back to Chicago and came back more current and less insulting and stayed. I will miss Bob, except for his right wing tirades, and don't wish you ill, but it seems WWL is getting more and more safe and milk toast. I hate the Dave Ramsey show, wish there was something a little kooky like Art Bell at night. If I could get rid of anyone it would be Spud, a terrible broadcaster. If I hear the words Frankly, and the fact of the matter one more time, I will scream.
02/14/2012 11:28AM
Congrats Tommy!!
Glad to hear you landed the Early morning Show!! I spend about 40 minutes driving in from Slidell to the WB every morning, you keep the drive far from boring! (As if trying to keep from being run over by a gravel hauling 18 wheeler wasn't exciting enough? :-) Enjoy your show! Semper Fi!
02/24/2012 12:05PM
Radio careers
Bob Ruby and I exchange email msgs every day and talk phonely once in a while. He is retired in Minnesota (who needs Florida) and follows many N.O. events. Life goes on and we all move on. Wisely, we do it quietly and don't hang around like one of Marley's ghosts. brc
02/27/2012 6:40AM
What day is it?
Here's a hint for WWL longevity: start each show with some snappy repartee like Dave and David with their fascinating dialogue about what day of the week it is.That will be hard to beat.
03/30/2012 10:27AM
Well Done Tommy!
Glad you landed the Morning show Gig! Listen every morning from Slidell to the Westbank...Congrats!
06/19/2012 2:32PM
I remember Bob Ruby, one of my favorites of all time. Scoot was great then and now. They're one of the reasons I still listen to WWL radio. Today you,Garland and Sports are keeping me tuned in to 870.
10/02/2014 8:04AM
Is Scoot the same as Scotty, Bob Ruby's production assistant? I remember him to be Scott Paison (spelling). I see him as Scott Redmond on facebook. What's up with that?
02/04/2015 10:08AM
In today's N O advocate there is an article about Bob Ruby when he was at WWL. It brought back good memories. When I googled Ruby, an article came up about when you approached Ruby and at a later date Scoot about getting into radio. I'm glad you did not listen to their remarks. You are very sharp witty and don't take any foolishness.
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