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Posted: Thursday, 31 October 2013 6:12AM

Should Halloween be scary, fun or sexy?

Halloween is getting more controversial, thanks to the proliferation of sexy costumes in recent years and it's been the topic of blog posts and on social media the past month.

It is October 31st, and here in New Orleans, a city known for outrageous costumes, you're bound to see all kinds of different costumes before the day is over! 

But in the CBD, as I'm asking locals to weigh in on the topic, most seem to shy away from the overly risque interpretation of the holiday.

Should Halloween be scary, fun or sexy?  "I think it needs to be a little bit of all of it, depending on where you're going and who you're hanging out with," a woman downtown says, while another warns, "If you're in an adult setting, like the Quarter, you need to be prepared to see what you're going to see!"

The fathers I polled have a different take, as one put it "I have young kids, I think it should be more scary and fun."  Another father says, "It depends.  If it's for my daughter it should be scary and fun.  If it's for my wife, I have no problem with sexy at all."
Most say the overly revealing outfits ought to be saved for adult-only venues, and most stress it should be a fun holiday for kids.

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