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Posted: Monday, 17 February 2014 6:18AM

Site: New Orleans is a lot more than just a party town

New Orleans' good-time reputation may be keeping potential workers away. That's according to feedback from local businesses.

Now, a regional economic development organization is trying to broaden the city's image.

GNO Inc. says New Orleans 'party town' perception doesn't necessarily make it attractive to business or potential members of the workforce.

They've launched a new website to set the record straight. President and CEO Michael Hecht says they want to present a more balanced picture.

"What we want them to know is that there's not just sizzle here, there's also steak. And, not only is there steak, but there's a whole variety of menu items."

"New Orleans is one of the most beloved brands around the world," says Hecht. "But people think of it as just being four blocks of Bourbon Street and there's a whole lot more to living here."

Hecht says those considering coming to the region can click on DestinationGNO.com and get a more balanced presentation of what the metro area offers

He says the website doesn't downplay the good times. "At DestinationGNO we talk about nightlife, arts and culture. But we also talk about our schools, what's happening in public, private and parochial education. We talk about our beauty, affordability and safety." 

"You can find any information you want about any aspect of living all over the region...the climate, the cost of living, crime, emergency preparedness, and outdoor activities." 

The website can also create a personal profile, based on lifestyle preference and other factors, to determine the most favorable areas, from 43 across the entire region, where one might want to live.

"What we have is kind of a conundrum," Hecht says. "People love New Orleans, but they think about it as a place to visit, not necessarily to live and invest their business or family. We're just trying to broaden the image of Greater New Orleans. And, I think that once we do, we're going to be more attractive to people thinking about living here."


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