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Scoot Blog: The Saints as a metaphor for life!

I have always been accused of looking for “meaning” in everything…from movies that were not intended to carry any important meaning, to sports, and everything in between.  If we watch sporting events to be entertained – aren’t those events even better if we can actually learn something about life? 

As I was watching the Saints and head the commentators talking about new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and the success he is having turning around the D this year, I focused on what they were saying about how he had ‘something to prove’ this year.  After being fired as the Defensive Coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys last season, Saints Coach Sean Payton hired Rob Ryan, amid some controversy, to turn the around a squad that was historically bad last year. 

Now, the Saints defense currently ranks 4th in the NFL in points allowed and 11th in yards allowed and the aggressive new defense of Rob Ryan has is a major reason the Saints are 5-0!

When I heard the observation that Ryan had ‘something to prove,’ I thought about how following the Saints, or any team, can be a metaphor for life.  There are times in our lives, personally and professionally, that we have ‘something to prove’ and we can look back on those moments as times when we seemed to excel.

Sean Payton returning to the Saints after last year’s suspension has demonstrated that if you get knocked down in life or suffer a setback, you can come back strong. Payton’s year off also might have allowed him to step back from the forest to see the trees.  We should all find moments – even during our workday – to step away from what we are focused on and assess our direction.

Last week, Drew Brees had “something to prove.”  Since becoming the Saints QB, Brees had never beaten the Bears in Chicago.  The game this past Sunday was also a game in an outdoor stadium with a field that was wet and notorious for bad footing.  The Saints entered the game against the Bears undefeated at 4-0, and there was talk that the Saints would lose to the Bears, in part, because the Saints are a “dome team.”

Drew Brees worked his magic, the defense smothered the Bears, and the Saints won 26-18.  It was only one game, but some of the obvious challenges were met by those who had “something to prove.”

So far this season, the Atlanta Falcons have become a metaphor for what can happen if you feel like you are entitled to something, and what can happen if you don’t know how to respond to pressure.  The Falcons have had injuries to deal with, as have the Saints… but the Falcons have lost close games, which means they have had the talent to win, but choked under pressure, and now find themselves 1-4.  This was a Falcons team that expected to build on last year’s great season and make it to the Super Bowl this year. At this point, the Falcons will struggle to get to the playoffs.

Andy Reid was fired by the Philadelphia Eagles after last season and was hired by the Kansas City Chiefs.  Last year, the Chiefs finished the season 2-14, and this year the Chiefs are also undefeated at 5-0!  Andy Reid obviously had ‘something to prove’– and so far, he’s proving it.

We can also learn about life from the challenges that losing teams face, like the New York Giants…A team with talent and a stellar quarterback that is now 0-5. We have all been at low points in our lives and the only way to get back on top is to never accept defeat.  The winless Giants have to learn to forget the painful start of the season and find the confidence and spirit they need to start winning – a situation we have all experienced.

Saints tight end Jimmy Graham is having an All-Pro season, and is among the elite tight ends in the league.  While he may not have anything to prove, Graham will become a free agent and could be motivated by proving that he deserves to be highly-compensated for his talent.  I’m sure you can think of times when you were motivated to reach your peak performance when you realized even more opportunity awaited.

It’s a flat fact that the Saints, or any other team, can be the source of very real motivation and inspiration.  As you watch the individual and collective challenges teams face through the season and week to week, why not apply the emotions you have to your own life?

There are times that I get mad at myself because I didn’t do something exactly the way I wanted to do it on the air and as I battle the effect that has on me at the moment. And then, I will actively think about what a great quarterback Drew Brees is and that he throws interceptions or incomplete passes, but forgets those momentary failures and comes right back with a solid performance as if the mistakes never happened.

Rob Ryan seemed to take  over the Saints defense with an attitude of having “something to prove.”   I have thought about the times in my career when I felt I also had “something to prove,” and witnessing this turnaround is inspiring and applicable to our lives.

Since most avid sports fans fantasize about being part of the team and have definite thoughts about how the players and the team should perform…then why not use that as personal motivation and to give yourself the advice you would give a player or the team?

Facing and overcoming challenges, demanding peak performances from yourself, knowing what it takes to win in life, learning how to lose and coming back from those losses and the idea of having “something to prove”  are all of the reasons that football is a fantastic metaphor for life!

10/10/2013 8:01PM
Scoot Blog: The Saints as a metaphor for life!
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10/12/2013 1:06AM
Tavis Smiley: 'Black People Will Have Lost Ground in Every Single Economic Indicator' Unde
Black people who support Obama ARE STUPID.
10/12/2013 12:57PM
The problem with liberals is they have removed the SHAME that should
be associated with greed and laziness and spreading your legs for welfare dollars. ObamaCare was designed so the lazy losers would continue to vote for poverty þimps like Obama and Harry Reid. The lazy get the same health care that the 43% of still working and being productive PAY for. 53% of all Americans get some sort of government dole now so of course âssholes like Obama win elections.
10/12/2013 12:59PM
Sad the Obama crowd is too busy looking for a free ride to attempt to overcome
anything. America is becoming a nation of lazy losers.
10/12/2013 1:04PM
Obama voters are too busy bending over for Obama’s insertions to have goals ...
they are slaves pìmping themselves for a few pennies from their Lord and Savior Obama.
10/12/2013 4:28PM
Obama is no better than a common pedophile ... he is raping and abusing
today’s children robbing them of a prosperous economic future by saddling them with massive debt and everincreasing oppressive government.
10/13/2013 7:09AM
MAUREEN DOWD gives Obama a þlow Job .....
http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/13/opinion/sunday/dowd-a-mad-tea-party.html?_r=0#commentsContainer Media B!TCH on her knees again.
10/13/2013 8:47AM
The Obama Base freaking out ... LOL ... people who spread their legs for welfare DESERVE to starve!
10/13/2013 6:23PM
Christian youth pastors banned from Washington state public
school for allegedly speaking to students about God ... wow, you would think ásswipe liberals like Obama would have bigger worries ... guess black youth slaughtering each other nightly in Chicago is not nearly as big a problem as throwing God out .... Obama and ALL leftist are human debris.
10/13/2013 6:24PM
Obama is DOG SH!!T ...
Hope the B!TCH keeps smoking.
10/13/2013 11:13PM
History is replete with peoples that have cheered tyrants ...
that ultimately led them to ruin ... sadly, the people of America have joined that list. Obama is the most abusive president in the modern era. He slanders and trashes his opponents and behaves like a petulant child when forced to listen to someone other than his own voice. He is a tyrant wanna-be. The media and Washington have never MOCKED average Americans as much as they do today. People worry about Obama being hated when in reality he hated us first. Mock us, call us crazy because you we do not bow to Obama as our King as many seem to insist on, but average Americans who still labor to pay the nation’s bills have had about enough of the arrogance of the Washington ruling class. Perhaps the term "public servant" has lost its meaning amid the greedy and ego maniacs that walk the halls of Congress and the White House. Obama would love conservatives to commit violent acts. It would give him opportunity to seize even more power. We believe in the peaceful transfer of power. Mostly, however, we are just too busy working and building small businesses to march and tear up other people's property as the left does so often to make a point. Sadly, though, by the time Obama's term is over, so much damage will have been done that we may not ever recover. Government, union-run schools have succeeded in creating a nation of ignorant people more worried about their Facebook® account than their freedom. America is about to pay a VERY heavy price for failing to preserve this once great country.
10/14/2013 8:47PM
The black clowns waste their lives worrying about Saints games while they
live in poverty and lack. The Obama Base is not motivated by much other than their greed and need.
10/14/2013 8:50PM
Scooter Boy now thinks he is a motivational speaker ... he spends too much
time trying to be superior to others to be much of an inspiration. Scoot is a clown filling time on the radio searching for meaning and hoping to be relevant.
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