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Tommy's Bio

Tommy Tucker's bio

Who the heck is Tommy Tucker, anyway?

How do you describe a cloud formation? Or that perfect bite of soufflé ?  I don’t know…but I DO know this.  I’m a Leo and the ladies dig me.  So do puppies and postal workers.  Wait…what?

Now that I have your attention let’s get on with this biography assignment.  I’m a native Algerine…a Wanker.  For ya’ll that don’t know what that means I grew up on the Westbank - on Lauradale Drive in Algiers.  It’s near Behrman Stadium and O. Perry Walker High School.  I didn’t go there, however.  I attended Archbishop Shaw, also on the Westbank, but decided to go away for college…across the river to UNO.  Other than moving to Las Vegas, which is WAAAAAAY across the river, I’ve never lived anywhere but the Westbank.  Las Vegas was great but it wasn’t home.  Wanna hear a true story?  It was while watching the movie “Blaze” in a Vegas theatre…and seeing those beautiful shots of Louisiana…and realizing HOW MUCH I missed this amazing area that I decided to come home after 9 months.  I’ve never regretted it. 

I got my B.A. some 13 years after graduating from Shaw.  I’m not THAT dumb, I just picked up a minor in life along the way.  Some of the “classes” I took included construction at the rebuild of the Continental Grain elevator, purchasing materials for the Mississippi River Bridge Authority, service management for Firestone and an insurance sales career that lasted for about 48 hours. The problem was that “siren song” of radio.  It was always beckoning and I had to answer its call.

Morning shows and music radio had been my forte’ until that day in August 2005 when a hurricane named Katrina would change all of our lives forever.  It sent me to WWL where I had the fortune to work closely with Garland Robinette, watch the master and work and absorb as much as I could.  I had always been a fan of WWL, first falling in love with morning radio listening to Bob Ruby and Maury Magill while driving to UNO in the mid 70’s and attempting to delude myself into an accounting major.  That love affair with the Big 870 continued throughout the years with the many great stars that have graced the airwaves…names like Eric Tracy, Rob Aubert and, of course, David Tyree.  I cannot begin to express how humbling it can be to walk into the studio and know that I now get to share that same microphone.  

I’m glad that I took the “road less traveled” and spent that time bouncing around from job to job...ah…that is… I mean …gaining valuable life experience.  That experience has been as helpful as my degree when it comes to my job here at WWL.  Having knowledge of the practical along with the theoretical often helps me separate fact from fiction and perception from reality.  That, simply put, is my goal when I tackle and try to make sense of so many of the complicated issues that we all face today.

I’ve owned a home in Belle Chasse since 1993 and I live there with my wife, daughter, two dachshunds and a Scottish terrier that is absolutely out of his mind.  It can be a circus but that’s good…because circuses are fun, extremely entertaining and never boring.     

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Tommy's Blog
Tommy: A Free-For-Ball in the Superdome
During Sunday afternoon's Saints loss to the Bengals, an incident heard 'round the world occurred. After a Cincinnati player scored a touchdown, he ran to the stands to give the football to a woman in a Bengals jersey. However, a Saints fan –...
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Tommy: Talkin' shop with Saints great Morten Andersen
So the two greatest kickers in Saints history got together today… Morten Andersen and myself of course! I mean, I talk about the Saints; so that counts, right? And I was a kicker at Shaw, which is basically the 33rd NFL team. Right? I think...
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Tommy: Raising respectful kids is about setting good examples
Parenting's one of the toughest jobs out there. Kelly Ripa says she doesn't care that her daughter said "I hate you" after being punished because she's a parent, not a friend. How do you stay friendly enough to keep the lines of communication open but...
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Tommy: How'z about an edible football for Christmas?
Now that Halloween is over, we can move straight to Christmas, because as the Madison Avenue executives like to say, "Screw Thanksgiving." Do you love football? Do you love food? Well, boy, do I have the product for you! ...
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Tommy: Do political yard signs really work?
The signs of Election Day are here… literally!  Lawns all over the area are filled with signs for this person or that issue… but do they do any good?  I don’t think a sign in a yard will do any good, but I wanted to get an...
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Tommy: Are you a hero?
  brightcove.createExperiences(); Would you run into a burning building to save someone you didn’t know?  That’s what a California man did.  It takes a lot of guts to put your own safety aside to try and help others....
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Tommy: Is Ebola a crisis or not?
The Ebola virus is on a lot of people’s minds right now.  It’s a scary, scary disease that’s been ravaging West Africa; and now we have a couple cases in the United States. So we talked to a couple different experts on this....
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Tommy: Do we have ourselves to blame for bad customer service?
Do we only have ourselves to blame for poor customer service?   Jet Blue kicked a 47 year old mother of three off of a flight after she posted some negative tweets about the airline.  And some of the airlines that get the worst customer...
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VIDEO: Tommy visits with J Peterman of 'Seinfeld' fame
Today I caught a quick minute with actor John O'Hurley, who you probably remember as playing the catalouge-company entrepreneur J. Peterman on "Seinfeld." I'm a huge fan of his, and so is my daughter. Check it out!   ...
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Tommy: Win or lose, I'm impressed by Sean Payton's preparation
I had the great opportunity to speak with Saints Head Coach Sean Payton Tuesday morning. While preparing for the interview, I couldn’t help but remember a previous time I had interviewed, way back in January of 2006, right after he had been...
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What up with DAT?

Seattle news station uses photo of NBA star for Peyton Manning

"Seattle TV station KOMO 4 praised Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning for his accomplishments with a photo of NBA star Gary Payton."

Police: Woman said Jesus would pay her bill

"An Oklahoma woman allegedly told restaurant workers her husband, Jesus Christ, would soon arrive to pay her tab."

Alaska TV Reporter Quits on Air to Promote Pot

"A television reporter quit her job on live TV with a big four-letter flourish after revealing she owns a medical marijuana business."

Marshawn Lynch's dreadlock gets ripped out, he casually picks it up

"During the third quarter of the Broncos game against the Seahawks on Sunday, Ward gave Marshawn Lynch a free haircut when he pulled out one of Lynch's dreadlocks."

Arkansas State attempted the worst fake punt we've ever seen

This is the worst fake punt in the history of fake punts.

Makeout session in LSU stands goes so, so wrong

"You can see it coming from a mile away, but we still can't stop watching these LSU fans topple onto unsuspecting fans who are not participants in their makeout session."

Driver Caught With Fake Massachusetts License Plate

"In a poor attempt to replicate a real Massachusetts license plate, the letters and numbers were crudely drawn with a red marker."

Mexican Star Trek-themed wedding deemed 'best ever'

"What happens when you mesh a Mexican wedding with Star Trek? An event dubbed 'the best thing ever.'"

Man declared dead wakes up in body bag

"A man declared dead by doctors in Brazil was discovered alive by his brother as he wiggled around in his morgue body bag."

Changing of the Guard

"Ronal Serpas spent a few minutes at his retirement announcement to talk about the accomplishments under his leadership."
Tommy Cares

Warning Signs of Suicide

Know the warning signs. If observed, seek help as soon as possible by contacting a mental health professional or calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255) for a referral.

Rock'n for Richie

"This is a benefit featuring 8 of the top cover bands in NOLA to help Rich Siegel - the husband of Wendy Siegel, the lead singer with Crescent City Soul. Rich has suffered with Parkinsons for over 15 years now."

NOLA Ready

Hurricane season is here. Get informed. Get prepared. Get ready.

Team Gleason

Team Gleason helps provide individuals with neuromuscular diseases or injuries with leading edge technology, equipment and services, creates a global conversation about ALS to ultimately find solutions and an end to the disease, and raises public awareness toward ALS by providing and documenting extraordinary life adventures for individuals with muscular diseases or injuries.

CASA New Orleans

CASA New Orleans provides trained Court Appointed Special volunteers to advocate for a permanent home for each child who appears before the Orleans Parish Juvenile Court in abuse and neglect proceedings.
Tommy's Homework

CB Keenan Lewis played even though his knee looked like this

"During the first half of Sunday's game against San Francisco, Saints cornerback Keenan Lewis suffered a knee injury and had to be carted off the field."

PAR Guide to Constitutional Amendments

There are 14 different amendments on the ballot for Tuesday's elections.  Confused about them? Check out PAR's non-partisan guide.

A look at quarantine Maine nurse was in

The nurse is no longer in quarantine, but this is the set-up she initially had in New Jersey

FCC considering move to ban NFL Redskins team name

"The Federal Communications Commission is considering whether to punish broadcasters for using the moniker of the Washington NFL team, the Redskins"

Obama: Men of color feel 'targeted' by justice system

"The criminal justice system doesn't treat people of all races equally," President Obama said.
Tommy Tube

Blackish: Mistaken for a gardener

Dueling tap dancing priests

Billy Crystal's tribute to Robin Williams at the Emmy's

Shark Cat on a Roomba



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