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Posted: Monday, 12 May 2014 7:12AM

Sharing chores is good for relationships and sex life

A recent study done at the University of Illinois asked married couples to share their beliefs on how household chores should be divided. 

The researchers looked at dividing up daily tasks like washing dishes, vacuuming, balancing the checkbook, and even mowing the lawn.

Women who are in relationships with an equal division of labor reported being happier if their husbands also have the same values when it comes to handling the chores equally. 

What do men feel about sharing the chores?

"I've certainly seen cases where you have the wife and the husband make a list of the chores that need to be done as part of the normal day, and the man's list will be one sheet long... the women's list will be 10 sheets long," said Michelle Many, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the LSU Health Sciences Center.

Many says the women tend to prefer the chores be divided evenly, but men tend to think they are divided evenly when they are not.
Many also said sharing the chores makes for a better relationship, even in the bedroom.

"You know when people are happy they tend to be more relaxed, and when they're relaxed, the sex is better and more frequent usually," said Many.  

Many says its important that couples discuss divvying up the household chores early in their relationship. 

"They should discuss what their expectations are in terms of how responsibilities are shared," according to Many. 

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