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Scoot Blog: Why it's wrong to judge gays by Gay Pride Weekend

Gay Pride Weekend attracts couples, groups and individuals that shed their inhibitions and party in the French Quarter – but that actually describes any weekend in the French Quarter!

However, the visuals from Gay Pride Weekend that we see on the news inspire condemnation of flaunting homosexual behavior and flamboyant debauchery and general judgment of the LGBT community.  But judging the entire LGBT community by the behavior that is captured by those selecting newsworthy video is unfair and a symptom of the problem that exists between mass media and its audience.

The nature of news is to focus extremes or anything out-of-the-ordinary. Even though this is an unsettling reality, the news is designed to attract the attention of the largest possible audience for ratings and for generating revenue.  It is the audience's appetite for extremes that is actually to blame for the extremes TV news cameras focus on.

The issue of same-sex marriage is one of the most frequent topics in the news today and when talking about it on the air – it is without fail I hear from listeners who say, "I don't care about whether someone is gay – but why do they have to throw it in our face all the time?"

Displaying IMG951426.jpgDuring Gay Pride Weekend, the French Quarter is populated by a concentration of gays and lesbians, but the countless gays and lesbians enjoying a moment of open acceptance and partying and are not attempting to force any LGBT agenda on America are not attracting attention.

The LGBT community is often defined by the images of the extreme, flamboyant members of the community that attract the attention of the news cameras, but an entire community should not be defined by the most extreme members of that community.

If you were producing the TV news that was covering the events of the weekend and Gay Pride Weekend was an event you were including in the news – would you focus the cameras on the gay or lesbian couples that are indistinguishable from the straight community and mainstream America – or would you focus on those who dress and act outrageously?

Since many Americans do not associate with gays and lesbians on a regular basis, they are quick to judge the entire group by those they see on the news. It is no more fair to judge the homosexual community by some of those who are featured in news reports than it is fair to judge all Christians by the media attention the Westboro Baptist Church consistently attracts.

In the name of promoting God's word, the Westboro Baptist Church continues to generate mass media attention because of its policy of condemning homosexuality.  These alleged Christians have built an image on protesting funerals – including the funerals of fallen soldiers out of condemnation of the military's acceptance of homosexual soldiers. 

Christians, Muslims, homosexuals, blacks, Hispanics or any group should never be defined by the extreme members of the groups that naturally attract the attention of TV news cameras.

Throughout the French Quarter this past weekend, there were gays and lesbians who are lawyers, doctors, nurses, CPAs, teachers, executives and individuals representing every member of the professional community, as well as blue collar workers.  But these are not the gays and lesbians you see on the news – any more than the mainstream Christians will attract more media attention than the Christians with extreme beliefs.

I do not want to be judged by many of the radio talk show hosts that get attention from their extremist views and behavior - and I doubt that you want to be judged by the extreme members of a group that others may place you in.

And for those who instinctively blame the news media for focusing on extremes, it is the audience that determines what is featured on the news.  We don't necessarily get the news we need – we get the news that is most likely to attract our attention.


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06/23/2014 6:12AM
Scoot Blog: Why it's wrong to judge gays by Gay Pride Weekend
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06/23/2014 9:37PM
Always with the gays
Scoot your obsession with and admiration for people who enjoy others with the same genetalia is quite bizarre. You hold this behavior up as something noble and virtuous and in a way superior to heterosexuals. I believe your mind is a bit off. This obsession really is odd. Find other things to talk about besides gays and the wretched tea party "extremists"
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