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Deke on the DL- Big Chief Speaks
Deke's SEC football rankings, week five
Alabama has one more easier one before a very tough stretch, the Vols have passed the first of four big tests, Texas A&M says don’t mess with Texas - A&M that is!  Ole Miss is still relevant and LSU has one of their own in charge of...
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Deke: Saints football already bad, and about to get worse
The Saints are one of four NFL teams that have not won a game along with Cleveland, Jacksonville and Chicago.  The Saints have given up a total of 96 points this season - that's second worst in the NFL, behind Tampa who have given up...
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Deke's CFB Top Ten, Week Five
Tennessee is back, well for this week anyway!  The Big Ten is flexing with three teams in the top ten.  Is Louisville the best team in America right now?  Will Clemson rejoin the title talks?  Will the winner of this week’s...
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Deke's SEC football rankings, week four
Alabama is still the king, Florida is off to a hot start, the Aggies are getting better and Tennessee will look to end 11 straight years of misery given to them by those Gators from Gainesville.  Here goes this week’s SEC...
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Deke's NFL Top Ten, week three
The Steelers are rolling but their rivals are not far behind.  New England is still beating people even with their third QB, and Denver and Minnesota prove each week that defense is still the king in the NFL.  Here is this week's top 10....
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Korte: Saints O-Line graded out pretty well against average Atlanta
I was concerned coming into this week for a couple of reasons - first, no Terron Armstead at left tackle is cause enough for concern, secondly, the musical chairs along the front, however necessary, means we haven't found a secure spot for anyone yet...
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Korte: Hokie and I shared secrets, fears, dreams
When I was drafted by the Saints in Spring 1983, I reported to camp in May.  Within a couple of days I was not only welcomed to the family, I was absorbed  and interwoven into the fabric of the players, namely two who were going to make me...
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Korte: Saints knocked down Bucs even with average play from O-Line
What can I say? Team-wise, the Saints have been looking pedestrian in the past several weeks, with only a sprinkling of the former dominant Saints offense of the past. Then they turn in the best performance of the year? That's what it may look...
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Korte: Strief held his own when Saints got whipped by Texans
When the Houston Texans played the Saints, all we heard about or listened to was how wonderful JJ Watt is and how he makes every play for the Texans defense... WRONG! Let me be the first of the media types to say that Zach Strief did one hell of a job...
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Korte: Saints played with total apathy Sunday; that must change
I was trying to find a suitable definition for the emptiness I was feeling after the beatdown the Redskins handed out to the Saints. 'Apathy" (noun) is an 'absence or suppression of passion, emotion or excitement," or "lack of...
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Producer’s Corner- Steven Geller
Steve: Will the Saints survive a shoot-out in San Diego?
Sunday, October 2nd, 3:25pm on 870AM / 105.3FM Qualcomm Stadium – San Diego, California Saints +4      Under / Over: 53.5  Alright, for real, this week is gut-check time for the Saints. The first quarter of the season will...
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Steve: Will fried Falcon be on Saints' Monday night menu?
Sunday, September 26th, 7:30pm on 870AM / 105.3FM Mercedes-Benz Superdome – New Orleans, LA Saints -3      Under / Over: 54 In case you’ve forgotten, the last time the Saints won ANY type of football game was the final...
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Steve: Fee fi fo fum - can Saints stop Giants pass and run?
Sunday, September September 18th, 12pm on 870AM / 105.3FM Met Life Stadium – Secaucus, NJ Saints +4.5      Under / Over: 53 The 0-1 Saints week two match-up pits them against a 1-0 New York Giants team that New Orleans has had...
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Steve: After Spiller release, Saints lead NFL in dead money
Throw some more stacks of money into the Saints dead cap furnace. After releasing running back CJ Spiller, the franchise has added $4.5 million dollars of dead cap space this year, and also $2.5 million in 2017.  After releasing C.J. Spiller, the...
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Drew Brees up for weekly honors despite loss
Losing stinks, but you still have to acknowledge a top-notch performance. Drew Brees is up for the FedEx Air weekly award after lighting up the Raiders for 434 yards and 4 touchdowns.  The offensive line looked like Dr. Jekyll after performing...
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