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Scoot: Irrational rage & violence not exclusive to younger generation

Two golfers got into an argument over the rules at a golf course in Pennsylvania, and one golfer allegedly hit the other in the head with a 3-wood! Punches were exchanged and both men face charges.
Police in Uniontown, PA filed charges against Roger Harris, 63, and Bryan Bandes, 42, who were golfing with a group at the Springdale Golf Course when an argument started over rules about “casual water” – or puddles – following a brief rain shower.
The argument began on the 5th hole and the two men began arguing again on the 7th hole. A police complaint reports that Harris hit Bandes with a 3-wood and both men began trading punches!
When the fight ended, Harris had a swollen jaw and lip and a scratched eye. Bandes was taken to a nearby hospital and was treated for a mild concussion and an injury to his forearm – which he used in an attempt to block the swinging golf club.
Harris was charged with aggravated assault and simple assault because he used a weapon – his golf club – and Bandes was charged with simple assault.
Grown men getting into a physical fight over the rules at a golf club! And we criticize a young generation for losing their temper! 
There is a problem with any man who would use his 3-wood as an assault weapon against another golfer over an argument about course rules.  And let’s not blame the golf club – it’s what people do with golf clubs that pose a threat to our safety!
It is difficult for adults to criticize a young generation for acting on an impulse of rage when adults are doing the same thing.
Apparently, another argument erupted after the fight when Bandes demanded that Harris count the swing of his 3-wood as a stroke.  Police did say that lesser charges would have been filed if Harris had just used his putter instead.

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08/07/2014 6:13PM
Scoot: Irrational rage & violence not exclusive to younger generation
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