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Scoot: Starbucks wants you to leave your gun at home

Starbucks is asking its customers to no longer bring guns into its locations. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s request to customers is the result of the growing popularity of “Starbucks Appreciation Days,” when gun rights advocates show up at Starbucks cafes with their firearms. Many Starbucks’ customers have not been comfortable with the pro-gun rights demonstrations at the cafes. Last month, Starbucks closed a store in Newtown, CT for a day after learning that gun rights advocates planned a “Starbucks Appreciation Day” at that location.

Schultz was quick to point out that Starbucks will not ask anyone with a permit and a gun to leave, and will not refuse service, but he is hoping that customers will honor his request. Schultz further explained that Starbucks is not pro-gun or anti-gun.

Should businesses have the right to ban guns, even if customers have a concealed carry permit? What about patrons with legal permits carrying guns into businesses that serve alcohol? Off-duty law enforcement officers in Louisiana are not allowed to bring their guns into a bar or restaurant that serves alcohol, unless they are conducting official business.

Should gun owners have the right to carry their firearms into bars or restaurants that serve alcohol because they need their weapons for protection? Or, is it more a case of wanting to do it just because they can? Most people go to bars and restaurants for the purpose of having a good time. Why would anyone choose to go to a bar or any business where they felt the need to carry a gun for protection?

If gun owners have exercised their right to carry a firearm legally, why would they feel the need to demonstrate this right in public places, like a Starbucks café?  Is this an example of gun-rights advocates “shoving their right to carry a gun in others' faces?”  And if so – how is that different from those who criticize gays for demonstrating their right to be together in public?

I would hope that gun owners are secure and confident in their 2nd Amendment rights and would not feel the need to push their right to carry a firearm on the general public.  But, unfortunately, as with every group, there are individuals who are overzealous in promoting an agenda.

Recently, there was controversy about a bakery in Colorado that refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.  The owner of the bakery said that boycotts forced him to go out of business.  The debate over whether or not the bakery should have served customers who don't share their same political or religious beliefs was fierce.  If you would argue that a business does not have the right to ban law-abiding customers who are legally carrying guns from their establishment, then would it be fair to argue that a business has the right to refuse service to law-abiding customers with a different view on same-sex marriage?

With the understanding that the 2nd Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms, in theory, if a business does not have the right to ban customers with firearms, then would it not be hypocritical for a business to ban customers based on countless other activities or ideologies?

The challenge in America is to avoid the trap of hypocrisy and maintain consistency with actions and ideologies.  Many Americans support the right of states to pass laws that supersede federal laws, but those same Americans do not agree with states trumping federal laws when it comes to the legalization of marijuana or same-sex marriage laws.

There are endless examples of hypocrisy.  Many Americans will condemn a president from one party while accepting the same policies of a president from their party.  And this is what contributes greatly to the hate in today’s political debates and the depth of partisanship in Washington.

Try to be fair – if you support a business’s right to ban gay people, then you must also support a businesses' right to ban otherwise law-abiding gun owners from carrying their weapon onto the premises!

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05/23/2014 7:53PM
Scoot: Starbucks wants you to leave your gun at home
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05/23/2014 8:33PM
I think every business has a right to refuse service anyone they choose. if you need a gun to safely go from your car to a business place, maybe you shouldn't be in that neighborhood!
05/23/2014 8:35PM
Remember places of business signs that used to be posted, "no shirt, no shoes, no service" ? Same should apply to weapons.
05/23/2014 9:01PM
Who cares
This is a liberal coffee shop from Seattle
05/23/2014 9:09PM
Semper Fidelis
Congrats to all my fellow Marines currently serving and those in all branches for your service to our nation and the great sacrifices you make daily for freedom the security of this nation. It is sad that we have a commander-in-chief that is more concerned with playing politics and celebrating himself than concerned that those who have abused wounded vets at the VA are held accountable. Semper Fidelis
05/23/2014 9:18PM
Typical Scoot
While most weapon owners are not out flashing in restaurant or anywhere else, once again Scoot looks for another opportunity to trash Republicans and conservatives. One with think with all the failures and scandals of the Obama Administration Scoot mighteditorialize on one of them, but he is a loyal Democrat and voted for Obama twice.
05/23/2014 9:21PM
Johnny Cash Was Right
"don't take your guns to town, son."
05/23/2014 9:21PM
So, "typical Scoot" - are you seriously saying only Republicans own guns?
05/23/2014 9:35PM
President Obama, the most powerful man in the free world, always seems to be the last to know about
You pick: Benghazi, IRS, ObamaCare, the VA...President Obama’s ineffectual leadership and mismanagement of the administration’s scandals paints the same picture: a surprised, reactionary White House that didn’t know, quick with rhetorical outrage and meek in response and accountability. The current scandal has understandably provoked an outcry for swift and decisive action by the president over the mistreatment of veterans at VA hospitals. Don’t hold your breath. The studious go-slow Obama approach is once again onscreen.
05/23/2014 9:47PM
And the above has what to do with the rights of store owners to request people not to turn their businesses into gun clubs against their wishes?
05/23/2014 9:50PM
Racist Dems
One can conclude from how Obama is treated that the Democrats in general and the liberal press think that African Americans are not capable of achieving the same level of competence and excellence as whites. No wonder they are always shouting racism—they acknowledge the three fingers pointing back at them.
05/23/2014 9:55PM
Starbucks should stick to coffee and leave guns alone.
Starbucks is trying to have it both ways by announcing a ban that will not be enforced. Coffee shops have long been known in the US as a sanctuary of the left – after all, Starbucks originated in lefty Seattle – and Starbucks is feeling the backlash. Of course, the vast majority of Starbucks' customers could care less about guns in stores; the protest is being led by a few noisy activists. Overreacting after an emotionally charged event never works. Two Colorado legislators who overreacted to the Colorado movie theater shooting spree by getting four gun control bills passed last spring were recalled by voters last week. In the state's first-ever recall election, Democratic State Senate President John Morse and Democratic State Senator Angela Giron lost their seats, despite the gun-control lobby kicking in more money than the pro-gun lobby. The noisy small activist group that prompted this decision is Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, which formed after the Newtown school shooting. The group has been organizing "Skip Starbucks Saturdays" to boycott the stores. Instead, they urge people to post photos online of themselves at rival coffee shop Peet's Coffee & Tea and Whole Foods, which ban guns. Their founder claims this is evidence of a trend to ban guns in public places. She's wrong. Polls repeatedly show that support for gun control measures spike after a mass shooting, then goes right back down. Over the years, support for gun control has been waning, from 57% in 1993 when President Clinton took office, down to 39% when President Obama entered the White House.
05/23/2014 9:56PM
Guns are not the problem.
Most importantly, studies have shown that murder and suicide rates do not increase with rates of gun ownership. It's a lot more complex than that. Guns are not the problem. Schultz is feeling pressured and not considering all of the ramifications of his actions on customers and Americans' rights. Boycotts can work if really well organized. If the NRA, which was behind the recall of the two Colorado senators, decides to organize its members to start a boycott, Starbucks may end up quietly dropping its policy.
05/23/2014 9:59PM
Scoot knew it would a slow night for callers so he baited the gun owners.
You do whatever you need to do to fill air time.
05/23/2014 10:24PM
Is an unethical organization. They profit from reactionary alarmist rhetoric and use large sums of money to blockade enforcement of existing gun laws in Congress and the government on multiple levels. They used to represent sportsmen. Now they behave politically in the extreme. LaPierre rants about "knockout gamers and rapers" and how the NRA is not only defending guns but "standing up for our values." Well, sorry, I don't need the Church of Wayne LaPierre defending anything for me. Hypocritical people lining their own pockets at the expense of America's most gulliable.
05/23/2014 10:26PM
Wayne LaPierre at CPAC
"We trust what we know in our hearts to be right," he said. "We trust our freedom. In this uncertain world, surrounded by lies and corruption everywhere you look, there is no greater freedom than the right to survive and protect our families with all the rifles, shotguns and handguns we want. We know, in the world that surrounds us, there are terrorists and there are home invaders, drug cartels, carjackers, knockout gamers and rapers, and haters and campus killers, and airport killers, shopping mall killers, and killers who scheme to destroy our country with massive storms of violence against our power grids, or vicious waves of chemicals or disease that could collapse our society that sustains us all."
05/23/2014 10:29PM
Wayne Goes off The Rails on A Crazy Train
Here are five over-the-top moments from LaPierre's speech: 1. LaPierre On America Becoming Too Dangerous For Children To Play Outside "All across America, everywhere I go, people come up to me, and they say, 'Wayne, I've never been worried about this country until now.' And they say it not with anger, but they say it with sadness in their eyes. 'I've never been worried about this country until now.' We're worried about the economic crisis choking our budgets and shrinking our retirement, we're worried about providing decent healthcare and a college education for our own children. We fear for the safety of our families. It's why neighborhood streets that were once filled with bicycles and skateboards and laughter in the air now sit empty and silent. In virtually every way, for the things we care about most, we feel profound loss. We're sad, not because we fear something is going wrong, but because we know something already has gone wrong." 2. LaPierre: Americans Buying Guns Because Of "Reckless Government Actions" And Because The "Entire Fabric Of Society" Is In "Jeopardy" "It's why more and more Americans are buying firearms and ammunition. Not to cause trouble, but because that America is already in trouble. We know that sooner or later reckless government actions and policies have consequences, that when government corrupts the truth and breaks faith with the American people, the entire fabric of society, everything we believe in and count on, is then in jeopardy." 3. LaPierre On How The National Media Is One Of America's "Greatest Threats" "One of America's greatest threats is a national news media that fails to provide a level playing field for the truth. Now it's all entertainment, ratings, personal celebrity, the next sensational story, and the deliberate spinning and purposeful use of words and language, truth be damned, to advance their own agenda. You see it every day in this country. And here's how you know the media is lying: they still call themselves journalists. I'll tell you they've never been honest about the NRA. They hate us. Just for saying out loud and sticking up for what we believe. As if we have no right. So they try to ridicule us into oblivion or shame us into submission. But their moral indignation, it should be directed right into their own makeup mirrors. The media's intentional corruption of the truth is an abomination. And NRA members will never, and I mean never, submit or surrender to the national media." 4. LaPierre: "Knockout Gamers" And "Haters" Just Two Reasons We Need Unlimited Rifles, Shotguns, And Pistols (Also "Waves Of Chemicals" Could Collapse Society At Any Moment) "We don't trust government, because government itself has proven unworthy of our trust. We trust ourselves and we trust what we know in our hearts to be right. We trust our freedom. In this uncertain world, surrounded by lies and corruption everywhere you look, there is no greater freedom than the right to survive and protect our families with all the rifles, shotguns, and handguns we want. We know in the world that surrounds us there are terrorists and there are home invaders, drug cartels, carjackers, knockout gamers, and rapers, and haters, and campus killers, airport killers, shopping mall killers and killers who scheme to destroy our country with massive storms of violence against our power grids or vicious waves of chemicals or disease that could collapse our society that sustains us all." 5. LaPierre Quotes From "Independence Day" At Speech's Emotional Peak: The NRA "Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night!" "This election, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, it's going to be a bare-knuckled street fight. They're going after every House seat, every Senate seat, every governor's chair, every statehouse they can get their hands on. And they're laying the groundwork to put another Clinton back in the White House. They fully intend to finish the job, to fulfill their commitment, their dream, of fundamentally transforming America. Into an America that I guarantee you won't recognize. But mark my words -- the NRA will not go quietly into the night. We will fight. I promise you that."
05/23/2014 10:42PM
I Wouldn't
Trust Wayne with a gun - he's too alarmist and jumpy.
05/24/2014 2:48AM
Gun Owners
There are many responsible gun owners. However, reading some gun owners forums and thoughts within their community are truly scary. There is a lot of revolutionary, hostile, and reactionary attitudes expressed there. I don't know what can be done about it but there is a large portion of the "gun rights" movement that could very well be explosive if the wrong "button" was pushed with them, whatever it may be for that individual. It's sad we can't do something to protect ourselves from the downright irrational and angry elements in society.
05/24/2014 4:37AM
^^^ Sad and scary that far left nut jobs like the wag above are allowed to
threaten the rest of us. Scoot has so much hatred in his heart. He really should seek counseling.
05/24/2014 4:44AM
It is election season. The Democrats are losing so they have a to start their hate speech.
The Democrat Party has become mostly a bunch of far left whackos spewing hate and propaganda led by their Messiah agitator Obama. With all the failures and scandals of the Obama Administration Scooter finds time to trash gun owners. Funny but scary to watch the Democrats loons freak out.
05/24/2014 4:50AM
The real and present danger ....
Obama has simultaneously the incompetent dithering weakness of Carter, the systemic corruption of Daley's Chicago machine, the courage and resolve of Chamberlain, the pettiness of Hillary Clinton, the smug self-smooching narcissism of Bill Clinton, the desire for a Stalinist peeping Tom government, the blind shrill angry racism of Jesse Jackson, the sputtering intelligence of Al Sharpton, sheer dopiness that rivals his vice president, the jug eared telegenics of an affirmative action Howdy Doody and dreams of being the architect of a massive welfare state like FDR.
05/24/2014 5:00AM
Obama assault.
President Obama has launched an aggressive assault on America's liberty. He has armed America's enemies, violating his oath of office, by sending money and weapons of war to insurgents in Syria led by Al-Qaeda terrorists. He has violated federal law by overseeing a cover-up surrounding attorney general Eric Holder's operation "Fast and Furious", in the running of guns to Mexican drug cartels. He has lied to the American people by overseeing a cover-up of the September 11 Benghazi terror attack in Libya which led directly to the deaths of four American citizens. He has bypassed Congress using executive order prior to the attack on Libya, insisting that congressional approval was not necessary. He has signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act which includes provisions to permit the abduction and military detention without trial of all US citizens, violating "Habeas corpus" - the right to a fair trial.And on January 16th 2013, surrounded by children, he has signed twenty three different executive orders for broader gun control in the United States. Many other countries have a high rate of gun ownership and low violent crimes related to guns, eg. Norway and Switzerland. There are also shootings, but these are very rare and always by the insane. Obama and the far left are insane the real danger.
05/24/2014 5:03AM
Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in you're country and highest murder rate. Gun Control does not prevent murders, they make "you" vulnerable while keeping criminals in possession of guns. Obama and the black community accept black youths slaughtering in each other gang wars while using the deaths of white children to promote their agenda.
05/24/2014 5:08AM
Well, if homosexuals start pack heat Scoot will have to stop trashing gun owners.
Scoot really needs to get help to deal with his rage.
05/24/2014 5:16AM
Speaking of gun control ...
Need to send Obama, Clinton, and Rice to Benghazi and allow them to suffer the same fate as Ambassador Stevens. Keep Biden around to tell us that U-tube videos can be a real bîtch. LOL ...
05/24/2014 5:37AM
Yep, the talking heads at WWL do put the ugly in radio face.
Some should perhaps be heard but seldom seen.
05/24/2014 5:53AM
Car Crashes Into Emergency Room At Boston VA Hospital...
Biden was driving and Obama was in the back seat taking selfies.
05/24/2014 9:10AM
Democrats and Obama would have hated the founding fathers and sided with the British.
Democrats and Obama hate the responsibilities of freedom and prefer the security of bowing to tyrants.
05/24/2014 9:24AM
Obama insults veterans again ....
Obama is a piece of SH!T. http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2014/05/23/why-is-team-obama-unable-to-bring-home-marine-held-in-mexico/
05/24/2014 10:22AM
Typical Scoot Nonsense.
As usual Scoot conveniently leaves out the information that a far left activist group is behind all this upset. Scoot framed this to trash gun owners and thus, generate calls.
05/24/2014 11:36AM
Only liberals get to ban people or get them fired for not endorsing another's behavior.
Well, according the liberal hate groups (aka Democrats), if you are not sticking your pénis in some guy’s réctum at least once a week, you are a racist, hate puppies and baby seals, want to shoot someone in Starbucks® and should be banned from attending NBA games. The Pelicans are not that good so no loss there. LOL.
05/24/2014 11:45AM
By the way, when Scoot says to be non-partisan he means you agree with Democrats.
05/24/2014 11:54AM
Funny to watch most all of Scoot’s blog end up being about the right to have þutt sex.
Perhaps Scoot has not gotten the memo. Folks can have all the þutt sex they want. ENJOY!
05/24/2014 12:16PM
Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barrack Obama are three of the most partisan hacks in Washington …
But Reid is an old fàrt, Pelosi is a certified lunatic, and Obama is half black so this dysfunctional trio gets a pass. Funny and sad.
05/24/2014 12:51PM
It is not surprising that Democrats would enjoy some success.
Their message for the last 30 years has been primarily vote for us and we will give you free stuff and make someone else pay for it by raising their taxes. Democrats appeal to the lower nature in people. It does not take any creativity or real problem solving to be a Democrat. You just have to be willing to punish achievers by raising their taxes and demonizing them, borrow more money from China, and care little about the debt and damage you are doing to the long term economic health of the nation and individuals. Over half the country is now on the dole and over 90 million are not working.
05/24/2014 1:03PM
True and good point.
Certainly the gentleman/lady comment above is true of ObamaCare. Of the 28% who like the law, the majority of them are getting insurance at cheap rates that someone else will have to pay for with higher rates. The law appeals to basic human greed and selfishness. Of course the problem is the bill will come due at some point and this law does nothing to improve healthcare. It merely puts all Americans on a track to be treated as so much cattle to be herded and the done away with when the cost regulators determine you are not worth it. Of course the Democrats in Congress voted to exempt themselves from the law.
05/24/2014 1:40PM
I love listening to wingnuts whine about Obama. Such a bunch of sniveling little tools.
05/24/2014 2:08PM
"the desire for a Stalinist peeping Tom government" - wasn't what you right wingers said when you wanted to wiretap every Muslim in Dearborn post 9/11. It wasn't a Democratic president that led the Patriot Act and told people they weren't patriots if they didn't support the war, and told them to "America - love it or leave it." Surveillance didn't start because of "stalinism" or because anyone cares what sick pictures our resident troll wants to look up online - its a reaction to an insecure world, the fear and suspicion of which is often stoked by the right who'd like us to be so afraid we need to carry guns into Chilis because "Merica!" and "Benghazi!!" *yawn*
05/24/2014 2:09PM
Read that Wayne LaPierre speech and tell me people on the right are somehow more sane and reasonable than they're on here accusing the left of being. A lot of you are just plain batguano nuts.
05/24/2014 2:11PM
Read that Wayne LaPierre speech and tell me people on the right are somehow more sane and reasonable than they're on here accusing the left of being. A lot of you are just plain nuts.
05/24/2014 6:05PM
The GOP May Be Content With Status Quo
A good analysis of why the GOP may not be changing anytime soon. Worth a read. http://www.salon.com/2014/05/23/gops_happy_loser_syndrome_why_the_right_may_not_want_the_white_house/
05/24/2014 7:31PM
NRA "Research"
"facts and figures" and things NRA cites as science come from unreliable, unreputable researcher. http://www.salon.com/2012/12/21/why_is_the_media_rehabilitating_john_lott/
05/24/2014 10:01PM
"Comment " maybe you will get shot soon and get to die for your cause ... LOL ...
You are insane so no big loss.
05/24/2014 10:05PM
Seems the problem is the insane liberal human debris NOT guns.
Calif. campus gunman killed 3 at home before shooting rampage, police say
05/24/2014 11:49PM
The "Comment" guy will die of global warming if he is not shot.
05/25/2014 6:40AM
Liberal Radio Keeps Shrinking as Ed Schultz Departs Airwaves...
Guess Scoot is hanging on by a thread.
05/25/2014 11:21AM
Democrats Privately Calling Obama 'Detached,' 'Flat Footed,' 'Incompetent&#
... there are a few honest Democrats ... Scoot will be in a rage over this ... his Messiah has been insulted .. LOL http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/democrats-privately-calling-obama-detached-flat-footed-incompetent_793544.html
05/25/2014 5:22PM
A Nation in rapid decline.
America’s best and brightest seldom run for president anymore because they do not want their lives destroyed by a mostly corrupt left-nut media and for some they would have to take a pay cut. Obama was never qualified or competent enough to be a Senator much less president. The media and many Americans wanted a BLACK-skinned president rather than a competent executive that happen to be half-black. People voted for skin color and America has paid the price. Martin Luther King warned us about promoting people based purely on skin color rather than the content of their character. America did not listen and elected a serial liar, man of great deceit and lacking in character. Washington has become such a sewer that we may never have another truly great leader occupy the White House. That is the true indication that America is in rapid decline and failure on many front is now an option.
05/25/2014 9:03PM
By his own admission, Obama seem to know very little except what he hears on CNN.
Obama is finally honest about one thing—he is a dumbàss.
05/25/2014 9:14PM
Indeed, Obama is a dissimulator, a malingerer, and a traducer.
He deserves NO veneration.
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