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Posted: Thursday, 13 March 2014 11:57AM

Sharper ordered held without bond

A Los Angeles judge has ordered former NFL player Darren Sharper held without bond. The decision is based on the sex assault and drug charges filed in Arizona.

Sharper played for the Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Viking, and the New Orleans Saints, where he won a Super Bowl before retiring from the game.  He became an analyst for NFL Network and likely would have been a Hall of Fame candidate once he reached eligibility, but earlier this year, disturbing accusations of rape derailed his post-football career. Now he's been fired from the TV network and is fighting sex crimes allegations in multiple jurisdictions.

Los Angeles authorities indicted Sharper last month.  He is accused of drugging women unconscious and then raping them. New Orleans authorities last week issued an arrest warrant for Sharper, on similar allegations.

Last week a California judge gave authorities here in New Orleans ten days to file charges against Sharper, if New Orleans Police and the district attorney's office are to book him on charges of aggravated rap.

"She wanted him indicted in New Orleans before she would extradite him to Louisiana," said legal analyst and criminal defense attorney Tim Meche.

Charges haven't been filed here, but Wednesday, a Maricopa County, Arizona grand jury indicted Sharper on charges of sexual assault and administering dangerous drugs. Similar cases are being investigated in Florida and Nevada.

"He'll probably be brought to Arizona next, and that will give the New Orleans district attorney more time to decide when and where he wants an indictment," Meche explained.

Meche says the more the indictments pile up, the harder it will be for Sharper to win acquittal in any venue.

"Generally in cases where the crimes are similar, it is permissible to introduce evidence of those other events into each trial," he said.  "The more incidents you have, the more difficult it is to get an acquittal."

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